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Tragedy Wind (Instrumental) Music Video – Massive Rockerz Entertainment Music | Anosh M S


Every way is far away! Success is not Peramanent! Expectations Breakdowns You! It's a Storytelling of Personality Some thoughts to the Listeners which is not understandable! Because, They are wont Listening from the Speaker! Your Behavior is like a Joke! gets Depressed No Body is not Respect for you! Why you for Others? Can I Trust you? (Harp & Pizzicato) Think – Thought – Thought Being Alone! I'm One to won the Experiencing! Realize the Nature! in the World Need to wear the Hat

Have a Chance to Change! Per request to Perform! Whenever, the Opportunity not for You! Yes! I got some energy! Which means, I have been changed! Struggling is Permanant of my Career Wear the Hat! And, Begin for the trusted People (Acoustic Guitar Plays) Everything is Possible! Nothing is Impossible! (Acoustic Guitar Plays) From Kanyakumari to Chennai Coastal areas, Many people died on past 26th December 2004 Because, of Tsunamis It's a huge tragedy in Coastal Regions of Tamilnadu And, throughout over the 14 Countries around the World

Source: Youtube

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