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There are Clocks Everywhere!


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi I'm James, and watch Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] I'm an actor, writer, and producer I'm a comedian I do sketch comedy and improv comedy What I like to do is, sort of just become different people and step into whatever shoes I can My early memories of Marvel would have to be Saturday morning cartoons– X-Men, Spider-Man

I feel like those cartoons raised me Whenever I get upset, I just want to scream, Mary Jane! The Hulk is really big for me I'm a very unassuming man It would just be great if, whenever I got angry, I could just turn into a giant creature Hulk was really big for me, Spider-Man, especially thinking of him as, like, he's a kid, you know

He's in the big city He's just trying to make it And everyone's like, we hate you, Spider-Man I identify with that Right now, I'm reading the Who is Black Panther book, the Reginald Hudlin book, and also Killmonger

Marvel does a great job of representation In the comics, and also on the big screen, they have this way of being, like, these are our characters They look like this They talk like this They come from this place

And it doesn't have to be a thing When I first got asked what kind of Super Hero to make, the person that I landed on, his name is Trip Constant He can time travel on a whim, just his body is able to do that He can shape shift He's also super fast

Physically, he's like a slim kind of person I want him to feel, like, wiry He is black, and that is inspired by myself But he has that ability to just sort of change He can look like however

But at the end of the day, his base is black, you know Like when he goes home, he's black at home And I think he has like a big, just like a big Afro He can shape shift on command, but also, like, from outside inspirations Like, if he's watching TV, he might, like, just shift suddenly, and he's the character on the TV

I picture he has, like, a Spandex-y, movable, breathable suit that is black and purple, and it's lined with gold, gold accents He definitely has goggles When you're moving at quick speeds, or when you're traveling through time, you've got to protect your eyes Eye protection is very important– definitely has a headband And his fro probably, you know, it's popping out over the headband

He has some wrist tech, you know, he does all of his computing on that Also, I feel like he's covered in clocks, just there are clocks everywhere So the thing about Trip Constant and his time travel abilities is, he is trying to fight for truth and to save people But also, he's going to do what he wants to do, you know He's going to see the opening of Star Wars in 1977 in person

He also has the ability to bring things across to different timelines, like a brand new brick that's supposed to go on the pyramid He just has that He's chilling with Billie Holiday He doesn't abide by a set schedule And if he misses something, he can just– [BUZZES] just rewind it and let it happen again

Trip Constant is very aware that there are issues with changing the past and different timelines Trip doesn't have to worry about that That's somebody else's problem It might catch up to him, you know, over time But right now, Trip is just doing, he's going wherever the timeline directs him

He's going with the flow [CHUCKLES] That's so cool Look at the clocks! They're all at different times, see, because time is, is relative His fro is dope It's tight

Is that a rock? His ability to isolate the shape shifting is next level The goggles look dope The wrist tech is there, and it looks like it's active A man made sure of the clocks– got the future clock, the past clock, the 60s clock– you know, just, just for when he's in the 60s, just to sort of remind him, you know, where he's been and, uh, where he's going to [MUSIC PLAYING] Thanks, Marvel, for making me a hero


Source: Youtube

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