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They start from online dating and end up with a blessed love story❤Sweet Love Story


Long leg oppa, don't you want me? I kill you this little thief where are you going? I got it wrong, snatch my bag He is gone now I warn you If you can't chase my bag, you'll know what the consequences are Who knows you are very loud but very weak over there You can not pursue me You are this little bastard This little thief Give me the bag I twisting I said give me the bag Take it I don't owe you anything now Hey! I just want to tie my shoes I do not have time for you You villain Do not let me hold you How can there be a stingy person in this world? I am going My long legs oppa Where is my hand phone My phone Hello Can I borrow my mobile phone to call for a while? Certainly Thank you so much Will this bastard take my phone away? thank you thank you There is no problem A girl give you free You cannot search anywhere else Where is my cell phone? why you are ignoring me You should not love me It is normal for you to be eliminated like you If you want me but I do not want you Quickly say where do you live? Ocean Hotel Recently, a drunken man died and left unattended My God what have you done to me? Enough Abandoned by your girlfriend like you I am too lazy to see you Who said this She just has something to delay I,

call her now Who does not have a friend? I will call him I called another He had nothing You Call Hey? Pig head ni Long leg opa I have to be in my dream This why not I leave now I don't think you seem to welcome me Why are you not welcome? You were crazy when you ignored me yesterday This is not because you took my phone It makes me feel cold and hungry are you crazy I have to go through what I went through Can you believe it now? whatever I want to leave now Child Child St Curse You

stop talking If you want me to forgive you, you can You are Can I have something to eat? I can not Can I have something to eat? I can not Can you give me something? I can not Can you give me some food? thank you thank you I did this I did this Well, follow me now Do not do sneezing do not Cry Obedient child Nothing more It can't stop me from kissing you How dare you laugh blame you My mouth is swollen Today you have to shop with my pregnancy You are very heavy I can't bear it Curse Stop there Zi Ning After returning, you should do it every day Call me before going to bed at night Call me while shower And also You should send me a message every day I must say that I miss you Oh what do you think? Why are you ignoring me? this car My home key There are bank cards left I will leave you to save them I did not plan to return this time I will hold you in the future

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