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True Life Crime Episode 1: Tragic Accident Or Calculated Murder? | Kenneka Jenkins Case | MTV


(eerie music) – I'm Nev from "Catfish," the series that investigates social media mysteries Tonight the new series "True Life Crime" investigates the most harrowing true crime mysteries rocking headlines and social feeds

These victims were young The crimes against them are shocking and haunting questions remain "True Life Crime" is here to expose the truth In tonight's case, we'll unravel the controversial and mysterious death of Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins How could a 19-year-old girl attending a hotel party walk into a freezer and never again be seen alive just hours after going live on Facebook? Young people all over the country scoured social media looking for answers, asking was it a cover up

Was she set-up by her friends? "MTV News" reporter Dometi Pongo returns to his hometown of Chicago to uncover the truth (hip-hop music) – [Operator] 9-1-1, what's the address of your emergency? – [Tereasa] I don't understand how my daughter just go, disappear – Kenneka was in the hallway left alone – And when they came back down, Kenneka was gone – Gone, vanished

– Oh (beep), I have the subject, she is frozen – [Dometi] Every once in a while, a single news story comes along that rises above all the others and sticks in you like a splinter You see it, you feel it, it becomes a part of you, and the only way to get it out is to dig deeper The death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins is one of those stories – [Male Reporter] The body of Kenneka Jenkins was found in a freezer

– [Female Reporter] Surveillance video shows her walking through the hotel hallway – [Crowd] No justice, no peace! – [Male Reporter] Police say it was an accident, but the family and protestors tell us they do not believe it – Somebody in that hotel had something to do with it – She ain't just goin' let nobody hurt her – The police department couldn't even help us

The bastards! – Facebook was in a frenzy (group singing) – Somebody in that room knows what happened to this girl – I know she ain't put herself in the freezer – [Dometi] In this episode, the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins – Hey

(laughing) (sighs) – Here we go (hip-hop music) I first learned of Kenneka Jenkins as a reporter on Chicago's WGN Radio Immediately I felt a connection to her I'm in my 20s, close in age to Kenneka, and we both came from similar neighborhoods in Chicago ♪ This ain't my opus ♪ ♪ This is just a quote from the dopest ♪ While I was once coming up as a rapper and MC

Her story reminded me of why I made the change to journalism To tackle the issues that profoundly affect the people of Chicago and to be a voice for the voiceless – We're following breaking news in the death of that young woman – A woman whose body was found in a hotel freezer – [Dometi] The disappearance and untimely death of a young black woman doesn't always get the national news attention it deserves

But the Kenneka Jenkins case was different – Ain't no peace in run, bah – [Dometi] An outcry from her community and a surge of amateur internet detectives forced the story to go viral Yet despite the limelight, the investigation has left her friends and family with so many unanswered questions I wanna find out what really happened

(Kenneka laughing) And an important first step in any investigation is learning more about the victim Who was Kenneka Jenkins? – Big daddy! – Big nasty! (laughing) – On deal for real (laughing) – Kenneka was sweet If you was around her, you was sad, she not gonna let you be sad – Yo

– She had two jobs Before this just happened before she was finna go to nursing school And she was a mommy's baby – The only time you can get your daughter to come get in the bed with you When you got food

Kenneka, yanene, look at 'em – (mumbles) It's not safe right here – She was always smiling, always joyful – She loved to eat She loved to watch her Netflix

She was real goofy, too – I know my forehead big as hell on this camera (laughing) – She was full of excitement, full of joy Just like a angel – [Dometi] Talk a little bit about the neighborhood that you guys come from

– Yeah, it's rough It's a jungle, it's a war zone – The biggest misconception about Chicago is that violence is everywhere There's five neighborhoods in Chicago Five neighborhoods that you can pretty much put 90% of the violence that you see in those five neighborhoods

West Englewood, Austin, Humboldt Park, Little Village, and Lawndale – [Cop] Run! Shoot, man! – [Officer] Where's that (beep)? Caught another on foot – [Detective] We got shots fired over here (muffled speaking on radio) (sirens wailing) – [Dometi] North Lawndale on the west side is also home to Kenneka Jenkins (Kenneka laughs) And despite all the craziness that happens out west, kids out there still figured out a way to have fun

