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The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 13 | Jane Reaches Breaking Point | Freeform


I know we've been checking in on Sutton a lot lately And things have been kind of crazy and intense

But I just wanna check in on you Make sure you're okay Cause I feel like I pushed you And if you're not ready to move on from things with Ryan It's not that I mean, yeah Ryan was supposed to be my person I was so focused on getting better that I think I just buried the pain of our breakup

And I— I haven't dealt with it But the other night wasn't even about that It was about these things And I just I'm not comfortable with them And I want so badly to be And I'm not And I just

When Kevin tried to touch me there, I just— I freaked out I'm sorry I had no idea

I didn't either But now that I do, I think I need help Well, whatever you need I got you That's the thing — is you can't help

Not with this I think I need people who have been in my situation before Which is why I wrote a piece about it To see if maybe I could find people like me And I called a meeting at The Belle at 9am tomorrow

We'll see if people show up I think they will Or I hope they will Me too Hey

Will you give me a hug, at least? Duh Come on, baby Get over here

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