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Truyện kinh dị có thật về người phụ nữ điên( Wansee Entertainment Vietsub)


One night, when I was playing the phone in my mother's room I was alone in my room, thinking nothing but focusing on winning games About 3 minutes later, I heard a loud bang outside the window I thought it was just the stray cats in the neighborhood Then again, I heard another thump So I decided to look out the window What I see will forever be remembered in my memory There was a woman peeking into my mother's room Exactly looking at me I was panicked and didn't know what to do at the time She was glued to the window, looking straight into my eyes and I felt like we were staring at each other like that forever Fortunately, my mother entered the room and I immediately closed the curtains She asked what I was doing and I explained to her what had just happened And suddenly, she banged on the window 5 times My mother was extremely scared but we were alone at the time so no one knew what to do "Hey kid, can I open the window for you?" – she whispered I don't know why I did that, but I actually pulled the curtain open And that was the biggest regret in my entire life Now, she is laughing But that face is the most scary face I've ever seen I screamed and she suddenly climbed onto my roof After that, all the neighbors near my house rushed to see what happened and my mother immediately called the police They arrived very quickly and she was eventually arrested They soon expose her as a pedophile and a wanted murderer The police investigated that she sexually harassed 17 children and murdered them I will never forget that day

Source: Youtube

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