♪ Standin' (beep) on some teens ♪ – People have hotel parties because there are a lack of places for them to congregate safely ♪ I got a male I'm doin' ♪ ♪ I got a male ♪ – But the hotel rooms downtown a little more strict, so I think that might be why they went to Rosemont – [Dometi] September 8th, 2017 was a typical Saturday night for Kenneka She went to Crowne Plaza hotel in the wealthy suburb of Rosemont for her friend Irene's birthday party According to police records, she got there around 1:13 a

m – The gang – Make her love city ♪ Give it to my little bit ♪ ♪ Yeah, I'm on the ♪ (muffled singing) – [Dometi] By 1:30 am

people started posting videos to their social media, including what would be the most scrutinized clue in the Kenneka Jenkins case – Man, the phones ain't work this weekend, next weekend – [Dometi] Facebook Live video with the birthday girl Irene Roberts – Yo – [Dometi] This video, broadcast to all of Kenneka's friends, and shot minutes before her disappearance contains one of the last known audio recordings of Kenneka's voice

– [Kenneka] Girl, I'm not drunk – [Dometi] It has been viewed by millions and has generated hundreds of thousands of comments on the internet – Hello? – It's also created an army of online detectives who claim that this video holds the truth about who killed Kenneka Jenkins So my next step is to find out if any of these internet theories actually hold any weight We about to ride down on Nikki Luciano

She's one of those people on the internet that were really investigating this case The main thing I wanna get from her, why was this so interesting on social media? I really wanna see what they thought happened – So there's a couple things I wanna show you here One is the Facebook group, the case discussions 94,293 members are in this group

As humans, we've evolved to just tell everyone our business You can head on Facebook and start diving into these people's personal lives and start conducting your own investigations There was just timelines of events that made it a real life Lifetime movie Irene is probably the most interesting in the whole case – Shut up, you stand on top of it

– You look at these posts and you're like, "None of this would have gotten this big "if it wasn't for that live video" – You look pretty, happy birthday Thank you – That's what opened everything up Just being on this YouTube page, you're getting all these videos on the side here, these related videos, almost like clickbait

What you missed, what you didn't see, we blew this up, we did that – A lotta people have not heard the part where she said help me – [Girl] Help me – [Dometi] All the amateur analysis from the Irene video has cast more and more suspicion on Kenneka's friends – [Woman] That said, clear as day, $200

– What you say? – [Dometi] Conspiracy theorists obsessed over the mention of $200 Some insisted her friends used the money to hire a hitman Others claimed it was hush money regarding a gang rape that went wrong And still others claimed it was the going rate for her organs to be harvested – And that's how they got to do the operation in that kitchen

– [Dometi] And that her body was later put in the freezer in order to preserve it before selling it on the black market, all for $200 – At the end of the day, somebody in that room knows what happened to this girl (dramatic music) – I'm really curious to see what their friends have to say about their side of the story now I'm hearing from people that they're scared to talk, that they've received threats on social media They've gotta get a chance to tell her side

(phone ringing) So I'm gonna reach out to Irene How you doin', this is Dometi – We're following breaking news in the death of that young woman – A young woman whose body was found in a hotel freezer in Rosemont – [Dometi] The mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins captivated residents across her city of Chicago

– Yo yo, yo yo – [Dometi] And mesmerized people online and across the globe (muffled singing) How could a regular 19-year-old girl on a typical night out vanish from her friends in the blink of an eye only to be found dead in the basement on a hotel? I'm trying to get some answers – A lotta people have not heard the part where said help me – [Girl] Help me

– [Dometi] Many self-proclaimed internet detectives have accused her friends of being responsible for her death, especially Irene (phone ringing) – [Voice Mail] Please leave your message (beep) – How you doin'? This is Dometi I'm the one who gave you a call yesterday I've been reaching out to Irene, but she keeps avoiding my calls

Talk to you soon, bye (sighs) I think she's scared, man I would be, too But I do have one more thing I can do to hear Irene's side of the story (gun clicking) (gun firing) We're going to talk to local Chicago street reporter ZACKTV

– [Zack] What did you have earlier in your waistband? – You must be talkin' about that roll – I started ZACKTV back in '05 and '06 And you 13? – Of course, of course – People were just in shock That's crazy, how do you live with that? And I'm like, man, it's life

