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The Moms Have Important Conversations | Teen Mom OG


♪ Lining up to choose a side ♪ ♪ All in all it's a waste of time ♪ – Bentley's going to middle school – I know it

– Bigger problems Rough roads ahead – What about Bentley breaking up with his girlfriend? – Oh yeah they broke up – Yeah – Oh

It's a tragedy isn't it? – He seemed like really upset though when it happened, like you're in fifth grade, dude I feel like he's gonna be one of those guys that boo-hoo cries a little bit – About his girlfriend? – [Ryan] Yeah – Is that serious? You're in fifth grade – I feel like he's gonna be like one of those guys where the chicks break up with him on purpose just for like a funny show

– Aw Watch this – That's mean Ow Well, I'm excited for him to be able to live the single life again

(laughs) ♪ Never thought I'd ever lose my groove ♪ ♪ Even when my hopes began to sink ♪ – Oh, got it Does that count? – No, you hit it twice So your mom said your girlfriend broke up with you – [Bentley] I did – [Taylor] Oh you broke up with your girlfriend? – Yeah

– How come? – 'Cause, she was saying stuff – But then you just told her this aint really gonna work out? – Yeah – Did you kiss her? – No – [Taylor] Never have? – No – Okay

That's good It'll get you in trouble So you get another girlfriend? – [Bentley] No – Just stay single for a little bit, worry about wrestling and baseball? – Yeah Nothing wrong with that

Oh my God Seven-five You know you're getting a little older, and every year you get older your girlfriends will be a little more serious And you'll be a little more serious too But, you know, I know your mom's kinda mentioned to you before but you need to respect them, treat them with respect, right? – Yeah

– Which I think you do But, at the same time, you need to make sure you're given that same respect back, you know what I mean? You don't need to have a girlfriend just to have a girlfriend if she's gonna treat you like crap Does that make sense? Hey, and I wanna make sure you know, you know you can come and talk to me and your mom about anything, right? – Yeah – But as you get older and become a young man, there is gonna be stuff you're gonna be like I don't wanna tell my mom that, or I don't wanna ask my mom that, and you can come ask me, you know what I mean? Or, even if it's something you wanna ask your mom but you don't know how to ask her or how to go about it, and you wanna come and say, "Hey, I wanna tell my mom this, "or ask my mom this, what's the best way to do it?" I'll help you figure it out Does that make sense? – Mm-hmm

– [Taylor] Okay next point wins – Okay (upbeat music) Dang it! – Get out Game! ♪ Live life like a movie star ♪ – I wanna be able to work through my own past traumas, so I hope I can talk to my psychiatrist about that today Demetri is coming with me to my appointment, but he's going to stay in the waiting room

I feel personally in the way that we are together compared to my exes, it's just completely different I get the respect back from you as well Now I know the loyalty that you have for me and the honesty that you have for me and it just like is a huge relief in my mind – Yeah You know me, I want the best for you

– [Amber] Yeah – You know that – But now it's time for me to like get my (bleep) together So I just wanna make sure that I'm able to fall in love with you without putting all of these past issues on you Like I just don't think it's fair to you

Like I know that I can fall in love with you 100%, like with no questions And I know that we can be super happy, it's just I'm scared – Scared for what? – I'm scared that I'm gonna get hurt – You know me never hurt in your heart – If I knew that then I wouldn't be scared, sweetie

– You know I love you ♪ We were one ♪ ♪ Like falling embers ♪ – [Cheyenne] Cory's coming home today, but we can't meet him at the airport since Ryder can't leave the house to prevent her from getting sick again So he and Taylor are gonna come over after he lands (child mumbles) Okay here you go – There you go

– Now do what you want His producer from The Challenge told him Ryder was sick But I haven't talked to him yet, so I don't know if he's mad or not Did you miss daddy, Ry? – [Ryder] Yeah – Yeah, what was he doing this whole time, do you remember? – [Ryder] On a airplane

– [Cheyenne] That's a long trip, Ry – I did it! – You did it – You did it! I really like that Ry ♪ Higher and higher ♪ – [Producer] Is your heart racing? – Yeah I'm nervous – [Producer] He's gonna freak out when he sees your baby bump

