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Tiago Iorc, Duda Beat – Tangerina (Acústico MTV) | REACTION


Hey guys, today we're checking out Tiago Iorc! Hey guys, welcome back, it's Groovy Tony! Make sure you like, subscribe and share as I'm here for your entertainment! Guys! Today I'm checking out Tiago Iorc I'm excited because he has a song with Duda Beat! And you guys put me on to Duda Beat in the comments and I fell in love! I'm pumped to see what she does with Tiago Iorc! I'm excited to see them work together, the song is called Tangerina! So, I'm assuming it has something to do with a tangerine Let's jump in and find out! This is the MTV

acoustic version of Tangerina this is Tiago Iorc and Duda Beat! Oh my god that dress already! They're so cute! Oh she's beautiful

Oh, he's so handsome Oh, okay this is so soothing and pleasing and hot and just huh! Get it! She's so cute! So beautiful Duda Beat's voice is- Oh! Something about the way she sings and speaks, I can't even! Like I'm there! Oh! Wow! Okay, so that was very sensual and beautiful and I can't look at tangerines the same! It was just a really beautiful, sensual song about letting someone take you to that next level Like, a sweet tangerine, if you're eating the tangerine Hello! It was really good, it was really- the pace of it was really great

Even though the lyrics were like sexual and sensual the song still felt beautiful, calm and kind It was beautiful! God, I loved it! I loved them acoustic, they're fantastic! Duda Beats voice! I'm living for Tiago Iorc! Artistic beauty, like, this is just amazing I love this, I love Brazil, I love the talent in Brazil, like, I need to be there! I need to be there! Yes! Thank you guys for putting me on! Thank you for checking it out with me! As always it's Groovy Tony! Make sure you like, subscribe, ring the bell and comment!

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