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The Murder of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz | True Life Crime


– I'm Nev from Catfish, the series that investigates social media mysteries Tonight, the new series True Life: Crime investigates the most harrowing true crime mysteries rocking headlines and social feeds

These victims were young, the crimes against them were shocking, and haunting questions remain True Life: Crime is here to expose the truth In tonight's case, 15 year old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz left home to meet with a friend, but ended up being chased into a Bronx bodega where he was hacked to death with machetes The crime, caught on camera, was one of the most brutal in New York City history and dominated front page news Why was this innocent teen targeted? MTV News reporter Dometi Pongo heads to New York to find justice for Junior

(hip hop music) – [News Reporter] Wednesday around midnight outside a bodega 15 year old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz had been violently stabbed to death by a group of men – [Man] We see Junior run in, in a panic He's trying to hide from these guys – [Man] And eventually he's dragged outside to the sidewalk – [Man] A innocent 15 year old baby boy

– [Man] Where he's stabbed on multiple occasions – He was hit with a machete – He was dragged out and slaughtered in front of the store like an animal, and nobody helped – [Man] Begging for his life – [News Reporter] The outrage continues to grow after police say this innocent young man was killed by gang members

– [Dometi] On the night of June 20, 2018, a group of local gang members had gone looking for enemies Combing the streets by car searching for rivals to attack And that's when they came across 15 year old Junior Guzman This cases in a whodunit, but why they did it Mysteries and questions swirled about why Junior was marked for death

– All his dreams, everything just got cut short And he probably didn't even know why – I'm just missing a solid answer, I don't have anything I don't know why (hip hop music) – [Dometi] This is the mystery of how a teenage boy left his mother's apartment one summer night, and in less than two hours later is attacked and killed

– [News Reporter] 15 year old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as Junior, was dragged out of a Bronx bodega and stabbed in the neck – [Dometi] After the attack, the store owner told Junior to go across the street for help where a nearby hospital was located He never made it Security and cell phone video recorded every gruesome detail of Junior's terrifying death But what the videos don't reveal was the mystery of why this gang of men wanted young Junior dead in the first place

And that's what I came here to solve I'm originally from Chicago, where gang violence can be epidemic, but this case in NYC especially grabbed my attention and attention across the globe Stunning surveillance video was spread, not only across social media, but mainstream media outlets – As soon as it happened, you had #JusticeforJunior, you know, trending on Twitter By the next day, you had celebrities from Yankees players, Cardi B, to pretty much every politician in New York calling for an arrest

– [Dometi] The gut wrenching attack left everyone wanting to know why a kid like Junior met such a brutal end There were three major theories First theory, Junior was a gang member I mean, why else would he be attacked like that? Second theory, this was a case of mistaken identity – They killed a good boy, only 15 years old

He was a baby, he was a kid – [Dometi] Not surprisingly, Junior's mother was insistent that her son was a good boy caught in the wrong place at the wrong time And the third reason This was all a setup, and Junior was lured to his death for some unknown reason There is only one place that would hold the answers we need, the Bronx neighborhood where Junior lived and died

I dug into social media, and one local content creator really caught my attention Her name was Sasha Merci She grew up in the Bronx – To kill a 15 year old boy, are you (beep) kidding me, man? Why the (beep) would you guys do that (beep)? Why, why? – [Dometi] Not only were her stories filled with insider info, but she was intent on knowing the truth On social, she channeled the outrage of an entire community

– The hood mentality is (beep) trash loyalty to who, to what? Wake the (beep) up, wake the (beep) up, yo Wake the (beep) up – In telling the story, it was important I connected with somebody who knew the neighborhood frontwards and backwards I thought it'd be dope to connect with Sasha Merci

– After I watched the video, I was really hurt by it Just watching someone get killed so gruesomely affected me – So often when somebody dies in a black or brown community, It's so easy for them to say, don't worry about it You know, that's something that's separate and apart from what's going on in Middle America With a story like Junior, humanizes it

Like, everybody has a 15 year old boy that loves to play video games, that reminds you of this kid, and then you see this happen – Yeah, it questions humanity, like where's our humanity, where was your humanity, where was everyone's humanity? – [Dometi] One of the reasons I want to reach out to you is because a lot of this information is coming out on social media How do you differentiate what's real from what's fake? – I don't know, I'm trying to figure that out too It's just there's so many different stories And hear that it was gang affiliation, right? And then you hear the other rumor

And then the news is just putting out all this information – It's a lot to unpack here – Definitely, one of the things that's very important to me is just speaking to the family I want to know who was Junior, I want to speak to the community, who was Junior to them, and just get to know as much as I can – Yeah

– And like, try to get to the bottom of this – And then, we'll link back up and see what we got – Yeah, let's do this – Sasha's on her way to meet with Junior's family Its important to get past all the sensation of the headlines and rumors and get to know who Junior was from the people who knew him best

– [Sasha] Who was Junior? (speaking foreign language) (music box chiming) – Junior! He was so fun, I never met anybody like him Ever since he was little, he said he wanted to be a cop He always want to be a detective And he's like, I want to chase people That was like the main reason he wanted the car

He wanted to do high speed chase, he wanted to do all that dangerous stuff That day, I got home like around 11:45 And my friend called me, and he tells me that Junior got stabbed I didn't even think twice I just ran outside And I didn't see him, and he's like no we're already here at the hospital

And I thought that it was just like a, like a little small injury like he was going to be fine And his blood was on the sidewalk all the way up to the hospital I stood up by my mom I was just screaming I screamed until I couldn't anymore

– As the horror of Junior's Death struck home, the mystery of why immediately came with it We see what happens But the biggest question is why it happened And why were they so bloodthirsty to begin with? Why were they so dead set on getting Junior in particular (speaking foreign language) (hip hop music) – Talking to Junior's family was difficult because I didn't want to ask any intrusive questions that might bring them pain

Junior's mom and sister told me that he loved to go hang out with a friend, which is probably one of the last friends to see him alive There's a lot of people posting, calling him the $5 friend Somebody will, this dude set Junior up – [Dometi] The Five dollar friend must know something What was Junior doing the night he died? Was he lured somewhere? Any chance this was all a setup?

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