– [Taylor] I know – Let's see, where is ♪ But we are blind ♪ ♪ Away we go ♪ ♪ Higher and higher ♪ – [Cory] I missed you so much

– [Taylor] I missed you too – Let me see your stomach Oh! Oh my God – [Taylor] I know – You're really pregnant

– [Taylor] I know – Let's go see Ryder – [Taylor] Okay – It was crazy getting my phone back and having Sky talk to me about, you know, Ryder was in the hospital and when she told me that I was like what? She was like yeah– – She was in the hospital twice She had a fever and then the fever went away and she was okay so she went home the next day, and then when she came home she was throwing up, so she went back

– To hear that after you just get done with The Challenge, that your daughter's in the hospital, like it didn't feel good – I know, Cheyenne texted me, she's like, "I don't know if we should say something" I was like, "I, probably, I don't know" It was like one of those things we didn't wanna tell you and have you freak out, 'cause she was being taken care of – Yeah

(bright upbeat music) ♪ Steppin' out in this big wide world ♪ ♪ Got my fresh kicks on ♪ ♪ And I'm feeling right ♪ – I'm meeting with Little Spoon today Tyler isn't coming, so it's a big moment for me I'm nervous and I really hope I can express how much I want to be a part of this company Hi! – Welcome, how are you? – I'm good, how are you? – So nice to meet you, what's going on? – [Catelynn] I'm gonna take a picture – [Alexa] Yeah, totally

I mean we literally just moved in today – [Catelynn] It's so cute – You're actually the first person to be in the office – [Catelynn] Oh really? – Yeah, super cool and super fun ♪ Feeling good ♪ ♪ Feeling just the way I should ♪ ♪ Feeling good ♪ – And this is Lisa, one of the cofounders

– Hi, nice to meet you – I'll give you a hug – Yes, I'm a hugger – I'm a hugger too – Angela, one of the collabs

– Hi Angela – [Alexa] You wanna go ahead and sit down? – Okay sure – Sounds good – Well we're super excited to finally meet you in person – Me too

I'm super passionate on what you guys are doing Like it seriously helped me to be able to like just focus more time on enjoying being with Vaeda and feeding her, and like knowing what she's getting Like I'm down to do whatever because I think it's important – One of the things we've been thinking a lot about is like how do we devise sort of like even potentially like a small little council of people who we really trust to help us So that could be something interesting that we should talk more about

– Oh absolutely – Yeah I'd love to have you more involved – You get people who are anonymously submitting questions, just about parenthood, all the time I think it could be really interesting to kind of have potentially like your voice– – Oh completely – Focused in certain

Like what, if you had to pick a category of types of questions that you feel like you're most passionate about answering and talking about, what would that be for like new parenthood? – I think for people, like what they've seen with my story and stuff is becoming a new parent and struggling with the baby blues, the postpartum stuff, the hormones, how you're supposed to feel, why do I feel sad? You know, like I feel like a lot of people connect with me on that because I was so open about it – We've been actually talking about how we wanna, as a campaign, really feature like who our customer is Like we say this all the time but our community is the face of Little Spoon

Like you are Little Spoon And so how do we bring that to life in the creative and collateral that we're creating? – What if we did a video? It'd be an interesting idea of like filming from like a mother's view perspective, going to the store, picking out the produce, going home, steaming it, chopping it up, writing the dates, putting it in the freezer, yada yada yada, while you're picking the kid up, feeding 'em, trying to do all this stuff, and then it's like before Little Spoon, and then after Little Spoon And it's like ding ding – I love that You know, like showing

– Would you be down to do that? – Oh absolutely – Wait, I love this – Nova running around, Vaeda

Yeah – For sure – Well I just appreciate you guys, like literally, like, I don't know, taking a chance on me, and like – Honestly, this is like why we're doing what we're doing though Like anything we can do to connect better and be helping people – And if you think about it, like out of my 35 million followers, majority of them are mothers – You can't not do something with that

– No, I love it – It's honestly amazing that you care this much to do something for these people, because like that is where we're getting information from – [Catelynn] We'll schedule next step stuff then – [Lisa] I'm really excited – I'm so excited

– I hope you enjoyed it – I did, I did

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