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The heart-breaking story of Silvia


Disposable donkeys The suffering is unthinkable

Help us save them You'll remember our recent message about one of the most sickening situations we have ever witnessed The images are impossible to forget A few weeks ago, in the poverty-stricken community of Bela Bela, in South Africa, we encountered an act of such terrible cruelty It makes us shudder to think of it

A monster had hacked off a donkey's legs, leaving it in ghastly pain to drag itself on bloody stumps to a lingering death When we investigated, we found an entire community of donkey abuse Bela Bela is so poor that people can barely feed themselves, and donkeys are literally worked to death Donkeys are used for transport Grazing is scarce in the area and people can't afford food

So the donkeys slowly starve Enduring lives of pain and hardship While the team was inspecting, gathering information and feeding donkeys in Bela Bela We found a shivering badly injured donkey Her owner had completely neglected her and refused to let us help her She is in desperate need of medical treatment

And if we don't take her, she's certainly going to die We did what we had to do What you would have wanted us to do We bought the donkey and we saved her life And once the vet arrives and makes sure she's back in health, she will be rehabilitated

She'll never have to suffer again We named her Silvia When Silvia arrived at the sanctuary, Network for Animals financially supports, she was immediately treated for her injuries But something still wasn't right She was compulsively neighing The team noticed her udders were full of milk

Silvia had a baby and she was calling for it We sent out a search party and found the foal with Silvia's former owner And once again, he refused to let us near it, unless we bought it, which of course we did Within just a few weeks, Silvia and her baby are now safe and healthy We estimate that at least a hundred donkeys in Bela Bela are in the same terrible situation as Silvia

With your help we can really improve their lives It's only because of generous donations that this work is possible So, please donate to Network for Animals today

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