– [Dometi] He's interviewed everyone from rappers and gangsters to local community activists, and knows better than anyone in cases like these, people on the streets often know more than the police – [Zack] Were you at the party with Kenneka? – Yeah – Yeah, we was – [Dometi] He's also the only person who has interviewed any of Kenneka's friends from the party – One friend in particular, who went freakin' viral, was this young lady right here who we have, Irene

Irene, how are you today? – Good, and you? – I'm blessed – [Dometi] Including Irene – It was very tough getting an interview with Irene She said, "Everyone is bashing us "I don't know who we can trust

"I don't know who we can talk to" I said if you guys are really innocent, let's prove it to the world You didn't have any part in killing Kenneka Jenkins So y'all really know Kenneka – Yeah, we knew her for, we got years with her

– Was she a turn-up queen? – We all, that's what type of crowd we is We love to have fun – What made you take your cellphone and go live? – Me personally, I always go live – Man, the phones ain't work this weekend, next weekend – [Kenneka] Girl, I'm not drunk

– Kenneka, she, "I ain't drunk" That's what you know Kenneka drunk 'cause she always telling us that she not drunk – [Zack] Have you ever seen her that intoxicated? – Maybe her birthday Yeah, I did Her birthday, she was that lit

– How much did she sip? – Okay, she had a cup and then she got to drinking out of the bottle – No pills whatsoever? – No – We know this for a fact because back then we did all used to get off pills back then, but she don't like the feeling of them, so she stopped – Okay – [Dometi] Did you ask about the $200? – Oh, yeah yeah, most definitely

That was the most, that question everyone wanted to know – [Woman] I'm rich, that said clear as day, $200 – What you say? – Everyone thinking you said script over $200 – That's sick really to me, real sick That's them talking about the parking ticket

– [Dometi] According to Irene, the $200 was to pay the hotel for a lost parking ticket – That was my friend Talking every day all day – Oh you wanna, you so (Irene laughs) – I wouldn't do nothing like that I don't even get like that That's not even how I believe – [Dometi] You think they were being honest? – Yes, definitely, definitely

Once again, this is Chicago If we have issues, a beef, or problems, I'm not gonna take you to the south suburb or west suburb, in a public place where cameras are located, to kill you or put something in your drink or put you in a freezer when we can just shoot you You know what I'm saying? That's what we do – I think a lotta people on the internet are genuinely concerned and genuinely passionate That being said, I think some people are trying to get their internet followers up and doing anything they can to get people talking

Based on what I've seen so far, I don't think her friends had anything to do with it ♪ Wake and rolling ♪ – [Dometi] And after extensive interviews, police have cleared everyone at the part of foul play So what else are we missing? Did someone or something outside of that party have a hand in her death? – Everything, everything, everybody know my name (laughing) – [Dometi] On September 9th, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins disappeared from a hotel room party and would eventually be found dead 10 floors below in the same building – And if you notice that her friend turned up the music

– That's how they got to do the operation in that kitchen – [Dometi] Despite the suspicions raised by amateur internet detectives ♪ Mi casa, su casa ♪ – Kenneka's friends have been cleared of foul play But the question remains How did Kenneka get separated from her group of friends and end up inside of a freezer all in a matter of minutes? The official chronology might point to some answers

This is the timeline of events from police reports from the Chicago Tribune So around 3:00 am, they're ready to leave Okay, this is when it gets interesting

Kenneka stands in the hallway by a 9th floor elevator (elevator dings) Kenneka realizes she left her phone in the room The friends leave her in the hallway for 10 to 15 minutes as they try to find her phone and when they come back, she's gone (eerie music) Now surveillance video says at about 3:30 am

that's when she's seen bumping into walls and staggering down the hotel hallway You can tell she was drunk in that video A couple minutes after that, she's wandering through an unused kitchen in the basement (dramatic music) (hip-hop music) (muffled speaking) Meanwhile, her friends start searching the hotel looking for Kenneka (muffled speaking) At 4:00 a

m, one of the friends calls Kenneka's mom Tereasa and they let her know that they can't find her And two hours later, the mom is calling Rosemont Police from the parking lot – [Operator] 9-1-1, what's the address of you emergency? – [Tereasa] Yes, I'm at the Crowne Plaza at O'Hare Airport and I was calling because my daughter came to a party here last night and now her friends, they said that they left her, they went upstairs to the hotel and she's not able to be found now – [Dometi] But since she's only been missing for a few hours, the dispatcher convinces Tereasa to hang tight for the time being

