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The Future of Sports Entertainment


This is very much the cutting edge, not just in Australia but globally Optus has a long and successful heritage when it comes to sports and video entertainment already so 5G is just another means by which we can improve on that and provide more compelling, interactive and meaningful experiences for our customers

Australians love their sport, I love my sport So to be able to deliver a more immersive experience, a more interactive experience and bring that content to life I think is really special Unbnd is a small, innovative Aussie startup There’s a lot of opportunity, a lot of innovation, that I think can be done around entertainment and 5G is going to be a key enabler So innovative companies like Unbnd, I think is going to be critical for us to defining the future for our customers

We’re a small company, sort of, finding our way It’s great to be associated with a big company like Optus Optus seem to be the absolute leader in 5G We’ve noticed so far they’re very progressive in the conversations we’re having Having access to the 5G network out at Macquarie Park has been pretty cool, allowing us to say, well we know the features that we want to build, and now we have an environment in which to test it

5G unlocks a wide range of benefits and the experience becomes much more immersive, much more interactive, transporting the customer from their living room to the venue itself 5G is a reality right now and is only going to get better

Source: Youtube

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