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Transition to Freeze /w Jeremy (Havikoro) | BREAK ADVICE


Hello With you bibboy Jeremy from Houston, Texas, HaviKoro team

And this is my 'Break Tip' Today I will talk about the transition from the footstep to the frieze with good flow, often Bboys and the Bigler are moving from the fast footstep to the frieze or mov, while losing flow It is really hard From a quick and soft foot, go into a good frieze, and at the same time do it in a fresh and soft manner Today I will show three levels of transition from the footwork to the frieze

For beginners, continuing and already experienced The first level is for beginners I will show how to go to Cheer from the '6-Steps' At the initial level, you just need to understand how you can go into the frieze and still save the flow Let's take something very simple

First, consider entering the frieze With such a position of the foot, you reach forward and put your knee If you go from the "6 Steps" I am doing the 6-Steps and here I am reaching forward on my knee From here I swing back with my right foot and go to Cheer

If you put this together, it will look like this: It is important that the transition to the knee is smooth, and the backswing directs you to the transition to the "black" At a continu ing level, when entering the frieze, you can use a transition such as threading or swinging A combination leading into the frieze, but in a smooth manner The difference in level compared to beginners is that here you need to find an interesting and fresh approach to the frieze Let's start with 'CC'

We jump out, go to the knee We do a backswing, draw a leg, threading and from the back we rise into the frieze All together looks like this This is the next level compared to just 'put your knee up and sway' Here we found a fresh and smooth path to get to the frieze, whether it be a transition or threading and so on

Once again slowly 'CC', jump, knee, swing circle, threading, rise in the frieze Advanced level – transition to frieze with powermove The most mundane approach from the footwork to the mov is sweep No matter what you want to do – Gelik, Fly, 90

A good hook will help you enter any element of the mouve And, of course, it will be cool and difficult to switch to the element of muv and go out into the frieze For example, like this The most important detail to keep in mind is the initial cut Use the speed of the foot to create inertia and make a powerful sweep

And go to any element of the mov And from there it’s easy to go into the frieze you need That was my "break advice" Three levels of transition from footwork to frieze A very important point for you, as for a bboy or a bigler

With you was Bereba Jeremy from the HaviKoro team, Houston, Texas I hope you enjoyed it Watch other videos and learn

Source: Youtube

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