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Trapezing w/ Kristen Bell (2006) | You Had To Be There | MTV News


– Stretching, I'm doing some stretches – [Laughs] That's good, that's good

Now, you may be wondering why we're doing a lot of lunges here, at the Tribeca Film Festival – We don't wanna pull a hammy – No And by hammy, we mean — it's god-awful early in the morning – Oh my god

– And the first thing we're gonna be doing is flying through the air? – Yep, on a flying trapeze – On a flying trapeze, that's what we're gonna be doing – So, let's have you guys stand over here — – OK – So they can get the trapeze in the background – Yes, yes

Ooh! – And I'll just kind of point over my shoulder – – Yes, OK – But that doesn't mean you have to look – OK [laughs] – OK? Cool – So, today, what you can do — these are all things you can do, and it's up to you what you do and what you don't do, but I wanna push you to get as much done as possible, OK? You can just swing and drop to the net

You can go into a knee-hang, and hang upside down by your hands You can do a back flip to the net And you can also reach your hands out, and I'll go up and catch your trick – catch your knee-hang, OK? – Mhm So, think about what you might wanna do – – Then where do you put us, once you catch us? – We're gonna take a swing, and then I'll drop you back into the net OK

So, in a minute, you'll be climbing up the ladder Once you get up to the pedestal board, you'll probably be pretty nervous So, I want to ask you to just keep taking deep breaths I'm gonna be asking you to do a lot of things, but they're all very simple So, just keep it simple, put your hand here – – What if we're deep and quick? – No deep — slow and full, I think, is probably a good idea

Very simple commands, just follow them slowly, and we'll get you off the board and see where you go from there, OK? – OK – Safety first – And then, you just climb up using the bars – Don't film my butt all the way up, please – Go all the way up to the top

– Close-up on the butt – So, left hand here, reverse grip — good Ten toes over the edge – [Laughs] For real? – How about a deep breath? – Ten toes over the edge – Yeah

A very wide stance Very, very, very, wide — good! Now, stand up really tall Right hand out for the bar — good I'm gonna hand you the bar The way you compensate for the weight of the bar is by keeping your hips forward

So, put your hips to my hand That's it — perfect, beautiful! Take the bar That's it Hips forward — perfect Wait there

Left hand on the bar I'm not gonna drop you You still have to jump off Good Perfect

Now when I say "hup," you're gonna take a little straight legged hop off the board Why don't you look up, instead of down? There you go Ready? Hup! Little hop, six inches forward with the hop Ready, hup! Yep, that's it – [Excited screaming] – [Off-camera] OK, we're gonna try to lift up your knees

OK? Keep them together, wait — knees up now! Put your knees on that bar — good Hands off it, now – [Distant laughing] – [Off-camera] OK, reach down to the net Look up, look up! Good Hands back on the bar

And stay right there — legs down! Good OK Now, we try a backflip – Yeah – [Off camera] OK

Stay right there, don't move OK On my call, you're gonna swing your legs three times, and let go and grab your knees OK? And aim right for that wall Stay right there, keep your legs behind you

And swing forward! Back! OK, a little faster Try one more time OK, and forward! Back! Forward! And go, baby! – [Screaming] – [Crowd clapping] – You're a trapeze artist, really! – Aw, whatever – I think acting should be the side gig – [Laughs]

– She could join the — – This is the discovery of my new career – Is that normal? No – [Off-camera] Let's do it again – This is fun OK, let's do it again

I'm just gonna chalk myself here, because we're gonna attempt to do a catch So, you have to — if you're a professional, you have to chalk yourself, just like in the Olympics Tastes really nice, too, because I'm [sniffs] — I'm inhaling all of it – [Off-camera] Here comes your "ready" – [Instructor] Ready! Hup! Ease up now! Good

Keep them on that bar Hands off now! – [Off-camera] Look at Jonathon – [Instructor] Arch your back Hands up! Smile – [Excited screaming] – [Crowd clapping] – [Director] Why don't we do, kind of like a wrap-up? Little, like — "OK! Well, Kristen, you really, kind of, outshined me

" – [Off-camera] I think that's it, Jay! – [Off-camera] What are we doing now? – [Director] I just — I think it's kinda — you know, since it's almost 10:30, just kinda like a wrap – OK, this is the first time you've ever done this – Yeah – Did you have any — did you know that you were gonna be a natural at this? – No I mean, it literally comes from loving the monkey bars, but I always knew I wanted to, so I had the drive to do it

So, I don't know – I guess so – It just came! I sort of wet my pants, up there and on the way down – That's all right Everybody does

– You won't tell anyone, will you? – No, not a soul Well, thanks so much, Kristen, for spending time with us, and what a way to start the day, I know that — – I know! And it's, like, six in the morning or something, isn't it? [Laughs] – And we're at the Tribeca Film Festival, and people are gonna be asking about your film, you're gonna be like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I just wanna let you know" — – Exactly "I'm a trapeze artist" – Flipped and caught [Laughs] – I have the professional chalk marks to prove it

– [Director] That was good Can we just do one more? – Yeah Of the same thing, or something different? – [Off-camera] OK Wanna go back to 1? – [Director] Same similar thing, you have to — – Quicker? – [Director] Make some changes – Oh, OK

– [Director] Kinda the same thing

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