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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, I was on reddit as Danielle Sammak always is and I found this really really scary experience about Tinder about tinder, like someone went on tinder, you know was looking Looking for someone and they definitely did not find that person They instead found someone freaking crazy scary Psycho and yes, so thats what we're gonna be talking about today

I had it once but like I was like 5 years old I was a child I did not, I was not looking for anything like oh my god I'm looking for my soul mate like no No, I was just on it cause my friends had it, pretty sure I spoke about it in like another video But I had it cause my friends had it and I was like cool but yeah, I deleted it five seconds later So, yeah, but um, I just before I get into it, please be careful, there are so many psychos there are so many idiots Like just really terrible people out there and it's very sad and I feel like really sorry for the people that have to come across such evil people, but Yeah Let's just get straight into it because I've got a lot to say about it So you'll definitely hear my opinion about it Once I finish reading it – so we're just gonna go ahead and get straight into it Alright, so this experience is called ''tinder meet up gone wrong'' Around March of 2014 I started talking to this girl on tinder She seemed cool and fun and after about a week of talking she suggested we meet up in person She invited me to this coffee shop and I accepted however, the day of She started messaging me saying she had to tell me something Her pictures on tinder weren't actually of and yes She was a guy

He claimed he really liked talking to me though and begged me to still meet up with him Naturally, I declined, I blocked his profile and continued on with my life About a week later I started talking to another girl once again She seemed cool and fun and we hit it off She asked me if I spoke to people on tinder frequently and rather stupidly I told her about my previous encounter with the man lady, weeks later I would realise that this new girl was the same ''girl'' as the one before She asked me if I wanted to meet up and I said sure as long as it was in a public place We decided on a cafe and the next day I sat at the table waiting 5, 10, 15 minutes have passed and she was nowhere to be found I then peed out the window and saw from across the street, a man staring at me intently I looked away, waited a few seconds and looked back He was still standing there staring

At that point, I left the cafe and got on my bike I always bike everywhere and booked at home I was definitely a little freaked out, but tried to pull myself together and reasons that no one could have followed me I then deleted my tinder profile and things are normal for a few weeks About three weeks later I started getting phone calls The numbers all showed up as unknown I picked up the first few times to some guy breathing heavily into the phone I was already a little freaked out after about a day I stopped picking up any call unless it displayed the caller's name I then started receiving texts, at first they were pretty harmless

Calls for attention, begging me to meet them in person it then changed to very sexual tests, until eventually the messages became threatening and Whoever was messaging me started throwing at my family and friends names and whereabouts Saying he/she would get involved unless I answered Because they were texting me, I could see a displayed a number but when I call phone providers They told me the number couldn't be traced and that it was probably a tracfone great I waited about two weeks not responding to the texts, thinking I shouldn't feed the troll But eventually it became too much I started getting upwards of 50 texts and phone calls a day I would wake up to 10-20 texts every morning

the texting/calls stopped for a while But sure enough it started happening again I called my phone provider asking me if they ever gave out numbers at a user's request And they said their policy stated that they wouldn't/couldn't unless a valid identification was provided Then one day I tried logging into my facebook But it was denied within a day friends started contacting me asking what the hell I was doing Saying that they were getting terrible messages from my account, in particular One of my girlfriends was receiving messages about her mum who died years ago I apologised profusely and told people what was going on I contacted Facebook and explained the situation And they helped me access my account again, at which point I deactivated it for a while Enough was enough I decided to contact the FBI Explaining what had been going on for over a month now They documented everything but told me since I or any of my relatives/friends were in no immediate danger They probably wouldn't be able to do anything At that point I felt stuck, I thought about hiring a private investigator or a hacker I decided against it however and just hoped it would fade out if I never answered I left my facebook deactivated and ignored any text phone calls I never had any trouble at home, but some of my closest friends receive the occasional text as well Which weirded us all out

I hated that they got dragged into it one day I came home and things felt very eerie door unlocked, windows open and no one home A strong breeze running through the apartment I did a check of the place and found nothing else weird So I locked everything up and just waited for my roommates to get home It's been almost seven months now, the calls/texts have more or less stops I'll get the occasional texts But at most one every two weeks

at the peak of it all I was receiving almost 100 texts a day It definitely affected my social personal life I became a much more weary of the people around me and my surroundings I just felt like I couldn't really focus on anything until it stoped Work was difficult, though I tried to maintain my composure as best as I could Everything was just weird Life was weird I've since stopped using all forms of dating apps/websites things are getting back to normal And at this point I just want to put it all behind me I'm moving at the end of the year, so it will be nice to have a fresh start in a new place I'm not going to sit here and say all dating apps are dangerous and no one should use them but definitely cover your bases Ask more questions before meeting someone, FaceTime them first, Skype, anything I was naive about it and I regret it Be safe stick close to your friends and try and meeting people in more traditional ways weird tinder stalker Let's not meet again Dude if anyone was texting my phone like 100 times a day I honestly don't know what I would have done I would have been so angry Like I genuinely probably would have like freaking hurt someone, like that's how pissed off I would be so to think that this guy was getting like close to 100 texts a day as well as calls like man I feel so sorry for him and again you can go ahead and say this is fake, sure that fine