– [Operator] Go home, relax a little bit, give it some time If you haven't heard from her about 10, 11 o'clock, then by all means give us a call again and we can help you out from there – At 1 o'clock, they file a missing persons report and that's when police search the hotel – [Woman On Radio] Station report's gonna be a missing person from the Crowne Plaza – [Officer 101] 101, top floor

The female subject was last seen on the 9th floor – [Officer 609] 101-609, I opened up that original missing persons call – Talking to him about this missing 19-year-old – [Officer 601] 601 at the top – [Man On Radio] Kenneka Jenkins

– [Officer On Radio] 10-4 – [Dometi] But Kenneka still wasn't found Kenneka's family and friends continue to look for her on their own, which the hotel doesn't seem too happy about – [Operator] Rosemont 9-1-1, where is your emergency? – [Hotel Employee] The mother of the daughter is here at the hotel and she's knocking door to door and disturbing our guests – [Operator] All right, I will have somebody head over there

– Police get there, they ask to view surveillance video – [Officer On Radio] Hey, sorry, I'm gonna go look at the cameras real quick – [Dometi] And they're shown video of Jenkins entering the hotel – [Officer On Radio] 601, go ahead – [Officer 601] So where are we going? Downstairs in the basement area of the Crowne Plaza

– [Officer On Radio] 10-4 Yeah, they're not getting anything downstairs They're gonna come up right now and call you – [Dometi] Around midnight, a hotel worker walks through an empty kitchen, goes into the corner where the freezer is Then comes back out to grab a police officer

(radio static whirring) – [Officer 301] 301 on here, oh (beep) – [Cop On Radio] 301, everything 10-4? – [Officer 301] Negative I have the subject in the kitchen in the freezer She is frozen solid – She's pronounced dead at about 12:48

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said it was caused by hypothermia, alcohol intoxication, the use of prescription drugs for treating migraines and epilepsy They say due to all of that, Kenneka's death was accidental But Kenneka's family still isn't convinced that her death was an accident – She wasn't the type to do drugs She not even that type – She not finna get – that just get over sloppy drunk

– over intoxicated And just be loose like that – And them saying she was off drugs She don't even do – She don't even do drugs

– [Dometi] In the autopsy they found medication consistent with epilepsy or migraines Do you know anything about that medication? – No, she'd never Kenneka didn't even like to take pills – Pills, yeah – I'ma be real with you

– [Dometi] When you saw that report that she had some type of pill in her system, what did you guys think of that? – That somebody put it in her drink (muffled speaking) – [Dometi] According to police records, party drugs were in circulation that night But the medication found in Kenneka's system isn't known as a party drug How and why she took that drug remains a mystery – They were just took quick to close the case

They ain't do enough investigation (eerie music) I don't think they really wanted justice for Kenneka – I feel in my heart they treated her wrong That wasn't right To me I don't know what to believe, but I know I'm hurt, and I wish my cousin was here

(Kenneka laughs) – I believe that someone in this hotel killed my child – Say it louder! – No justice, no peace! – Say it louder! – No justice! (Kenneka laughs) – Six weeks after Kenneka Jenkin's body was found in a hotel freezer, Rosemont police ruled that her death was accidental and officially closed the case, but her family and friends still have unanswered questions and can't shake the feeling that Kenneka might still be alive if Tereasa's concerns were taken more seriously, and you always have to factor in the family's gut instincts Let's take a listen to the first 9-1-1 call that Tereasa Martin made – [Operator] Again, it is only a couple hours since you hadn't seen her, correct? Or since her friends, supposedly, hadn't seen her? – See, this part I don't get They telling her well okay, it's only been a couple hours

Maybe she'll pop up But see y'all waiting on a couple hours and when y'all could've just searched the hotel right then – And she could've been saved – Because if she was in the freezer for those couple of hours at that point– – Maybe they could've saved her If they would've searched the hotel

– [Tereasa] Is it possible that they send the police out here and ask them to look at the cameras and see if they seen on her on they cameras? – [Operator] Even if I did send an officer, it would take a little bit for us to get the camera footage, and for us to pass it on to the detectives division – See, now with that part he said even if I do Whatchu mean even if you do? A child missing – He prolonging stuff – What if it was your child? – [Tereasa] Okay, and how long does it take for me to file a missing persons report? – [Operator] You can file it at anytime

