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Truyện kinh dị có thật về chứng bóng đè (Wansee Entertainment Vietsub)


My name is Drienne, I suffered from phobias quite often until I turned 22 years old This first happened when I was 12 years old It was during the summer vacation so we attended a sleepover party at my aunt's house for a week All my cousins ​​my age were there, so I was really excited all the time One night when all cousins ​​and adults go to bed I am the only one who is still awake playing games on my cousin's computer, I'm not scared to stay up until then until now because my cousins ​​share a room with me After playing the game, I go to bed around 2 or 3 am I quickly fell asleep After that, I woke up by something I didn't know and I couldn't move my body I could only look around and my cousins ​​were sleeping I panicked and attached my body movement Finally I was able to move my body so I quickly got up and ran straight to my aunt's room It was the first time I experienced that feeling so I cried a lot My aunt tried to calm me and let me sleep also until morning On that morning, I went online to look for what that feeling was and realized it was a shadow Because they said it happened on quite a lot of people, I think it should be normal 1 week, then months and years passed, the shadow is still on me But I'm not afraid anymore because I'm used to it I knew what I needed to do when it happened A few years went by, and my parents left home to work abroad So now only me, my brother and my cousin are at home At one afternoon, it was my grandmother's birthday I'm quite tired of playing games overnight and need to sleep So I decided that I would not go with them I told them that I would join them later in the afternoon I went to bed, and once again, the ball came to me It really annoys me because I really need to rest so when I go to the birthday party I won't look too tired I couldn't move myself but still saw everything around me But after that, something else happened Here she is, I see a silhouette of a woman She's in a black dress, I'm not sure if she's wearing a hooded veil or if it's just her long hair covering her face And furthermore, I couldn't see her face clearly because it was all faint I was really scared and told myself what was going on She just stood at the door and watched me trying to lift myself up She looked like she was smiling and suddenly, she jumped on me and gripped me tightly She tried to enter my body I struggled and tried to move but could not shout After so many tries, I could finally push her away and sit up I screamed and was so scared that I left the house and ran to the party All my cousins ​​asked me what happened and I explained to them everything They gave me some advice to pray before going to bed So I accepted that advice and tried to pray but it didn't work out It was really scary because it was the first time I saw a person or an object Two years later, my brother and I moved to Italy with our parents and we shared a room And one night, when I went to sleep, my younger brother was still awake playing games And again, I saw the black lady from our old home, grabbed my legs and tried to pull me down

I tried to move and desperately wanted to scream for help from my younger brother but I couldn't I could see my brother looking at me with a confused face He thought I was dreaming and talking in dreams That idiot even laughed at me I just tried to resist and tried not to be pulled down by the black girl and after a few tries to move, I finally picked myself up But at this moment, I still saw her, but my younger brother couldn't I pointed at her but my brother still didn't see anything It just said that no one was there And a few seconds or minutes later, she slowly disappeared I told this story to my mother but she didn't believe me and even said it because I refused to go to church often and pray And on another night, the darkness came to me again and I saw her again She stood extremely close to me but I still couldn't see her face clearly All are black and faint And at this moment, she literally told me She whispered in my ear: "I will give you everything: money, fame and glory, all you need to do is show me to enter you" I said to her: "No! Please leave me alone!" and I jumped up again That was the last time I saw her It happened in 2017 and is now 2019 I am now 22 years old I'm no longer afraid of shadows but the only thing I'm still afraid of is the black woman

Source: Youtube

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