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The Real World’s Proudest Moments | MTV Vault


(upbeat hip hop music) – Don't wait for me, baby – Don't wait for me, just role

– Norman brings out good things, real things, I would say, about people who seems real Norman doesn't care, almost, what someone thinks about him So he brings that out of you He will, for that minute or the time that you're with Norman, you're like a kid almost You feel free because Norman brings that out of you for some reason

♪ Just won't do ♪ ♪ Thursday and Friday our weekend begin ♪ ♪ But a Saturday love will never end till on their own ♪ – [Woman In Striped Shirt] It was these two guys, right? – Yeah, were they cute? – Okay, no, no, no Okay, they were both cute – They had big penises? – Okay, that's part of the joke Let me tell you, all right? There were these two guys They wanted to go get drunk, but they didn't have any money

– Were they Jewish? – Listen, Norman! – Norman didn't really come out and say I'm bisexual How do you feel about that? Gather around, we're gonna discuss my sexuality It wasn't anything like that and it just sort of surfaced and no one's had any reaction to it at all It's just great getting to be around him because Norman express it so normally Okay, tell us a joke

– It's a long joke, it's a story joke I need to volunteers, Becky, Julie – Okey-doke – Okay – There's so many people out there that are worth it and dumb

I'm always thinking like, "Well, I could date that person and oh, I could date this person" I'm always trying to open my mind more and more – Go on, go on, go on! – I'm a Pisces I'm always out there looking for another fish kinda thing – That is the best joke I've ever heard

(laughs) – I'm gonna beat you, Norman, with a piece of leather strap, Norman – I have to make another decision Okay, I decided – And you decided wrong – Oh my goodness gracious

– I think when we sat down and we started playing cards, I knew that we were gonna get along (relaxing guitar music) Oh – What did you get? – I knew it was this – What is it? – It's a crucifix and– – Oh, how beautiful From who? – My sister gave that to me and that is the crucifix that my mom passed away and when she passed away, she was with the crucifix, then my sister kept it

So now, every time me and my sister do something, we pass it on – You pass it to each other Oh, that's so neat – It's real pretty – I had an incredible time talking to him on the train

– Have you been in a relationship? – The longest relationship I've ever had is a year and a half and I don't know, but I don't really think that I've ever been in love And now, did you have to leave the girlfriends to come here this time? – No, I've been dating (upbeat rock music) She's very inquisitive and she knew how to ask every right question – What did you do in Florida before you came here? – I used to go around the schools and speak about HIV and AIDS (intense guitar music) – AIDS education, I thought you said eights

– No, AIDS So I told her I did AIDS education, then changed the conversation and it didn't come up again until we went to the observation deck – So now, how did you get so involved in your work? – I thought for a second of how I can go around, then I said no, forget it I'm HIV-positive – When Pedro told me he was HIV-positive, it was just like, no, not him

I like this guy and I don't want him to have to suffer – When I found out I was HIV-positive, (intense rock music) about eight months later, I started doing AIDS education Every time I tell somebody I'm HIV-positive, it gets hard It's as hard as the first time I did it So, I'm still concerned about meet five people, and I don't know how they are going to feel about me being HIV-positive

(upbeat jazz music) (people talking over each other) – About four days before, Pedro tells Pam and myself that we're going to be speaking Suddenly I became the father of the bride and I wasn't prepared for that Sort of a little nervous, a lot nervous You don't want to screw this up This is very important for both of them

– Can I have everyone's attention please? We'd like to welcome you today for coming into our house and we're very pleased to have you all here to celebrate the relationship that we have with two incredible people We're gonna have a few words and then we'll have the exchange of rings – Those of us who live here and many of us who know Pedro and Sean have had the privilege of watching this relationship blossom, and I remember quite clearly Pedro going on that first date and I asked him, "So, is it a date?" "No, it's not a date "We're just going out" (laughing) So, when he came back that evening, it was indeed a date

So now, here we are these many months later for this wonderful day Pedro and Sean have asked two people very close to them to say a few words and speaking for Pedro will be Alex (clapping) (speaks in a foreign language) (laughing and cheering) – Now that that's out of the way, okay A few months ago, I got a phone call in Miami from Pedro, and he said, "Guess what? "Sean asked me to marry him and I said yes" And I assumed, naturally, that that meant that Sean would be going back with Pedro to Miami (laughing) because it was never even a possibility to me and the people in Miami that he wouldn't actually stay here

– It was really tough I wanted to go up to him and hug him and say I love you and the fact that I'm moving to San Francisco is not gonna change our relationship It's not to change how much I love you – I came out here and with a lot of anticipations and, in a way, hoping not to like Sean (laughing) So, I spent a week with him, videotaping most of it so that people in Miami can really see, and I hope they do see, how happy they are

