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TWICE TV 'TDOONG Entertainment A&R Team' [SUB INDO]


As and JIHYO's Assistant Manager Manager Tens of penguins 324%, Assistant Manager of MINA TZUYU, the youngest Assistant Manager who looks perfect but careless TDOONG Entertainment Business Planning Team Ver Special characteristics of JIHYO manager: TDOONG Entertainment's best ace that has all the qualities for a leader / JIHYO manager works with a serious expression (Deep sighs) Q

JIHYO manager! Is there any problem? I reviewed the TDOONG Entertainment business performance report The report was no better than I thought I am quite worried Ah! There is data that was just sent by the TZUYU manager I am thinking of reviewing and managing it Do you want to see it with me? (Can't believe his eyes) TDOONG Entertainment

business performance report Alright TZUYU manager is good working hard He is from abroad He is trying Yes

he will be fine, I think Our manager JIHYO smiled but not because it was funny TT The MINA manager is doing something in the conference room Special Characteristics of MINA Manager: He looks strong on the outside but he is a really nervous penguin on the inside Professional see his facial expression

(Nodding) (MINA manager is working hard today too) Of course… We are recruiting the right people (Satisfied) I like it The thing that makes the MINA Manager in trouble is I want to know! I want to know! What is that? What? What? (Human magic font) (Human ami font) (Old human font) Uh hmm

MINA manager (lost of words) Q What do you think, MINA Manager? Well In fact… Another assistant manager said that to me I 'look charismatic' or 'have the mood' I was hired recently (Embarrassed) I feel a bit burdened I am too nervous to work (TwT) LFOBNI (meaning looks strong on the outside but penguins are nervous inside) Cheer, MINA Manager! Q After all, do you have a role model here? Actually, JIHYO's Manager is my role model He is very cool when he works too He is charismatic and has strong leadership

He takes good care of me even when I make mistakes I am very grateful to him and he is very cool (Touched) TZUYU's manager will go to JIHYO's manager to report something (Isn't she a perfect example of a career woman ?!) (Noble) (Actually awkward) (thumping) – TZUYU manager! Are you alright?! (Frankly, it looks really cool, slow motion + replay) TZUYU manager? special feature: Really the youngest member of TDOONG Entertainment, who has an awkward beauty and humor / (JIHYO's manager is so cool ♥) Isn't he very cool?

Source: Youtube

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