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TRUMP BATTLE BREAKING UP UNITED STATES | Congressional Trump War News & Opinion


Welcome to Snapolitics news and political opinions On Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 the House Intelligence Committee revealed that it's obtained phone records from a TMT and a verizon pertaining to the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump these call records document rudy giuliani's cell phone calls with various Trump White House officials as well as Trump surrogates in relation to the Ukraine extortion scandal the call logs reveal the name or office of the person who was speaking with rudy' except for one call in particular interestingly enough on April 24th of this year 2019 just a few minutes after Rudy Giuliani called a White House phone number and spoke for 44 seconds an unnamed individual quarter Rudy and spoke for more than eight minutes that individual is labeled simply as minus one in the logs that have been publicly released could that be Donald Trump himself in another historic turn in the Trump impeachment inquiry the House Intelligence Committee has released a three hundred page report detailing the astounding accusation of offenses laid out for the world to see as the Democrats expand the impeachment record to capture the entire span of President Donald Trump's alleged offense we can all expect a full-flavored assortment of the alleged crimes highlighted by witness testimonies and timelines as well as phone records in which accused Trump of perpetrating one of the most serious political crimes in the history of the United States of America the house intelligence committees report is a roadmap toward formal articles of impeachment an argument to a nation that seems to be split in two and growing angrily with one another as they battle Trump's political fate a fate in which fifty percent of the country now believes that there is no alternative but to remove Trump from office regardless that it is only 11 months before the next general election more than half the country believes that leaving this fight for the American people will not satisfy the worry that President Trump may seek to cheat in the upcoming 2020 elections the ramping up of the heat on these proceedings is based on weeks of dramatic public hearings and additional documents requested from the White House despite the Republicans best and often adolescent attempts of discrediting the process and issue at hand this is all about an indictment of Trump's pressure on Ukraine and they say his threat to the US system of government in regards to the previously stated call logs House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said on Tuesday night that his committee is fully committed to bringing the truth out into the light of day and would still look into the identity of the person who Rudy Guiliani was speaking with and had the obscured phone number of minus one and whether that person is indeed President Donald Trump we can't confirm yet who the number belongs to Schiff said during an interview on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 we are certainly investigating that Schiff said Rudy Giuliani only had one client and that was Donald Trump the house intelligence committees impeachment inquiry report shows Rudy Giuliani speaking a number of times with that individual named minus one during several key moments detailed in the documents four pieces of the timeline are slowly falling into place stunningly enough Schiff also noted in the interview that the phone number minus one also came up during the trial of former Trump adviser Roger stone stay tuned for more bombshell information as this battle between democracy versus deceit and disinformation ensues t of what is transpiring in the United States cannot be more severe as the nation's iron shield protecting its Democratic inner self and values begins to fracture both Democrats and Republicans who were elected to office by the people of the United States are obligated to adhere to their sacred oath and only work for the people as they have been chosen by it is the responsibility of each and every person serving in public office to first secondly and thirdly find common ground and protect the Constitution those who seek to distract divide and light to the people who depend on their honor and honesty are simply nothing more than provocateurs and agents of disharmony destruction and evil sadly the once great and honorable Republican Party has acquired a taste for the spilled blood of their political rivals truth respect and honor has been replaced with the adolescent games of the competition the competitive plane the Republicans now seem to live on leaves no space for reason for compromise or unity it has simply become a large group of fabricators deceivers their sound has transformed and now resembles the blackened blood of a mutated animal tripping on the soil of what was once lands of hope and prosperity if I speak of what lies within because that place deep in the center of your body and what rests atop it is the only way to prevent this fractured Shield of becoming broken you all are simply not prepared to handle your existence if and when your civilization breaks the answer to all of your problems has always been in the hands of the people of the United States if you don't like being lied to by your politicians say sir remember this the United States of America belongs to you and your elected officials are meant to serve you you all wield more power than you will ever know perhaps it's time for you to use it thank you for tuning in please like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on breaking news and political opinions

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