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The entertainment comes alive at the Waco Hippodrome


Lights, camera, action! That's what they say here at the Waco Hippodrome I'm with Molly, we're gonna talk shows, we're gonna talk entertainment, we're gonna talk about the history of this amazing venue

Welcome to the show Thanks, thanks for having me Yeah, welcome to the Hippodrome Yeah, there you go! So, gimme the, where's this date back? 1914, did I hear right? Yes, it opened in February of 1914, actually So we just celebrated a birthday

Nice We're really excited But it's actually been several things since 1914 It was a vaudeville theater, Elvis actually played here, and now it is a concert venue and a movie theater I love it, this place has such an amazing feel when you take a look at it, guys

This is set up in the dinner style, but when you look at the walls and the lights and of course the amazing ceiling here, you kinda feel like you've got a blast back in time when you're here Yeah, definitely, I definitely think there is like a magic when people play here Yeah, let's talk about some of the acts you have coming up Yeah You've got some really star-studded events

Yeah, so next up we, of course, have our Robin Williams tribute on February 20th with David Born, but then starting in March, we are gonna be celebrating The Beatles So, we're having a Beatle tribute on March 6th And then Steve Warner's actually coming on March 27th Nice So we're very excited

I can imagine seeing The Beatles on this stage, or The Beatles tribute, you might feel Yeah like you're back in time Okay, let's talk food We walked through that amazing restaurant to get to here What do we have? So today, we have our lunch special

So it's gonna be our slow-cooked meatloaf, which is totally delicious Comes with two sides, a dessert, and a drink for just $10 I love it, and of course, if you want more information on shows here at the Hippodrome, best website, best social media for that? Yeah, so WacoHippodromeTheatercom or you can find us on all forms of social media at Waco Hippodrome Amazing

I'm a concert guy and first, when I walked in here, I was like, wow Like, this is the place that you wanna go see a show 'cause you've got this great, I mean this stage area And I know some of the big shows, when it's general admission, you can stand right here So, there is not a bad place to see a show here at the Waco Hippodrome So, once again, website? WacoHippodromeTheater

com That's it, got to it (swooshing sound) (upbeat music)

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