I may be losing your roommate, but I'm gaining a beautiful apartment in Coral Gabels (laughing) And I wish Pedro and Sean the best So be happy, feed him well which I know you will, and take good care of him That's it (clapping) – And speaking for Sean is Eric

– It gives me a lot of pleasure and I see it as a real honor to speak on behalf of Sean and Pedro and to them In your love, you remind us that life is about now, and love is about being there for another I think it's with real bravery that you open your hearts to each other, and I think it's with real hope that you promise your lives to each other, and we stand with you defiantly and bravely and with real hope To the adorable couple (laughing and clapping) – Okay, you guys come over here

(pedro sighs) – This is not something that I've ever encountered before, but it felt strangely right This is an ordinary occurrence or rather it should be – And I went on my first date with him and came back and thought, "He's really cute, has a wonderful smile" There wasn't really anything there and decided– (laughing) But decided that I would go on another date just me and him, and we talked for about hours, and I sat there and there was nobody else in that room but me and him, and I knew that I was gonna fall in love with him He basically makes life very easy for me, and it's a lot easier for me to face my own fears and face the uncertainties of my own life knowing that he's there

(romantic rock music) So, I love you (camera clicks) – I feel a connection or a closeness to Pedro than I have to anyone else In such a stored period of time, and I don't know what that has to do with, but I know one thing's for sure I don't want it to go away (camera clicks) (clapping and cheering) – [Kid] The girl up on Ellen, what's her name? – [Woman] Ellen DeGeneres – They said that she's gay? – [Woman In Red Cap] Yeah, she is

– And what do you think about that? Does that bother you? Do you watch Ellen? – I used to, but my mother doesn't let me anymore – Really? – Why not? – Because now she thinks that she really is gay So we don't watch her anymore, but we do watch home improvement – Oh, let's talk about this (woman laughs) Let's talk about this

You guys used to watch Ellen, that show, before you found out she was gay Okay, so now you know she's gay, right? And what does that mean? – That she is in love with another woman – Okay, so why is it that you watched her before, and you liked it, you laughed a lot and stuff Now that you know that she likes women, why does that matter and you stopped watching it? – I don't like gay people – [Woman In Red Cap] You don't like gay people? – No, I just have a feeling that I hate them

– [Woman In Red Hat] You hate them, that's a strong word – My mother tells me not to hang around with gay people, I guess – [Woman In Red Cap] Do they do something bad that no one else does? – No – But you know what though? I know people that you know that are gay that you know really well, that you like too What if I told you I was gay? – [Kid In Gray Shirt] She would start crying in tears

– No, I– – [Woman In Red Cap] Would you stop liking me? – No, I would still like you – So, explain to me why it matters If I like girls, and I'm not trying to kiss you and I just want to be your friend and color, why does it matter that I like girls? (gentle guitar music) – Like Vanessa, she's gay, and I know that because she once told me that she was gay because she liked other girls She asked me if I would still be her friend even though she was gay and I said yes – That's awesome – That's very good

– [Woman Red Cap] Because it probably would've really hurt her feelings, huh? That's awesome, that's really nice – [Pilar] You know what? – [Woman In Red Cap] What, Pilar? – [Pilar] It doesn't matter how people are, it doesn't matter if they're gay It matters how do they treat you, like if they're nice to you, mean to you – Because gay people can be nice to you Spanish people can be nice to you

Black people can be nice to you White people can be nice to you we'll hangout tomorrow – Good job – [Woman In Red Cap] Thank you, Mama

(relaxing rock music) – So, what's up with Paul? – Paul? Pretty cute, huh? – I totally have seen him Yeah, he's really cute He's got a good smile, that's a good thing – And every time I walk into my room and I see his pictures, it's hard The minute I met him, we were together for three days straight

I mean it's crazy because we just met each other and we didn't talk about this stuff – [Woman] Like how long ago? – I met him three weeks ago – Oh, for real? – Yeah, like just met him, but I'm serious From the second I met him, it was electric, insane – Oh God, that's the best thing in the whole world

– Yeah, it's like I don't want to go – And even if it doesn't last for a long time, it's like – Even that moment it doesn't matter Because you're just living large for just that period or moment in time and that's what counts – [Danny] This kid has got a heart of gold I mean he is just as whipped as I am

– Hello? – [Paul] Hey – Hey, what's up, kid? – [Paul] How ya doing? – I knew it was gonna be you You know, I just got through talking about you – Did you? – Mmhmm – [Paul] Hey, I might have a surprise for you

– [Danny] Yeah? What's the surprise, tell me – [Paul] I decided to come to New Orleans – You're gonna come down here? – [Paul] Yeah – I want you to come bad, but you can't come You can be gay and in the military, but you can't be out

