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The Carbon Footprint of Entertainment


Hey swrm! Welcome back to the hive! What is your favorite form of entertainment that can take you away from the daily grind? Watching sports? A blockbuster movie? A Broadway show? The ballet? Shooting zombies in a multiplayer extravaganza? So you Instagram your glamorous lunch or tweet your dog with the fluffy tail? This week we have been examining the sustainability of these activities, so you can enjoy them without worrying about the effect on your carbon footprint Today we examine how much each activity uses of the sustainable footprint

Grab some popcorn and a soda, get ready for the big screen while you watch the previews, but how much will the movie contribute to my sustainable footprint? There is a huge disparity in the carbon footprint of movies While a local independent film will usually have the lowest footprint, it is rarely viewed by the larger mainstream audience However, the blockbuster filmed in exotic locations, overused green-screen, and considerable marketing, can have 20 times the emissions of a small budget film But it will also have 100 times the audience We estimate even in the worst case scenario, watching a movie is 7% of your daily carbon footprint

With the abundance of streaming networks, television has leapfrogged movies for convenience and access, but how does the carbon footprint compare? Your binge-watching will account for 3% of your daily emissions One of our favorites will be an evening at the theater, ballet, or opera In the last two decades, productions have been conscious about their footprint and reduced emissions by 60% In fact, most productions are now hiring outside advisers to limit their effects on the environment Reusing and recycling sets, more efficient lighting, and removing large transport emissions are the most effective

A Broadway show will equate to 4% of your daily sustainable emissions, while traveling productions increase to 14% How about you rockers? A single concert will generate around 15% of your emissions However, attending a music festival will account for 150% of your CO2 emissions each day of attendance Look for our previous video on "Sustainable Festivals" for tips on keeping it green Sports come in all shapes and sizes from football to cornhole, college to the pros, there's almost no limit to find something available to watch 24 hours a day

Most of the carbon footprint from attending sports comes from your transport, so be mindful of your commute Remember to try and use mass transit or carpool Watching sports will use around 10% of your day emissions with the college variety slightly lower Indoor sports can double this amount due to the climate control of indoor stadiums The highest footprint comes from motorsports not only due to the race themselves but transporting of large equipment between events

If you're content to live your life on social media, the average user will contribute around a pound of CO2 emissions per year, with the most extreme user up to 5 pounds Facebook and Instagram currently run their servers on 75% renewable energy How about you gamers out there? Global fans of eSports will reach half a billion next year in the US eSports will have more viewers than all sports except the NFL! The large tournaments have an audience of 70 million viewers making them one of the more sustainable options in entertainment Watching your favorite eSports event online will use less than 5% of your daily emissions

It is worth the mention that gaming for your own enjoyment will be responsible for over a pound of CO2 emitted per hour, but on average a regular gamer will emit 400 pounds of CO2 per year from these activities and that is 20% of your yearly sustainable carbon footprint So our verdict for the majority of your favorite entertainments: Enjoying it with the million of other fans and rivals makes them suitable to fit into our sustainable lives Did anything surprise you? Did we miss your favorite entertainment? Let us know in the comments and we will research them for you Thanks for joining us! To catch the latest buzz subscribe to our Channel and join the swrm!

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