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The ”Ice-breaking“ Moment


We have a building that does without fossil fuels entirely and generates an abundant energy surplus with modern energy and building technology My name is Bernd Apitz

I’m the owner and CEO of the Leitec Group from Heilbad Heiligenstadt Since we founded the company 27 years ago, it has grown continuously WAGO obviously has had a lot to do with our growth Our new plant has very sophisticated instrumentation and control technology One important topic there is “ice energy storage systems,” and all the energy and building technology here at the company is controlled with WAGO technology I’d say we’ve been familiar with WAGO terminals blocks for many, many years “Use of corresponding controllers” was definitely the issue that gave rise to the initial contacts 10 or 15 years ago that gave rise to the initial contacts 10 or 15 years ago The advantage of WAGO is that it gives me a very large area of application I can automate buildings with KNX and DALI

The ability to establish connections to all the other systems is advantageous 16 00:01:04 –> 00:01:07 So I think we’ve found a real partner in WAGO I think we’re well positioned for the future, and that will also allow us to implement extensive and exciting projects together – and that in itself is fun

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