– That was news to me A lotta people know it's 48 hours that a person is missing before you can file a report, but you can actually file a missing persons report and you can heighten the urgency a little sooner So for him to say yeah, you can, but just give it some time, if I was Tereasa, I would be frustrated, too (dramatic music) – When it come to the police department, when it comes to black people, this disconnect has been in our community since the beginning of time – People, today, they wanna act like racism doesn't exist, but Chicago is one of the most racist cities and most segregated

(sirens wailing) Justice is never served, so we're hopeless ♪ Gotta get rich, rich ♪ ♪ Get my family outta this ♪ ♪ Chicago, it's a death song ♪ ♪ Need to hurry up, I can't wait no more ♪ – How many shots? – 16 shots! – How many shots? – 16 shots! – [Dometi] The killing of Laquan McDonald, a teenager, armed only with a pocket knife, was the tipping point after decades of taunting, profiling, and killing at the hands of the police – Chicago! – Shut it down! – Chicago! – [Dometi] The black community of Chicago was left with a deep distrust of those who were sworn to serve and protect – Shame on you! – Police are oppressive forces in our communities They treat us like we are not citizens, like we're below them

We are scared to call the police because we think that they gon' kill us, and, most importantly, there's no accountability – The investigation into a young woman found dead in a hotel freezer is now closed – [Crowd] Shut it down! – [Announcer] Police are ruling Jenkin's death an accident – [Dometi] With the announcement that Kenneka's death was an accident, protests erupted throughout the city – I believe that someone in this hotel killed my child

– [Dometi] Residents were unwilling to accept the narrative that investigators gave them They demanded justice for Kenneka, her family, and the community – No justice, no peace! – Let's go! – No justice, no peace! – Let me hear ya – That's why we have this mind set of, oh shoot, that girl was black and she was found in a freezer of a white billionaire hotel chain Oh no, we gotta go and figure out what happened

– [Crowd] Shut down! ♪ Is the reason ♪ ♪ Hurry up, I can't wait no more ♪ ♪ Gotta get rich ♪ – [Crowd] Shut it down! – [Dometi] At the end of the day, this all comes down to whether authorities can be trusted in this particular case When it comes to a question of trust, well, sometimes you gotta look somebody straight in the eye It's time to hear from the authorities – This case, in particular, was like none I've ever seen before We work on facts

We don't work on speculation So I find it ludicrous that anybody truly believes that there was any conspiracy or any cover up – [Dometi] This is the first official interview about the case that the Rosemont Police Chief has ever given – The public needs to understand that the Rosemont Public Safety Department is a professional department that work tirelessly each and every day to provide facts to the family of Kenneka Jenkins and to provide facts to the public I had 10 to 15 detectives working between 15 and 20 hours every day for 22 days straight

– Shut it down! – Let's here it again – [Crowd] Shut it down! – While that was going on, we had protests every day for close to two months straight, which also taxed our resources – [NBC Reporter] Police today laying out their investigation for the public – [Dometi] In response to the rising tensions, Rosemont PD took the unusual step of releasing a trove of evidence from the case on their website Thousands of photos and documents, hours and hours of video, all available for the public to download and scrutinize

– We wanted to be transparent with everybody from the get-go and we made every attempt We try each and every day to build trust with our community, but there are people out there that really have a tough time trusting the police It's a fact It's a fact of life – Shut it down! – Say it again! – [Crowd] Shut it down! (hip-hop music) (Kenneka laughing) – [Dometi] Rosemont police found no foul play in the death of Kenneka Jenkins

But family and friends were not convinced – [Crowd] Shut it down! – I'm looking for help because something just not right – What do you think when you look at this picture? – The day I went on prom She was so happy, you see how she's smiling – [Dometi] In order to shed some light on that fateful night, I managed to get an interview with someone who was actually there

– [Dometi] Why did it mean so much to Kenneka that you were going on prom? – Because she didn't get a chance to go – [Dometi] Bree Bree is Kenneka's best friend and helped lead the initial search for her at the hotel This is the first time she's speaking publicly about that night Thank you so much for doing this – I'm ready

