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This Season on Teen Mom OG ?SUPERTEASE | MTV


– [Narrator] This season on Teen Mom OG – Hey, oh

(laughter) – Bye – Bye-bye – [Cheyenne] Bye, Ryder – We'll see you when you get home Ryder's gonna be a big sister – Just sit back and enjoy the show

– Oh my God – How did Ryan look? – In my opinion, he was 100% not sober – I'm tired of you getting on my ass, cause I've got an order of protection against me with them – Honestly, when I hear those audios, I was ashamed – What's upset you the most right now? – I never wanted a broken family

– I just want a boy – The average cost of a gender selection procedure is about $18,000 I ain't paying 20 grand for a kid – How bad is this? – It's pretty bad – After losing her, I will never be the same, something bad is gonna happen

– I do all this work, and I just need you to show up on time – This is going to be a catastrophe – I think you're just afraid of failing – Out of the car, out of the car (ambulance siren) – [Narrator] All new episodes, Tuesday 8/7 Central only on MTV

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