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THE END for Captain Marvel?


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And I'm Ryan, AKA AgentM And I'm Tucker Markus And every week we read every single Marvel comic that comes out We pick a bunch of them, we pick a topic, we tell you why you got to check them out Tucker, what are we going for this week? We are talking about THE END, starting with Captain Marvel THE END # 1, which is one of three titled THE END books this week that showcase some potential endings for these characters

Some potential goodbyes And this one obviously chronicles the end of Carol Danvers' story It is written by Kelly Thompson with art by Carmen Carnero A couple of absolute all stars in mighty Marvel comics today I just adore the way that Kelly imbues this story with not just huge, huge enormous cosmic action, but with beautiful little intimate moments

And then the way that Carmen, who is unbelievable, executes those between, you know, the amazing physicality of those cosmic moments, and then just the beautiful little acting moments of those relationships To see it all put together is really something to behold It actually reminds me a little bit of The Death of Captain Marvel, one of the most classic Marvel comics stories in history It is something that really deserves that kind of plaudits It is excellent stuff

One of my favorites of the week Yeah One of the great things about these THE END stories is that they are just full of worldbuilding You know, new characters, new costumes, new ideas There's a ton of that in Captain Marvel: THE END

There's also a ton in Doctor Strange: THE END, which is the second of our THE END books that we're talking about this week And in this one, we get to see Doctor Strange in his final moments as he shuffles off this mortal coil But it's about the journey getting there, and why he's there, and him being the last, like, practitioner of the mystic arts And what that means to him, and then what has happened to Wong, what has happened to the world around him It also ties into another story by the same creators Leah Williams and Filipe Andrade

Won't tell you what it is, but the way it all sort of ties together and becomes one big story is fantastic Our third THE END book this week is Deadpool: THE END # 1 And this is brought to you by Joe Kelly, who's writing obviously a modern Deadpool legend there alongside Mike Hawthorne and Victor Olazaba on art And boy oh boy, do those guys have a lot of work to do in this issue Because Joe Kelly, when he gets the– this comes across his desk, he says, tell an ending of Deadpool

What are you going to do? You're not going to hold back And that is exactly what Joe Kelly presents Here it is a kitchen sink story So many characters, so many storylines, so many artifacts, so many little details that Mike and Victor pull off beautifully It has so many great moments, so many really interesting character interactions that I did not see coming

It is so much fun The way that we see Deadpool team up with a few different characters in here is so great Bobby Drake, I'm looking at you You'll see what that means when you read But the way that this issue ends specifically is so perfect Deadpool

All right, the last book for us to talk about is not another THE END title, but it is the end of a big storyline in Conan the Barbarian # 12 This is the end of The Life and Death of Conan, and it's such a cool story We've seen Conan killed He died, but he's back to fight a giant blood monster and its weird children thing creatures We get introduced to Conan's son in this issue, and it's a really cool storyline

The end of this big 12 issue arc is also the beginning of a lot of stories to come for Conan, for the series, for much more And it was awesome and bloody and brutal Exactly what you look for from a great Conan story But there are so many more comics for us to talk about We're going to tell you all about them on Marvel's Pull List the podcast version

Get it wherever you get your audio And actually, check out This Week in Marvel this week as well If you like these THE END titles, we do a whole deep dive on all THE END books this week on TWIM Check that out wherever you get your audio We'll be back with another episode here next week

I'm Ryan – And I'm Tucker And this is Marvel Your universe The end

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