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Tipos y trucos para breaking point! (roblox)


hello very good boys and girls! we are in my first video today and today I will teach you tips and tricks in breaking point Let's go there! The first thing that I recommend is the first person you can give the knife better! Let's go there I also recommend you take the black charceter so that they do not see you here you have how it will be seen with a first person screen and in black! it could easily hit the head and also put optimize for the game goes better if you spend time without giving it you will die ignoring the toxics will catch your attention for example this (noob) better don't talk also use mute radios and auto equip (mute radios to mutate radios and auto equip to equip automatically it's very good to do that do not put display knife or gun will call your attention the others or you will do it and they will go for you please someone with saphire I need it for the azure well that was it for today !!!!!! thanks to this guy they support me Here I show you everything I have (link description) editing good bye !!!!!!!!! I will raffle rbx by the group of discord link description

Source: Youtube

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