It cannot be spoken that you are gay Today, I want to see you so bad, but at the same time, I'm not gonna compromise you, your job, your life If it does come out your gay, you're immediately discharged His best friends are in the military, and they don't know, and his family doesn't know Can I just kiss you for an hour, and then you go about your way? He is putting his entire life on the line, and it means so much to me

(mellow rock music) – Is anybody home? – [Danny] Yep, we're right here – Hey – [Paul] How ya doing? – All right – This is Paul That's my dad, Steve

– [Paul] How ya doing, sir? – And you remember mom – [Paul] Did y'all find the grocery store all right? – [Mother] Yeah – Did we bring in the grill so you can wash off? Any billow pads? – Do you have these big bags? – [Danny] No – [Paul] I should kill you for this – [Danny] I did not realize it was gonna overlap like this

– [Paul] I know – Come on, let's go outside – [Paul] Yeah – [Steve] The handle's about fall off of it – We don't have any tools so we had to do the best we could do

My dad knows what's up with me The thing is I'm not sure if he really understood the dynamic between me and Paul though Can I have the keys to the car? We need to get some ice – Paul's relationship with Danny is a homosexual act Having homosexual feelings is not wrong, but when you give in to those temptations, then it is wrong

– So, how you doing? – [Paul] I'm doing great Your mom makes me instantly feel at home – [Danny] Yeah, mom's awesome (upbeat jazz music) – [Woman] This is so good – That's affirmative

Oh, see that's good sweet tea right there – See, we're not used to this It's like having a meal on a plate here, you know? This doesn't happen – This was so good, Ma'am, thank you It's like for me to not be talking, it is good

– See ya, gang – Thanks for the dinner It was great – [Paul] It is very nice meeting you, sir – Good to meet you too

Y'all have a good evening – Goodnight – Thanks again, Mom and Dad! – [Paul] Things go well? – Didn't want to shove anything in their face or anything Ya know what I mean? – I think Danny's mother understood Paul's relationship with Danny, but I'm not sure if Danny's father understood the relationship (upbeat blues music) – Karamo starts asking me about me and Sean's relationship

"I want to know how it is to be different, "being in an interracial relationship "I know how it feels" I say, "Oh, so you date interracially?" He says, "No" Hmm, so what is it? – But I'm gay – Okay

No way – So it's crazy, that ass So it's always like the biggest thing, always – Now way – Serious

– I would have never guessed – Being gay in African-American community is such a taboo We've spent so many years in this country trying to prove that we were equal because of our race alone and to add the fact that you're gay sort of makes you less of a man and sort of takes the culture back two steps We really have to broaden our minds, especially in our community, like seriously We can date outside of our race, we can date our same sexes and still be proud blacks

– I appreciate the gesture that he says, "I feel like we have a lot in common, "that is why I'm telling you in confidence that I'm gay" Then I'm like I've got this huge secret on my shoulder, please don't let anybody in the house ask me do you think Karamo's gay? (happy piano music) – I had a rough childhood I moved out of home when I was 13 years old I was in foster care for a little while My father would beat on me and my brothers and on my sister and my mom

I mean my father would beat me so bad, there was blood gushing out of my head I've put my father in jail on a number of occasions for assault and for domestic violence Those situations I feel have made me a stronger person My philosophy in life is that you can be in dirt, but you don't have to be dirty You choose your own path in life

Everyone's different and it took me a long time to accept who I was I was 16 years old when I came out to my parents – Before you came out to me, I kind of sensed that there was something that you had to say, and I'm sure that you sensed this about me too, but I'm transgendered So, it's been tough for me – [Man] Are you a post-op? – I'm post-op, I'm actually recently post-op

When I went to Thailand, I went to Thailand for my surgery – Oh, wow – It was done this year – You just got it? – Yeah, like two months ago I mean I was very conflicted as a child

No one was there for me to talk to There are days that I don't know I wake up and I'm like, "How the hell am I still here?" At times, I wanted to die, (dramatic piano music) and my family and I were really speaking, and the only thing that really saved me was community outreach I would go and I'd volunteer at the local community center, and I'd do stuff and it was just knowing that I was making an impact with other people ♪ I have to let you know ♪ ♪ For I'm barely seen ♪ ♪ I'm not a shadow ♪ – Katelynn, I have her back

She's been through a lot, and I'm gonna be there for her ♪ I'm not a shadow ♪ ♪ And almost close enough to you ♪ ♪ For me to reach ♪ – This is gonna be an amazing opportunity for self-growth – I kind of felt like I over did it a lot in the beginning of my sexuality – What, are you talking about your– – Yeah, just talking about past sex, and I regret that I went that far that fast with sharing and opening up to people Even to this day, I have very low self-image and a little bit of a low self-esteem

So, it's like sexuality is something that I've been learning as like something that I have to offer It's like what Katelynn can bring to the table – You talking about doing a five-way or whatever, it's like she has so much more potential – Much more to offer than this – I can see Katelynn being an amazing advocate and helping transgendered people come out and just being comfortable with their sexuality and also being comfortable around people that are close-minded and helping them become open-minded

