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The Governments needs to support the arts and entertainment sector through the coronavirus crisis.


The final thing I want to say is with respect to the arts and entertainment industries People in these industries live gig to gig, they live shift to shift, they live event to event

With every major event cancellation, the public attention goes straightaway to what does that mean for the people who were going to attend and making sure they get their ticket money back and I completely understand that But what’s happening now is a series of artists, of road crew, of people who run the food stalls – they are watching the next few months where they had a line of income locked in, they’re watching it disappear And this government still has no plan for that sector These are the same people, the same industry that only months ago was providing free benefits for bushfire victims They are about to face an extraordinary challenge

The Government needs to have a plan to deal with the people whose employment relies on festivals, on gigs, on major events, on sporting events These are people who are always the first go to when we’re asking people to work for free to benefit in other good charitable causes Right now they are about to face … and whenever they normally hit a gap, a whole lot of these individuals are people who then turn to the hospitality industry for a job, the exact industry that’s going through significant downturn So, the Government must come up with a plan to deal with this section of the workforce

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