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True Life: Crime | Watch the First 10 Minutes | Sneak Peek


(ominous music) – I'm Nev from Catfish, the series that investigates social media mysteries Tonight, the new series, True Life Crime, investigates the most harrowing true crime mysteries rocking headlines and social feeds

These victims were young The crimes against them were shocking and haunting questions remain True Life Crime is here to expose the truth In tonight's case, we'll unravel the controversial and mysterious death of Chicago teen, Kenneka Jenkins How could a 19 year old girl attending a hotel party walk into a freezer and never again be seen alive, just hours after going live on Facebook? Young people all over the country scoured social media looking for answers

Asking was it a cover up, was she set up by her friends? MTV News Reporter Dometi Pongo returns to his hometown of Chicago to uncover the truth – [Dispatcher] 911, what's the address of your emergency? – [Caller] I don't understand how my daughter just go disappear – Kenneka was in the hallway, left alone – And when they came back down, Kenneka was gone – Gone, like vanished

– Oh (beep) – I have the subject, she was frozen – [Dometi] Every once in a while, a single news story comes along that rises above all the others and sticks in you like a splinter (dramatic music) You see it, you feel it It becomes a part of you

And the only way to get it out is to dig deeper The death of 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins is one of those stories – [Reporter] The body of Kenneka Jenkins was found in a freezer – [Reporter] Surveillance video shows her walking through the hotel hallway – [Group] No justice, no peace! – [Reporter] Police say it was an accident, but the family and protesters tell us they do not believe it

– Somebody in that hotel had something to do with it – She ain't just gonna let nobody hurt her – The police department couldn't even help her The bastard! – Facebook was in a frenzy (group yelling) – Somebody in that room knows what happened to this girl

– I know she ain't put herself in the freezer though – In this episode, the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins (exhales) Here we go (cars honking) (hip hop music) I first learned of Kenneka Jenkins as a reporter for Chicago's WGN Radio Immediately, I felt a connection to her

I'm in my 20s, close in age to Kenneka, and we both came from similar neighborhoods in Chicago ♪ This ain't my hope ♪ ♪ It's just a quote from the dopest ♪ Where I was once coming up as a rapper and MC (train squeaking) The story reminded me of why I made the change to journalism, to tackle the issues that profoundly affect the people of Chicago and to be a voice for the voiceless (hip hop music) – We're following breaking news in the death of that young woman – A woman whose body was found in a hotel freezer

– [Dometi] The disappearance and untimely death of a young black woman doesn't always get the national news attention it deserves But the Kenneka Jenkins case was different (group yelling) And now a cry from her community and a surge of amateur internet detectives forced the story to go viral Yet, despite the limelight, the investigation has left her friends and family with so many unanswered questions I wanna find out what really happened

(laughing) And an important first step in any investigation is learning more about the victim (dramatic music) Who was Kenneka Jenkins? – Big daddy! – Big nasty! (laughing) – O'Neal for real (laughing) – Kenneka, she was sweet If you was around her, you was sad, she not gonna let you be sad – Yo

– She had two jobs Before this just happened, before she was finning to go to nursing school And she was a mommy's baby – The only time you can get your daughter to come get in the bed with you, when you got food Kenneka

(Kenneka laughing) Ke-ne-ne, look at her (mumbling) (laughing) – Man, she was always smiling Always joyful – She loved to eat She loved to watch her Netflix

And she was real goofy too – I know, my forehead big as hell on this camera (laughing) – She was full of excitement, full of joy Man, just like a angel – [Dometi] So talk a little about the neighborhood that you guys come from

– Yeah, it's rough It's the jungle It's a war zone – The biggest misconception about Chicago is that violence is everywhere There's five neighborhoods in Chicago, five neighborhoods that you can pretty much put 90% of the violence that you see in those five neighborhoods

West Englewood, Austin, Humboldt Park, Little Village, and Lawndale – [Male] Run! (gunshots firing) – [Male] Where's that (beep)? – [Male] We got shots fired over here (siren roaring) – [Dispatcher] 66 and Marshfield, 66 and Marshfield (dramatic music) – [Dometi] North Lawndale on the west side is also home to Kenneka Jenkins (laughing) And despite all the craziness that happens out west, kids out there still figured out a way to have fun

♪ Spend that (beep) on some– ♪ – People have hotel parties because there are a lack of places for them to congregate safely ♪ I got a band ♪ ♪ I got a band ♪ – But the hotel rooms downtown a little more strict So I think that's might be why they went to Rosemont – [Dometi] September 8th, 2017 was a typical Saturday night for Kenneka She went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the wealthy suburb of Rosemont for a friend, Irene's, birthday party

(dramatic music) According to police records, she got there around 1:13 am – Hey (girls talking) (group talking) – [Dometi] About 1:30 am

, people started posting videos to their social media, including what would be the most scrutinized clue in the Kenneka Jenkins's case (dramatic music) – Man, the phones ain't work There's a weak ass connection – [Dometi] A Facebook Live video with the birthday girl, Irene Roberts This video, broadcast to all of Kenneka's friends, and shot minutes before her disappearance, contains one of the last known audio recordings of Kenneka's voice

– [Kenneka] Girl, I'm not drunk – [Dometi] It has been viewed by millions and has generated hundreds of thousands of comments on the internet – Hello – It has also created an army of online detectives, who claim that this video holds the truth about who killed Kenneka Jenkins So my next step is to find out if any of these internet theories actually hold any weight

We about to ride down on Nikki Luciano She's one of those people on the internet that were really investigating this case The main thing I wanna get from her, why was this so interesting on social media, man? And I really wanna see what they thought happened (dramatic music) – So there's a couple things I wanna show you here One is the Facebook Group, the case discussions

94,293 members are in this group As humans, we've evolved to just tell everyone our business You can head on Facebook and start diving into these people's personal lives and start conducting your own investigations There was just timelines of events that made it a real life Lifetime movie Irene is probably the most interesting in the whole case

(dramatic music) – Shut up, you steady talking to me – You kinda look at these posts and you're like none of this would've gotten this big if it wasn't for that Live video – You look pretty, happy birthday Thank you – And that's kinda what opened everything up

(dramatic music) Just being on this YouTube page, you're getting all these videos on the side here, these related videos Almost like click bait They're like what you missed, what you didn't see We blew this up, we did that – A lot of people have not heard the part where she said, "Help me

" (mumbling) – [Dometi] All the amateur analysis from the Irene video has cast more and more suspicion on Kenneka's friends – [Female] That said clear as day $200 – What you say? – [Dometi] Conspiracy theorists obsessed over the mention of $200 Some insisted her friends used the money to hire a hit man Others claimed it was hush money regarding a gang rape that went wrong

And still others claimed it was the going rate for her organs to be harvested – And that's how they get to do the operation, in that kitchen – [Dometi] And that her body was later put in the freezer in order to preserve it before selling it on the black market, all for $200 – At the end of the day, it's just like somebody in that room knows what happened to this girl (dramatic music) – I'm really curious to see what the friends have to say about their side of the story now

I'm hearing from people that they're scared to talk, that they've received threats on social media They gotta get a chance to tell their side (dramatic music) (phone ringing) So, I'm gonna reach out to Irene How you doing, this is Dometi

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