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Truyện kinh dị về việc trông trẻ (Wansee Entertainment Vietsub )


My name is Luca and I live in Germany This happened when I was 17 years old I am the babysitter – the babysitter of my mother's friend It is a child's sleeping time So I took her to bed and went downstairs to watch TV For some reason, the baby suddenly cried out I sat up and went to the bedroom to see if anything was wrong with the baby The window is open I remember it was closed earlier It makes me feel weird And honestly I also feel scared But there was nothing I could do So I quickly closed the door, soothed the baby and put the baby back to sleep When I got out of the room, I realized there was a clown sitting in the corner The floor is quite dark I do not see very well But it seemed to have a smile on its face and it was staring at me But it looks like a toy so I don't think much about it I just came back to watch TV In just 20 minutes, the baby started crying again I went upstairs and went into the baby's room again, anxiety surrounding me And when I saw the doorway door open again, my heart fell out My whole body is sweaty I tried to calm the child down I really wanted to call my mom, but I left the phone on the couch downstairs When I walked out of the door, I screamed as if I was about to burst my chest The clown sitting in a corner on the floor before had disappeared I was terrified, my whole nerves froze Then I heard footsteps Continuous but uneven and sporadic I think I also heard a savage giggle But that doesn't matter, it's important that I almost lose my mind I ran as fast as I could to get the phone to call the police to say meaningless words that a clown broke into the house where I was the babysitter The police arrived about 10 minutes later and inspected the entire house but they found no clowns They called my mother and told the whole story A few minutes later, my mother returned with her friend To this day, I still don't know if they found it but hope they can find it I could not fall asleep thinking about it that night

Source: Youtube

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