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[TMT][1132] Giới thiệu DX Breaking Mammoth và DX Progrisekey Connector! KR Zero-One! (Engsub)


Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team! Keep continue with Kamen Rider Zero-One! Today I'll introduce to you a robot and an item belong to this series! It's DX Breaking Mammoth and DX Progrise Key Connector! First, let's take a look at the box! In Breaking Mammoth box, the main colors are white and yellow! The box is quite compact, not too big! In the front view is the Armor Mode of Breaking Mammoth, which look absolutely cool! In the top corner is the image of Breaking Mammoth Progrise Key! And underneath it is Kamen Rider Zero-One holding Breaking Mammoth Progrise Key! In the bottom is product's name and BANDAI's logo About Progrise Key Connector's box, the main colors are white and green

In front view has product's image and released Progrise Key In the right corner is the image of Amazing Hercules Progrise Key! Under it is the product's name and BANDAI's logo! In the backside, both of them has the instructions About Breaking

Mammoth, This is the Hiden Intelligence's Satellite which was set in the space When Aruto transform, Breaking Mammoth will fire a signal to link with Zero-One Driver In episode 9, Aruto used Breaking Mammoth Progrise Key to transform into Breaking Mammoth Form! This form is different from the others That's Zero-One will be inside Breaking Mammoth and use this big armor to fight, similar to Gaim Suika Arms About Progrise Key Connector! It is used to stored Progrise Key as well as data! In term of sound effects, Breaking Mammoth has none

It only can be assembled and transformed! Breaking Mammoth design was based on the mix of robotic and Mammoth species! And it can be transformed into 2 other modes: Jet and Satellite! First is the Satellite Mode! It has the shape of an Mammoth's head and its ears are Progrise Key To transform into Jet Mode, we straighten the legs and fold down the arms And turn up the head is complete! This is also the mid-step before transform into the Armor Mode Finally, to transform into Armor Mode, we drag down both arms, and fold down the Mammoth's head to complete! The main colors of it are gray, black and yellow! With additional transparent red plastic detail

If you look directly into it, you can see a super cool Mammoth's head with full parts It wear a Zero-One Driver On the hip has 2 ivories We can take it out and use it as a weapon Both arm armors are actually 2 Progrise Key! In term of articulation, it much flexible than Time Mazine! The head can be rotated left, right and look up a bit

Hand can be outstretched, fold, rotate! The fists can be rotated too! Legs can be kick up, thighs can be rotated, knee can be folded too

Open the back, we put RKF Kamen Rider Zero-One into it to drive it! And the last is DX Progrise Key Connector It is designed based on a data storaged tray For me, it look like a RAM memory in real life Progríe Key Connector has gray tone

Its size quite compact There are many arrow sign on its to guide us insert Progrise Key into it Connector has fixed latch, so don't worry Progrise Key may fall out On the top is a handle

In general, these products are very interested! Even though they lack of sound, but the value of its design is very high! Breaking Mammoth can be transformed into may modes, moreover, we can play it with RKF Kamen Rider Zero-One! In Armor Form, the articulation is advanced more than Time Mazine last year! So you can create many form to display About Progrise Key Connector, we can use it to display Progrise Key! Or you can take it to play with your friend, very convenient! Some note that you shouldn't play Breaking Mammoth too hard, because though the articulations are flexible but the plastic is very crunchy and thin! If you don't careful, you will break it! About Progise Key Connector, you shouldn't insert Progrise Key and take it out too many times, it may scratch Progrise Key! And that's all I want to introduce to you about these products! Don't forget to hit like and subscribe to encourage us! And now, goodbye and see you later!

Source: Youtube

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