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The Next Stage of Entertainment is Amplified. Thanks to Amplified Entertainment.


The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire You can spot that fire in Ken Allen aka DJ Kentot the minute you see him on stage mixing music

For the fans or interacting with his crew at Amplified Entertainment As promoter, DJ, CEO and president of Amplified Entertainment, Ken Allen has found a way to turn his passion for music into a thriving promotions and entertainment business what has allowed him to grow and take his fire to the next stage is his connection to community Ken Allen has grown Amplified Entertainment

into one of the most versatile entertainment companies in large part due to their ability to reach every genre imaginable: EDM, Latin, Hip-Hop Top 40, Country, Pop and Reggae Ken and his team have tackled enormous projects

Including marketing and promotions for American Idol auditions in California, Nevada, Oregon, and New Mexico But Ken couldn't do it alone, his team of professionals make every event and experience Why are they so successful community Through Amplified Entertainments Community First Program they have given back immensely Whether they're stopping in two Renown Children's Hospital for a surprise toy giveaway for the kids or putting on a dance at Hug High school, community first has allowed Ken and his team to flourish

When you spend the day with Ken or engage with any of his crew the fire in their soul is infectious Ken and his team of talented DJ's and marketers coupled with their passion for the stage have elevated Amplified Entertainments growth their ability to connect with community through their old fashioned family approach has taken Amplified Entertainment to The Next Stage Being out here with you today I feel like this is the whole reason for your business you're an amazing DJ and you work with these incredible people but it's community events where you're out here giving back that I think really set you apart absolutely the opportunity to be able to give back is just huge and I owe it to my community for keeping me in business all these years What is the next stage for you now? So the next stage for Amplified Entertainment is continue to amplify this city teach more people and touch more people I'm just so excited for the future of Amplified and just excited that your next stage is really about community engagement caring for one another and just showcasing the incredible talent that's right here in Northern Nevada

Thank you so much and thank you for what you do and shedding light to so many individuals like myself

Source: Youtube

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