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The HABIT Breaking Device | "You Will Never Experience Laziness Again!"


In the not too distant future, we will be wearing all bio sensors, our activities, movements, life practice, Vital signs, our health and well-being monitor, evaluate and record At the forefront of neuroscience GPS transmitters have long known where we are and where we were

Accelerometers in our mobile devices send data to the appropriate administration, which allow conclusions to be drawn about our condition; whether we are tense or relaxed; active or at rest Portable devices keep an eye on our personal parameters, about how many steps we have taken, our heartbeat, breathing, skin resistance, blood pressure But one element that is still missing is devices that measure and record our cognitive behavior and mental well-being THE BRAIN TRAINER The human brain is our most vital organ! It regulates the things we do every day, including our ability to think to learn, to create, to draw conclusions, to solve problems, to plan and to decide Our brain is a breathtaking machine that is constantly re-networked and re-programmed, in accordance with how we use it

Our brain undergoes an extraordinary development on our way through life! It is the most adaptable organ in our body It has the ability to change; in both directions, positive or negative This in turn is based on the nature of our actions, thoughts and experiences The adaptability of our brain, its neuroplasticity means that we have the power to change, to redesign our brain, to optimize it and of to fully benefit from its potential We only take a close look at the brain when there seems to be something wrong with it

We have pushed the recent frontiers in science and technology forward, by developing portable electro-encephalogram systems, record the processes in the cerebral cortex, which in turn enables new perspectives on the complexity of our brain Take a look at my brain! This is my brain in real time! Amazingly, right now, while I'm on the stage, it sends data to the computer in the corner, but this data could just as well be sent to any cell phone or tablet Understanding the plasticity of our brain can be used to improve our mental performance increase in many different areas A lot of people start studying something, practicing something just to find out quickly that they are not very successful because they start to get bored or are easily distracted One of the main characteristics of effective service delivery is to learn yourself focus and minimize distracting distractions or eliminate them entirely

You need to optimize your environment Determine what the lighting conditions are like what about background music Even how often you take coffee breaks is important here What are the best times of the day? Then you have to start optimizing yourself! Well that's a little bit more difficult because you need someone or something who points out what is right or wrong about what you are doing It is now possible for us to objectively monitor your level of focus while you work

You can now classify each lesson or other activity qualitatively when it comes to Performance increase or just overcoming certain habits and Behavioral pattern goes It's just a matter of collecting statistics on various factors Insight can give you objective information about how well you focus in the morning can compared to late evening What are the effects of classical music, heavy metal or complete silence? This can be easily read from statistical records How to learn to relax, avoid stress, Reduce anxiety and frustration? All of these things are now possible!

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