We're different from everyone else in that house I feel like God puts people in your lives who are gonna help you along the way, and every relationship that you encounter, every person that you meet is there for a reason – I would never, in a million years, guessed that anyone in the house I could connect with on the levels I've connected with you and JD – I think it's just that comfort level I feel like I can just talk about anything

– All day about anything, exactly – And people are like, oh, Sara – Sara seems like this very open and compassionate person, and I feel comfortable enough with her to come out to her I hate my op-scar from when I was in Thailand That's why I was in Thailand

– [Sara] Oh, yeah? – Yeah, was what I was having my surgery – [Sara] How was that for ya? – That was a very weird experience – Katelynn tells me that she's transgender and, to me, it's no big deal I don't think that being transgender defines her as a person Was it expensive? – It was insanely expensive

– [Sara] How did you afford it? – There was a point in time in my life when I was goal-oriented It was for that It was for my transgender surgery – That's good, you wanted it You went out and did it, and you did it for you, and I can tell, and that's what I really love is that you saw what made you happy and what you felt like you needed in your life, and you did it

Katelynn, no matter what she was before, she is a woman now So, that's all that matters to me It's such a good feeling when you finally feel like, oh, I'm me, oh thank God – It really is and I really hate it because a lot of people think that what I'm doing is unnatural or wrong in some way, shape, or form – It's biological

All you're doing is fixing what was wrong – Exactly – That's it, no big deal I don't care – I agree, I agree

– [Man] How's it going? – First time in the stor? – I can't wear this small Yes, it's the first time in the store The first time, for me, in any store like this – [Clerk] Oh – Yeah

– Yeah – We'll explore it all (upbeat jazz music) stickers, 75 cents each – Can I just tell you how pissed Zack would be if I got this – [Frank] He'd be really pissed

– I'm getting one for my room Here's a littler one With pride coming up, I specifically am going to buy a rainbow flag because I've always wanted one, never had the opportunity to get one, and I was like, "Screw it, let's go "Let's get one" I'm totally gonna do it because he has his American flag

I can have mine, right? – [Frank] Yep – And you know what? He can't say shit about it – [Frank] No, he can't – [Sam] So, how many of my roommates do I have? – [Frank] Six – [Sam] Do you want one too? – [Frank] Yeah, why not

You gonna put it up as soon as you get home? – Oh, yeah I'm gonna invite him in and have him watch me do it too – [Clerk] Oh God – You're welcome (upbeat dance music) – I think that if I were to enter a relationship, it would be to make people like Zack and Ashley more comfortable because it takes it and abstracts from plain old sexuality and sex and all that stuff and puts it as two people

– Do you want to date a guy? – Yeah, I've tried Of course I do I really want to I just want people– – [Sam] Acceptance – [Frank] For me, I don't care

– [Sam] Well, then why are you worried about Zack? – I'm worried about Zack because it just upsets me that he would go as far as say beat the gay out of you It upsets me that people like that exist – Yeah, that's a lot – It's also just hard to separate him not liking me from my sexuality because the switchover in him liking me happened because I hooked up with a guy You know what I mean? (aggravated drum music) – That's exactly why– – So, I can chalk it up to him being like, oh, he doesn't like my personality, but he (beep) did before

You know what I mean? And we got along just fine – It's the only reason why It's hard for the fact that the least supportive in the house is my roommate Zack, he's a cool guy, but it's like you haven't even shown an ounce of support We're people too, and I kind of would've expected a lot more from you

– I know exactly how you feel I am 100% as frustrated as you are – I'm not but see, I'm gonna show it I don't care – I know, but, Sam, tell me I wouldn't be fighting right now

You know I would, you know how I feel inside, but it is so, so, so important that you and I are the positive ones in this, okay? – [Sam] You're right, which is why we should influence other people – Seriously, so don't fight – [Sam] No, I'm not gonna fight – Don't even say anything – Why, because that's backing down – It's not backing down

– No, stop! We're here to make a stand for who we are – I'm– – no, stop This is who I am! He's the cowboy I'm gay, I want them to be there I want to introduce that to them

Do you know that? (dramatic rock music) This is how important this weekend to me is, and for you and I to go and do this, and for you and I to volunteer, and for you and I to influence Nate, who doesn't know, to come out with us, to have Alex come and volunteer with us, to have Persilla, that's seven people that you and I have done something with already and it's them that have a cement block around their heads That's how I feel – I know – That's why I'm so mad, but that's why we get bashed so hard is because we back down, and I'm not gonna back down I've backed down too many times I'm here for a reason, and I'm gonna show that reason

I'm gay, and I love it I'm proud to be gay, and I will stand for every (beep) right I have

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