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Top Gun: Maverick: What Fans Can Expect From the Highly Anticipated Sequel


Well, we're six months away from a return to the danger zone "Top Gun: Maverick" was actually supposed to be released today but because of the Coronavirus it was pushed back to December, but trust me when I tell you, it will be worth the wait

(engines roaring) Good morning, aviators This is your captain speaking Today's exercise is dogfighting (cannons firing) The student becomes the teacher in "Top Gun: Maverick", but what else should we expect from the sequel? It's one of life's mysteries, sir Hey, I can't talk about the story at all at this point

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you Okay, Tom, we get it You want to keep it a surprise, but, we have some intel, like Jennifer Connelly's character has a connection to this line from the original film Son, your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash High speed passes, over five air controlled towers, and one admirals daughter! Penny Benjamin? Yup, there's rumors Connelly is that admiral's daughter, and Tom rekindles the romance

Tom, he always wants to top himself Did he just go crazy this time? He sets the bar really high Everything he does he's like, just pushing himself, going further and further It's really extraordinary Jay Ellis plays one of Mav's students

We did about 40 hours of flight training Tom completely created our entire flight curriculum I am so proud of them and what they've done And it is heavy duty Oh my God! You all right? I'm okay

You can be my wingman anytime Val Kilmer recently revealed in this autobiography that he begged to be a part of "Maverick" Cruise went for it, the reunion felt great, he wrote, but fans have been speculating just how involved Iceman is One hint from the trailer is the pin Maverick placed on the coffin The same pin Kilmer wore in the original

Take me to bed or lose me forever! Show me the way home, baby! Goose's son followed in his dad's footsteps and will be played by Miles Teller He's a very dedicated actor Really cares, very committed and I think he's just, he's gonna be amazing He flies like his dad It's incredibly difficult

Half the guys were still puking even up until their last day He grows a stache like his dad I felt different, people looked at me different Started walking, just more confident, it was great And he even oils up like his dad

I've never had more oil on me (laughing) The oil Yeah, oh yeah (upbeat music)

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