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The Office! A Musical Parody @ Emery Entertainment


Bob and I have been covering pop culture parodies for about as long as we’ve been on the air We generally assign the review of the spoof to whichever one of us is more familiar with the objects of satire

That means me for “The Office! A Musical Parody” The North American tour of the show just had a stop at the Grandel Theatre I was only an occasional viewer of the NBC show, “The Office,” but I know it well enough to recognize most of the characters and some of the situations The parody retains the premise of the series that video cameras have been set up in the office of the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company The goal is to record everyday life in the office for a documentary

You don’t have to be a devotee of the TV show to enjoy the musical This is not one of those parodies that caters only to the in-crowd Writers Bob and Tobly McSmith have created a script that stands on its own while touching a number of the major plotlines that ran through the 201 episodes of the series, including the romance between Jim and Pam, the possible closure of the Scranton office, the takeover that brings in Kathy Bates’ character, and the founding of the Michael Scott paper company Within the plot are lots of funny bits and performances Aficionados of the show will undoubtedly recognize more in-jokes than I did and have stronger opinions about the sendups of the characters

Most of the seven actors played more than one part Their portrayals were generally broad, accentuating the characters’ quirks Patrick Constant as Jim and Madeline Glenn as Pam were the least eccentric In their hands, the show’s sweetest love story was genuinely touching At the other end of the eccentricity spectrum was Emma Brock, who cross-dressed to bring the excesses of Michael Scott to life

Also in the topnotch cast were Christian Fary as Dwight, Gabrielle Filloux as Angela, Kelsey Ann Sutton as Phyllis, Devina Sabnis as Kelly, and Tim Powers as Toby The songs by Assaf Gleizner are always enjoyable I especially liked the ones recalling “My Shot” from “Hamilton” and “I Feel Pretty” from “West Side Story” Emery Entertainment of St Louis is a co-producer of this tour

Their usual haunt is the Playhouse @ Westport Plaza, but this production fit right into the Grandel The well-judged amplification mitigated the theater’s sometimes troubling acoustics As I have said in the past, I think every production in the Grandel should take advantage of the excellent sound system

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