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    The Man Who Says He Was Abducted by Aliens | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


    OPRAH WINFREY: Dr Mack's new book is called "Abduction

    " Peter, who has worked as a chef, as a hotel manager, and as a therapist says that he was first visited by aliens when he was eight years old He continues to have encounters as an adult And yes, he believes that beings from other planets have been intimate with him So despite the fact that they have been scared out of their minds, Peter and others we're going to hear from today say that their lessons from the aliens have enriched their lives in ways that they would like to share with us And that is what we're here to hear from you

    You know, it's– you know how crazy it sounds I said to you, as we started the show, this is really either pretty brave of you, or it's one of the great publicity stunts of our time Because to go on television and to admit that you have been abducted, in a world where people don't even– most people, I think, don't accept that as a part of reality or possible reality, puts you in a pretty– pretty good position to be ridiculed Yes [LAUGHS] OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah

    – And– OPRAH WINFREY: So are you scared about that? Are you– – I used to be scared about it But it's really important now to talk about it because I realize there's lots of people out there like myself, who a few years ago had these experiences and didn't know what to do with them Yes, but what I'm– what I wanted to hear from you, or I'm trying to hear from you is whether or not you understand how crazy it sounds to us? – Absolutely – OK I had to deal with my own craziness and to think it was crazy for me to think this before I could talk to other people about it

    So when it first happened to you, is it something that you absolutely were sure of? Or did it feel like a dream? Or did you– what? I wasn't sure I had a conscious memory I knew something happened in the middle of the night that I couldn't explain, that nowhere in my imagination could I have made this up And I just sat with that for a long time You say in– or you were quoted in Dr

    Mack's book, I remember, as saying that you always did believe somehow in guardian angels, that as a child you thought they were just guardian angels, and that have always believed that you had some way of talking to God That's what– as I remember the quote That's not exactly the quote but something like that So do you remember when you were eight years old being abducted or when you were younger feeling this whatever? No I had memories when I was an adult, three or four years ago

    And then in regression is when I went back in time, saw myself as a child having the abductions from the time I was about eight years old OPRAH WINFREY: OK So more and more came out under regression OK Can you tell me what you remembered when you were regressed? I remember a light hitting me in the forehead, aliens in my room, being lifted up into a spaceship

    OPRAH WINFREY: What did they look like? Did they look like they did in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" – No OPRAH WINFREY: No? Similar, but not quite the same, not at all OPRAH WINFREY: OK I remember being– lying on a table, lying naked, having probes put around me, experiments done on me, looking in my eyes, my ears So this happened to you, what, in the middle of the day? Are you– PETER FAUST: They happened at nighttime

    OK So when you're sleeping Or not sleeping What happened was for me, the conscious memories that I had was in the middle of the night, I woke up, very conscious, walked over to my living room, saw something in the room, felt the white light, felt the paralysis, and then I fell asleep Several hours later, I woke up and had these intense emotions associated with the experience that just– I couldn't fathom

    Like, why was I so scared? Why was I Terrified What was– OPRAH WINFREY: You had a bad dream That's what I thought That's what I wanted to believe That's what I wanted to believe for years And I think that's what most people want to believe until– And why do you want to believe that? Because– Because I don't want to think I'm abducted by aliens

    That was the last thing I wanted in my life This sounds like a bad tabloid story It– that's what it sounded like to me for a long time Uh-huh But Dr

    Mack tape recorded several of his therapy sessions with Peter, including one where Peter was under hypnosis And during these sessions, Peter recalled his meetings with the aliens

    We have a tape made by a Canadian film crew that shows the very first time Peter ever heard himself under hyp– hypnosis So you will see Peter's reaction listening to the tape You can hear Peter's voice describing on the tape what the aliens did to him

    And you can see his reaction to hearing his own words Just about 42 seconds, take a look PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): They're locking me up [PANTING] JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): OK PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): I'm in my room in Hawaii

    And they lifted me up [PANTING] Oh I'm terri– JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): Terrified Uh-huh PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): They were– and then the [INAUDIBLE] went outside

    JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): You're terrified Mm-hmm PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): [PANTING] And I'm like this They've got me [PANTING] Oh! Oh! [PROLONGED MOANING] [CRYING] [PANTING] JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): Peter, just remember– PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): I don't want to go

    JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): You're gonna be OK Just let it go Let the feelings come You're gonna come through this fine PETER FAUST (ON RECORDING): OK

    JOHN MACK (ON RECORDING): You're gonna be just fine What was that like to hear it? What's it like to hear it now? It's easier now because I've heard it so many times But it still brings up emotions And that's what made me believe that something happened because I couldn't deny my emotions I heard your own father didn't believe you until he heard the tape

    Now, that is sort of what we call one of those blood-curdling screams, that's– you know? Well, it's not that my father didn't believe me, but it's just to hear the story, it's hard to fathom It's hard to accept But when he saw the tape and heard the emotions associated with it, he knew there was something there And for myself, that's– I knew there was something real there Dr

    Mack, what does this all mean? What is all of this– you know, the book, where you've talked to hundreds of patients and describe in detail what they say they have experienced You, with your credentials, coming from Harvard, what do you think this all means? Well, let me explain first why I concluded this is not psychiatric, why these people are not psychiatrically disturbed – Well– OK – Because I was concerned When I first heard about this, I thought this must be madness

    But when I heard that hundreds of thousands of people all over the country– OPRAH WINFREY: Why not a publicity stunt? Why not just– Because these people, like Peter, I can't tell you how difficult it is to get people to go on television to talk about this People are not interested in being before the public They're very ashamed because they get ridiculed, humiliated about it This is not something anybody does– this is not a club anybody wants to belong to This is not something people do because they want to be filmed or get on publicity

    It's very difficult to get people to come forth and acknowledge they've had these experience OPRAH WINFREY: Yes And I've– I've read interviews of people who have come forward years ago who wished that they hadn't at this point Go ahead So when I heard of it, hundreds of thousands of people all over the country from various polls, we know, maybe even millions of people have had very similar experiences– they don't know each other

    The details that they're describing were not in the media They have nothing to gain by it They feel ashamed about it That's number one What I also heard, that this was occurring in children as young as two or three years old

    That ruled out personality explanations It's associated with UFOs independently observed by witnesses, by media, by neighbors It's also associated with physical findings And I said before, that people, when examined, are not psychiatrically disturbed So the only thing that behaves like that is real experience

    OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah, you say– – Dreams do not behave– –that's trauma– trauma, that it's trauma JOHN MACK: It's traumatic – Yeah Real experiences are the only thing that occurs like that Psychosis isn't like that

    Madness is not like that Dreams are not like that Fantasy is not like that Now, if these are real experiences, what is going on? What's the source of these experiences? Yeah, that's the question What's going on?

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