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#ThrowBack Yu Jaeseok's First Grand Prize [2005 KBS Entertainment Awards]


Congratulations again, Kim Jedong and Tak Jaehoon It has been more than 100 minutes since we started airing this

We are announcing, the highlights of the night, the winner of the Grand Prize The winner will receive the trophy and 3 million won The CEO of KBS Jeong Yeonju and the actress Chae Shira will announce the winner Chae Shira, do you watch KBS entertainment shows? Which shows do you enjoy? I liked "Old and New" I really enjoy it

Sir, I'm informing you that I'm on "Heroine 6," Which shows do you enjoy most? You can't make a threat / I'm just explaining All the shows are ours I enjoy all KBS shows As I've been here all night, I want to give you all prizes

I'm proud of all the shows All of you worked so hard in this year We now have only one prize left Let's see who are nominees I'm one of the nominees so it's quite awkward to keep holding mike

I wish I could receive the prize Sorry 2005 KBS Entertainment Grand Prize, Yu Jaeseok! Congratulations! What do I need to say? He has been a messenger at "Happy Together Friends" and became a national star First of all, I do really appreciate it I

in 1991, made a debut at this very place It was KBS' first College Comedy Contest I started my career with my colleagues

14 years have passed, and I really, really want to thank you for giving me this huge honor It's first time for me to receive this big prize so please forgive me for rambling I really want to thank my parents who are now watching this at home There are "Happy Together" staff who are working hard behind the scenes (((Names of the staff)))

and the writers I want to thank the staff and

This I have to say Our Kang Hodongand Kim Yongman and Shin Dongyup who persuaded me to keep going when I almost gave up this careerand Lee Hyukjae who advised me last year

And Kim Jedong who has been working close with me at "Happy Together" And Tak Jaehoon and Kim Ahjoong who now works with me at "Happy Together" My friends, Lee Hwijae, Song Eun-yi, Kim Hanseok, PD Lee Donghee I want to thank all of you The viewers who love "Happy Together," and made my dream as comedian come true, I thank you, sincerely

I've been enjoying so many things way beyond what I actually have I will continue work hard to meet your expectations Thank you so much! You don't have to take them with you And now we are wrapping up 2005 Entertainment Awards We want to thank our viewers who have been with us for 2 hours

Please continue showing your affection for KBS shows next year, too What can I say more? We've worked hard in 2005 We will work harder in 2006 You can count on it Happy New Year!

Source: Youtube

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