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The Break Ninjaz: "Beggin'" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – World of Dance Qualifiers 2020


[upbeat music] ♪ – ♪ Put your loving ♪ Hand out ♪ Baby ♪ I'm beggin' ♪ – Whoo! – ♪ Beggin' – What? ♪ [laughter] – ♪ Beggin', I'm beggin' you ♪ – Let's go, Babalu! – Go, Babalu, go Babalu! – Yo! – Babalu! – Great! [cheers and applause] – Let's go – Good job, Babalu! – Yo, okay

Well, first of all, my man Babalu, that last spin on your head and then the whole thing and–unbelievable – Thank you, sir – Who did, like, the front flip with no hands on their head? – Oh, that was me – That was crazy, man That was insane

There were so many great moments – The hand-stand, the slow up, I don't think people watching understand how much strength that takes – Yeah, that was crazy – Quality – But that strength, that athleticism is what makes a great B-boy

You know? Or B-girl – Yeah – B-human both: B-human – [laughs] – I like it

– Here's my note 'Cause I think often what happens is, like, yo, here's this amazing trick, here's this amazing, you know, break move And then it's, like, transition, and then the transition feels like a throwaway, or it just feels a little bit too, like, relaxed – The standard that you guys are dancing at is good, but to really compete, it needs to, like, grow to a whole other level – With that said, for me, it's gonna be a no

– You guys are close, but you're not completely there yet Unfortunately, it's a no for me – And not because you guys aren't fantastic, but because we think that if you had a little bit more time, that you're gonna come back even stronger That's it – You guys are great dancers, so keep working hard so you can come back, and maybe win next year

– Yeah, yeah – Thank you, guys – Good job, Babalu! You killed it – Thank you – You killed it at the end

– Yeah – Bye! – Thanks, guys – Thank you, guys – ♪ I got this lovesick feeling ♪

Source: Youtube

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