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The era of lawlessness in Karachi and Citizens worried | BREAKING NEWS LIVE HEADLINES


Women have been killed, children have been killed, adults have been killed, there is so much blood, no one is going to see or hear this Where is the government Evidence of firing in the area Unidentified gunmen opened fire at Kharadar Khajur Market in Karachi Unidentified persons also opened fire in Allah Rakha Park A woman Fatima and water supplier Mashki Fazal Mulla were killed in the firing Someone ran away during the firing

Someone lay down and saved his life A man was buying chicken when he was hit by four bullets I lay down on the ground in indiscriminate firing Three children were also injured in the firing Residents of the area closed their shops and protested on Tower Road, burning tires and blocking the road Rangers and police visited here and just went to see the action is nothing At the sound of firing, we ran inside and saved our lives Security arrangements after the incident were such that neither the police nor the Rangers patrolled After the firing in Allah Rakha Park area of ​​Kharadar There is fear in the whole area Reporting Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Karachi, Pakistan

Source: Youtube

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