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To Those Who Made 2019 a Record-Breaking Year, Thank You


(lighthearted guitar music) – In 2019, thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to provide more than 80 million pounds of food to those in need in our community – Los Angeles County has more food-insecure children, than any other county in the United States

But, thanks to our donors, volunteers and supporters, thousands of children, whom might otherwise go hungry, receive nutritious food 18% of our food goes to older adults, who otherwise, skip meals to pay for bills and medication – In 2019, 17,000 people and organizations donated more money than ever before, to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank – Thank you, to all the hard working people in our organization, that have donated their time as volunteers Each year, over 30,000 volunteers help us clean, package and help distribute food

Over 137,000 hours have been donated from corporations, organizations and countless individuals in 2019 – Thank you to the grocery stores, growers, distributors and individuals, who donated over 87 million pounds of product, including nearly 13 million pounds of fresh produce – We thank our 600 plus agency partners, who make sure that food gets to those in need – Thank you to our monthly donors, by donating just $23 a month You've helped feed a neighbor in need for an entire year

Thank you to our amazing community of chiefs Some of LA's finest chiefs supporter events, all year long, helping us raise awareness about hunger relief – A special thank you to the Los Angeles legal community and all the organizations and corporations that supported the food bank

– Thank you to everyone who created fundraisers or virtual food drives at lafoodbankorg – Thank you for making 2019 a record-breaking year (lighthearted guitar music)

Source: Youtube

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