(somber music) – [Crew Member] Scene two, take one (Bree Bree clears throat) – [Dometi] Can you talk to us about when you first realized Kenneka was missing? – I asked my imouni for where she was at They just said she was somewhere drunk So I took it as she probably went downstairs to use the bathroom or anything Time got to going by and I'm like she still ain't back, so that's when I got the pressing issue that we need to go look for her

We searched parking lots I knocked on people doors The security guard tried to tell us we had to get out the hallway, but I told him that we wasn't getting out the hallway until we find her – [Dometi] Did you ask security to help you find her? – [Bree Bree] Yeah – [Dometi] What'd they say? – [Bree Bree] He didn't even wanna show us the cameras

– [Dometi] How did you feel? Did you still feel like it's probably nothing? – No, I know her I know Kenneka so I was scared I was crying because I just knew that where could she have been? She don't do this type of stuff, so I know she wasn't nowhere else, so it had to have been something How did she end up in the freezer? – [Dometi] You got any thoughts on that? – I don't know what to think about that I know she ain't put herself in no freezer

– [Dometi] Police have cleared the hotel and it's employees of any wrongdoing But the people in Kenneka's circle still have doubts – How could this happen in a public place, especially a hotel? Most hotels have security on the premises at all times, so it was just, wow, this had to be something planned out – It's just fishy to me and everybody else – Somebody in that hotel has something to do with it

– Everybody look fishy to me Everybody is fishy – Why didn't y'all try yo help and look for her? – They weren't showing no urgency – Excitement – Urgency

That's the word for it, urgency – When that manager went to go look for Kenneka – His reactions when he went back there You would be– (mimics screaming) – You would freak out – It wasn't none of that

– You would freak out You would literally freak out He didn't do none of that – [Dometi] The surveillance video released by police was meant to quell concerns of foul play, but instead it's only raised even more questions for the public – [Nikki] Why you don't see other people walking down the hallway? – For y'all to just say she walked in there

Actually, y'all seen her walk in there Don't make sense to me – Don't make sense period – I don't care if they have any videos It just ain't really believable to me

– I believe they tampered with it – I believe they tampered with it – I think they was tampering with it – My personal opinion It looked like it was edited

It probably was a sexual assault gone wrong – She ain't just gonna let nobody hurt her – You can tell she was puttin' up a fight – Her hands like this – She fought for her life

– They strangled her – These guys overpowered her – They beat her and they raped – Accidentally killed her and tried to throw it off and put her in the freezer It's a lotta ways it can go

– [Dometi] Medical examiner's office did the autopsy They said they saw really no signs of sexual assault if there was so no signs of a struggle – That's what they're telling us – [Jason] The autopsy report, it was a lie – Yeah, the autopsy report is definitely fabricated

– No one else had the opportunity to go inside and do a thorough investigation of Kenneka Jenkins – I wish the hotel would give us the real tapes and that way we'll know what happened and our heart, it'll be a little bit more at ease – [Dometi] We've given the Crowne Plaza an opportunity to come on camera and give their side of the story But due to ongoing litigation with Kenneka's family, they declined our request They did, however, send this statement

The authorities have thoroughly investigated and closed the investigation of this tragic event, and have determined that what occurred was an unfortunate accident But I still wanna know is that surveillance video as sketchy as people are saying? Did someone tamper with it? We've collected the hard evidence released by the cops Now it's time to run those video files by an independent investigator Audio/video forensic expert Doug Carner – There's a principle called the Locard Principle, which is take something, leave something

If a thief, for example, breaks into a house, they leave fingerprints or footprints Well, with a video, if someone manipulates a video, they leave behind artifacts, defects in the video that are inconsistent with what was already there – What level of talent would it take for someone to be able to alter video in a way that in wouldn't be obvious to the naked eye? (typing) – In this particular case, the files that I received were EXEs Had it not been in the EXE, a person could, with enough skill and enough time and the right software, manipulate it But from a forensics point of view, what you described is not possible

Even if someone was able to export the video into some other format, they'd then have to get it back into EXE and there is no tool to do that There is no known example, ever, of anyone being able to alter this kind of video without it being detectable These are trustworthy recordings – All right, I think we got everything we need right there, Doug I appreciate ya

(eerie music) (sirens wailing) I got all these police files, we got surveillance video The next things I need to do is talk to a crime scene investigator I'm gonna find out if there was anything unusual about the crime scene Got a lotta questions about that scene that just don't feel right Hopefully he can answer 'em

