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'The Bold Type' Cast Answers our Burning Season 4 Questions | MTV News


– Season three, we left off, and people were carrying boxes out of Scarlet – Oh, yes, that's right

– Lights were going off – Lights were going off We were all confused – It was a very rare 'Bold Type' cliff hanger We don't do those a lot

– Yeah, and we also don't pick up where we left off in seasons, and we're doing that in season four – Yes – Direct like, pick up – Direct pick up – (laughing) I am wearing a different jacket, though

– Jacqueline is still very much in our lives – Our lives – She's in the world – She is with us – She is with us, and– – She's right here

– We actually can say, because there's a clip that was released of Patrick saying that he is taking over her position as Editor-In-Chief – Patrick – What a jerk – We're gonna see Jane have to, kind of, pick up the pieces after she's decided to take back her cheating boyfriend And I think that it's actually really powerful, because I think that people who have dealt with infidelity, a lot of people's choices are to make the choice to stay with that person, and I don't think that that's spoken about a lot

I think that the story that's mostly told is one where, you know, we wanna empower women to like, let go of that man, and whatever, and I think that that causes a lot of guilt for people who wanna stay in a relationship after infidelity So, I think that it was really powerful for Jane to choose to stay, and I'm excited for people to see how she kind of goes through trying to trust him again, and figure out how to be happy again in a relationship – She got a big ol' rock – I get engaged (all laughing) Which I'm really excited that I get to talk about that 'cause I thought that it was gonna be a really big secret, but apparently it's not

I would characterize the proposal as being honestly, perfect for both of the characters I think that Richard really knows Sutton, and she's not the kind of girl who would want like, a big to-do, so he keeps it really intimate It's just the two of them He asks permission – [Aisha] Of course

– From the girls, which is also really sweet I think it's really cool 'cause we've seen Sutton and Richard for four seasons basically doing the whole back and forth thing, the secretive thing, and then they kind of come out as like a couple in public, and I just think it feels really good to see them finally– – Doing it – Doing it, which we will also see them doing it – Doing it well – And then also we will see them getting engaged after

– Kadena's still angsty That's all I gotta say about that – Eventually, not season four, but we're hoping eventually Keep pushing for that season five, and maybe – We just keep feeling like, the more we talk about it, the more pressure they'll feel to do it

– 'Cause now we're getting fans – But it's turning out, that I don't think they care 'Cause we've been talking about it for a long time – I feel like one of the first panels we ever did I was like, "It's a mushroom trip where it's a musical," and they were like, "Mmmmmm," and you know, it's years later, and it still hasn't happened – Listen, I think that– – I'm feeling very emotional about the whole thing

– If we enlist 'Bold Type' fans, they will go off on social media, and they will make it– – The social meeds – On the social meeds, they will make it happen I have full faith in you guys I just came up with that – [Meghann] Nice! – So original

– Don't leave me hanging – Come on, bro – Oh! – Nice! – Raven SymonĂ© comes to Scarlet to be styled She's a beauty influencer – [Katie] Makeup artist

– And I, Sutton, takes the opportunity to style her, and it doesn't really go that well So, maybe that's a spoiler, but you just got it – I actually think it was really cool to get to see Kat fail a little bit, because, so often we're told that your career trajectory is like, one direction, but sometimes you fail upwards, and this season, Kat is gonna kind of start to use her position at the magazine to like, you know, make some social change in a different way – We have our first trans character on the show played by beautiful Ianne, which is very exciting, and something that we've all been pushing for for awhile And, yeah, we're gonna kind of explore like, political correctness and the language we use, and how that affects our relationships, and, you know, how interpersonal things can get a bit confusing when people are trying to be PC

– And I love that episode 'cause I think it's such an important conversation starter – Yeah – Because I think so many people feel so much anxiety around that topic, you know, not knowing what is right to say and what's not, and being afraid of making a mistake, and being, you know, and upsetting somebody or hurting someone's feelings What we try to do in that episode is make a space where you can say like, "Hey, I don't know this "Can you help me? "Can you teach me? I wanna learn

" And so, I thought that was actually a great episode – Yeah, it is – Hopefully not I think that in season four we will see all of the hard work that she's been putting in pay off You know, she's been stuck in that position for a long time, but I think what's so great about that, is that it rings true for a lot of people who have been in that position

I've had a lot of people say like, "It's true, like sometimes you have to be in that position for years before anything happens," so, I think when it does pay off for Sutton, it's gonna be really, really like sort of worth all of the previous years of her struggling to get a raise – And then in season five she's the editor of the magazine (Katie laughing) It's a spoiler, sorry

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