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The Revolution – Breaking Negative Patterns


The revolution will not be televised The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be televised because the revolution starts in your spirit It permeates your soul and activates your mind which leads to positive action The revolution occurs when you know the truth and best of who you are Your revolution makes it possible for you to make the necessary changes in your life, in your family, and in your community The revolution happens when you know your life purpose and act accordingly

Purpose is revealed when you commit to expressing your highest self and releasing low frequency aspects of your life such as; vanity and a materialistic mindset When we release low vibration patterns of thoughts such as; my life is meaningless, or I should be rich, or I should be famous, or I should be a corporate professional, or I should be formally educated – our souls can breathe The revolution requires us to use our third eye to see patterns of our lives, to understand the patterns, and to break dishonorable patterns such as; negative thoughts, negative interactions, fear, procrastination, overeating, addiction, destructive behaviors and/or unwanted situations that occur and keep repeating Don't allow the magnetic pull of dishonorable patterns to cause you to overlook or decline positive alternatives As human beings, we are tasked with learning how to break free of the negative emotional chains that hold us back from fulfilling our souls' destiny

Breaking negative chains are not easy, but they can be done Here are four steps to help you start Number one, be present Mindfulness is being fully conscious in the moment and it teaches us to focus on the present instead of the past and/or the future When we practice mindfulness we can avoid autopilot behaviors that can make it easy for us to make the same or similar ill-advised decisions but being present makes us aware of the choices and the decisions that we're making from moment to moment

Number two, adhere to your intuition Your soul is a spark of the collective Universal Soul which is energy Our souls' voice, our intuition is always linked to positive energy, so we are actually alarmed when negative energy enters our space Our wise inner knowing sends us signals when we are about to repeat or make a negative pattern, so always make the time to process the energy that you feel from a person, place, or thing Also, notice what brings you joy and pain in your everyday life, with the little awareness and focus, we can replace detrimental patterns with beneficial ones

Remember, whatever you invest your energy in comes alive for better or for worse Allow your intuition to guide you to your new path of peace, presence, and purpose Number three, use your imagination to your advantage Vividly imagine your best life and who you want to be Make decisions that move you closer to that vision

Always remember and keep in mind that your words have power, so in order to manifest positivity, you must speak it Speak what you desire not what you do not want For example say, I want to be wiser rather than, I make stupid decisions Number four, listen to the people you trust and love If your tribe warns you about red flags or point out red flags, don't immediately get defensive and discount what they say

Take into consideration what was mentioned and let it serves you as a reminder to slow down and go within and reflect on the choices that you're making

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