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‘The Virus Must Be Slowed Down’: Macron Puts France Back Into Lockdown | NBC News NOW


  1. A+ Propaganda!
    This fear peddling is working great. Everything is moving along as planned. The demoralized masses are almost ready for the final phase.
    Humiliation + Fear = Obedience

  2. Unpopular opinion: He has a point since everyone wants to act selfish and go out partying already. Lockdown sucks I agree but if we just kept practicing social distancing a little longer maybe we won’t have to see this get worse.


  4. Funny… Seems like people are getting sick frim the vax.

    Almost like pathogenic priming and partial immunity cause mutation.

    Who knew? I mean apart from every vax rollout ever.

  5. Germany is still on complete lockdown as well until the end of April and has been locked down since last year. I know this because of family there. This is plain nuts and the people over their are going nuts!!! They have people rioting over there but they won't show that to us here.

  6. Funny just yesterday I was remarking to someone that with nice weather coming government are probably gonna start locking down soon to keep people used to being miserable. Didn't take long!
    Daredevil could have seen this coming. If you allow government to take on extra power in the event of a crisis, government will see to it that you forever live in perpetual crises.

  7. What a joke… are we really still letting these fools run us? I am so lost as to why this is the new way… not on my watch

  8. He's a globalists pushing this evil "great reset", it's a bunch of BS!! LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!!! ** 99.8% SURVIVAL FOLKS **

  9. Come on people this virus has reached its end and they just won't admit it because they had such good luck in stealing Us blind with it as an excuse!!!

  10. As if the libs care, it's all abt milking the situation for their benefit
    Time to join real news outlets like the Ben Shapiro show

  11. Oh it's s France, I'm sure macaroon is following all his own rules too. Remember France it's because those in power care and know what's good for you.

  12. The great people of France have been protesting…Millions of citizens worldwide are protesting. But, the corrupt Deep State Media will never broadcast it…pure evil.

  13. Fake, the €hinese Virus isn't a pandemic anymore for a longtime. The Marxist governments across the world want more and more control. That's why they want to keep pushing the lie.

  14. Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it,
    for a disease so deadly you have to be texted To know you have it
    and you still have to wear a mask.

  15. Mind Begs the Question:
    If Govts suspect & distrust People
    People cant distrust Govts?

  16. Okay pay me $2,000 a week for as many weeks as you think we need to deal with this garbage up front and I’ll stay home. If you’re a minute late and/or a dollar short, we get our lives back.

  17. Mind Begs the Question:
    Hitler = Govts can be Sinister & Terrorists
    Power – can Corrupt
    Must be more vigilant of – People,Govt?

  18. If all that really worked we wouldn’t be here over a year later…doing the same thing. This is madness. Destroying our livelihoods and our children’s education for nothing! LOCKING DOWN DOESN’T WORK!

  19. Shhhewwww! That was a close one eh NBC? Now you can breathe a sigh of relief that COVID isn’t going away. Now you have something to report on for at least another six weeks. 😂😂😂

  20. NBC: “Listen to us or you will DIE!” Don’t worry NBC, your buddy COVID is still here, so relax. You still have something to report on. 😂😂😂

  21. Looks like here is a job opening for Fauci in France send him there and done with him.

  22. The next much deadlier virus will wipe out everyone who has gotten away with acting irresponsible during this pandemic.
    And then some.

  23. Let me translate what he's saying we love the control that we have established and we are never going to relinquish it so just relax and take it

  24. Sigh… Its too bad that our verminous, treasonous, compromized president is tearing down our borders and encouraging a chaotic wave of criminals and victims to charge into the USA, while he strives to continue lockdowns within our cities and states.

  25. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤦‍♀️ No human on Earth will stop a virus or slow it down. This is foolish and ridiculous. Feeble people, wake up. Your politicians won't be the ones to suffer. Live your lives, fear nothing but God. We're all going to die at some point either way. It is promised. Strengthen your faith!

  26. I’ve got some WW2 French rifles for sale, never fired and dropped only once….not much has changed.

  27. Imagine being such a coward that you spend your life hiding inside in fear! Your French ancestors are looking down on you in shame

  28. It HAS been slowed.
    We have done all we can.
    You have destroyed our livelihoods.
    We need to live.
    We need to exist.
    Resist all lockdowns now!
    Storm the Bastille!

  29. Steven Crowder the leading voice of conservative comics has been censored by YouTube, Twitter, and big tech. He is just the first huge voice to be censored bc after big tech is done with us they will come for progressives. Do yourself a favor and make a step towards freedom of speech by joining The Mug Club at Louderwithcrowder.com this is an us vs them situation and them are the elites.

  30. A watched that on a big screen and his bottom teeth 😬 kept turning into fangs or some sort of sharp teeth
    No am not on drugs lol 😆

  31. The virus is nothing more than a normal cold/flu. As a matter of fact on an annual basis without insane overly inflated numbers the common cold/flu are far more deadly than covid-19. Stop letting these people control you. We're only the home of the brave and free bc this shyt wouldn't have been accepted when those words were written.

  32. "Oh no! We are scared of a little virus to where we need to do another lockdown, causing more mental health issues as a result of the lockdowns that include a very huge increase of suicides! All because I am paranoid about this virus that has a 99%+ survival rate!"

  33. LoL. Good for him. Sorry but france has back up lights on their tanks. Can I offer you a great deal on some french rifles they've never been fired and only dropped once.

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  35. A small and arrogant French sheet thinking he could find an efficient and passive bypass method against the virus unlike 1.4 billion Chinese deeply united.

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