but I'm sure this happens to a lot of people I wanted to bring this to my channel because for one I think was a pretty freaky story and also you know, really entertaining At least I thought it was really cool However It's really Unfortunate but these things happen all the time and they happen to really innocent good people you know what I mean and it's sad you always need to be safe When using apps like this because you literally do not know who you're communicating with you don't know if you think you're talking to this gorgeous eighteen year old and It turns out to be some freakin 40 year old man stalking you, like This person, you know, they thought they were talking to some girl he thought she was like really cool and fun and they hit it off and You know little did he know, he was talking to a literal psycho who somehow but his phone number and literally started threatening Not only him but his family and his friends so, Iike Automatically the situation was just like boom 10 times bigger, because it's not just you anymore It's your friends and family like people that you love so Oh My god, like it's crazy It's genuinely freaky but, the one thing I got like a bit freaked out about is, how the hell did they find out not only His mobile but his friends and his family's mobile's like I don't, I don't have tinder, so I don't know if you can put your number in the app and it shows

I don't know if that's what happens I'm assuming not because like, clearly this person Did not want him to have his number You don't want strangers to just go ahead and have access to your number So clearly this person, I'm assuming hacked could hack his phone or got someone to hack his phone I don't know I just think Wow, that is just a really insane and just like a really really scary Experience that would put me off personally like from all dating apps

I wouldn't want to go on them anymore not that I need to, I'm in a very happy relationship but like, you know, I mean it's just sad because there are good people that use apps like that and generally do find great relationships, but the thing is everyone has access to apps like that so you can literally be talking with to Anyone Yeah, I just thought it was crazy because he basically did everything right, you know Like he spoke to this person, when he didn't want to speak them anymore He blocked them, like fair enough block whoever you want, but like, do you know what I mean, like somehow he was targeted his number was given out, all of his friends numbers, you know what I mean and like he met the person in a very public place like he didn't do anything

He didn't give them any information So it's like this can truly happen to anyone because it's not like he did something wrong and oh You know, he stuffed up, like he literally did nothing He literally blocked someone and then met someone else and went to a very public place like, you know what I mean? He didn't do anything But yeah, so that's just that's what just makes it so much more terrifying because Really? What could you have done differently to avoid this situation? like Really nothing Oh, I don't know it scared the crap out of me Do you reckon that person the Psycho Do you think that he follow him home? honestly, I wouldn't be surprised because if he did come to you know his apartment and literally the door's unlocked the windows open like everything is just You know not how it should be I'm assuming yeah, that person went into his apartment was walking around going through his stuff like that extremely incredibly scary just to think that there's someone who is not welcomed in your own space, like in your personal space is just It's horrifying

Do you know what I mean? Like if they he can come in any like he knows where he lives Do you know what I mean? Like whenever he wants whether it's 3 am at night or like during work hours where everyone's out, like he can just like go into the house go through his stuff like oh my goodness, she's very it's a very intimidating situation whoever's watching this if you do go in apps and websites like that You know all the power to you Do what you want but please be cautious because No one ever thinks it's going to be them You know what I mean? You hear all of these terrible stories and oh my god, this went wrong again I met this person but you know, it really wasn't them

You you always hear those stories and you're like all that sucks Oh god, that's never gonna happen to me But like it can, which is sad I'm sure all these people that were affected, they never thought it would be them So yeah, just always gotta be really safe and cautious I swear I feel like I say this in like every single video of mine that involves like some sort of person, you know like taking coming into your space and like You know hurting you or being a stalker or whatever, you just you have to take the proper proportions anyway, guys Please be safe! if you liked this video, please go ahead and give it a big like I would really really appreciate It it takes five seconds and it makes me super super happy So, please go ahead and like this video if you did and please go ahead and subscribe to my channel I would love to have you, I upload two times week so I upload Wednesdays and I upload Sundays and I Do a lot of different videos and I love the content that I make and yeah I hope you do too, so come ahead and join the family! we're nearly at 100 subscribers That's pretty cool You know when you start off with 0 and your nearly at 100 that's an achievement so Thank you, everyone who has subscribed and I kindly ask you to subscribe

Alright guys I hope you have an amazing morning, day night Whatever is happening with you and I will see you in my next video Bye guys! 🙂

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