(clapboard claps) – Bad (beep) happens in hotels, especially when there's an alcohol element, right? The only reason we heard about this one is because of social media – [Dometi] Paul Ciolino is a homicide investigation expert with decades of experience He didn't work on the Kenneka Jenkins case, so he's got no skin in the game here But he does have a lot to say – On the internet, you get too many cooks in the kitchen and who doesn't even know what evidence is or what it looks like

That causes a lotta (beep) on social media (dramatic music) (muffled speaking) – [Woman On Radio] Liberty to 9-5, code six (dramatic music) – [Dometi] According to Paul, if Kenneka had any altercations before she died, we'd see evidence of that in the dozens of crime scene photos released by the Rosemont police department – Her underwear's in tact, there's no bruising The fingernails appear to be all intact

I don't see any injuries on her face What's significant is there's no obvious signs of a struggle or a fight or defensive wounds This is a pretty strong kid If there was some problems, there would've been a fight The place is dirty, so she's picking up all the dirt

You see her foot here, scraped These are just indications of somebody who's rolling around on the floor and it's not uncommon in hypothermia cases because there's all kinds of physiological issues going on, so they don't know what they're doing There's nothing that would indicate she was attacked by someone (door creaking) (muffled speaking on radio) The emergency latch on the indoor side of the freezer It's a simple matter of pushing this and it doesn't require a lot of force

You can't get locked in I'm telling you by these pictures it looks to me she gets in that freezer and she goes right down Right down to the floor I don't think she ever made an attempt to get out Her blood alcohol was so high she laid down and went right to sleep

The problem with hypothermia, you hit 95, you're dead You're talking a three-degree difference in what we're doing right now where we're sitting And nine, that's not a lot So this poor kid never knew she was in the freezer – You do not agree with the simple story of your daughter walking into the freezer and freezing to death

That is not acceptable to you – That's not acceptable – The family, they don't trust the authorities, and they have good reason not to trust them 'cause they get lied to all the time There's a different set of rules for the minorities in this community than there is for the white people We all know it, we all live it every day, and I don't blame the family for questioning everything

I'm telling ya, in this particular case, I'm just 995% sure there's nothing evil went on in this This is a tragic accident – [Dometi] What do you miss most about your friend? – Everything, her voice, I really miss her voice – (laughs) May ya, shorty

– [Bree Bree] So I have to go off of old videos – Now these my favorite half shoes, don't touch 'em – I'm used to hearing her voice a lot and I don't hear it at all now, so I really miss her voice – Boy, you better quit playin' now Get low

– When you come from a city like Chicago where people die so young, so often before their time, accepting a loss that could have been prevented is really hard to swallow Stakes are high in cases like these These are communities that are constantly fighting to be heard, to be treated fairly and justly by the authorities Yet in this case after really accounting for all of the evidence and after the thorough investigation, all signs point to Kenneka's death being an accident – Nah, I ain't just accepting that

I ain't just taking that – Yeah, I ain't up with it – 'Cause I know it wasn't no accident – I don't know what to believe, so I don't know Y'all said she walked into that freezer

Show us – We know she ain't just walk in no freezer by herself – I don't know how did nobody see this It just ain't right – One of the big problems that we have with this case is that everybody had their ending to the story

Everybody wanted their ending to be what it was We're so hungry for justice For some type of justice for the family, so they can have some type of closure – One thing that her death did do was bring people from all over the world together and to me that just means that Kenneka was a messenger Some people are angels and some people are messengers and I believe that Kenneka was both of them

– Look at the unity! Some of us is family because of Kenneka! – [CBS Reporter] After weeks of protest and questions surrounding her death, Kenneka Jenkins was laid to rest today (woman crying) – [Dometi] So many people have looked at the evidence in this case and seen different things Some believe it was a tragic accident and others say it was a calculated murder It's like looking up in the sky at a cloud One person sees a dog, another person sees a horse

Another sees a football It all depends on your perspective and you can decide what you believe It's hard to see a positive in this case But I do know one thing Chicago lost a bright, hard-working, fun, and caring person in Kenneka

But at the same time, the city has shown it's strength, it's spirit Chicagoans know what to stand up for and how to speak up when things don't seem right And in telling her story, with all the passion and concern that comes with that, reminds us that each and every life matters (somber music)

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