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The Avengers Budget EXPLAINED!


RYAN PENAGOS: Wait, how much do the Avengers make? Let's follow the money We are now taking your Marvel questions with the hashtag #MarvelQuestions because we have answers

And this time, we asked you for your Avengers questions Oh, I like that We got this one from @gary_tallbloke on Twitter asking, "Who pays the bills including property damage and how" do the Avengers get paid "and who pays them?" #MarvelQuestions OK, those are three big questions Thankfully, tall fella, we've got answers for you

Yes, we do Yes, all right, so first part of his question, who's paying for property damage? That's a thing that happens in the Marvel universe Well, when it comes to New York City, it's going to fall to the taxpayers I live in New York You do

And so sadly, you would have to be paying for most of the damages So like a shield comes through your window, that's on you That's as if you pay taxes You don't pay taxes You'll never catch me

She said on camera [SIREN] LANGSTON BELTON: Luckily, sometimes Damage Control will step in to alleviate some of the expenses by replacing property and stuff like that And if you go abroad, the federal government gets involved But what if you're a Super Hero and you're what I like to call obscenely wealthy? That's the kind of obscenity I'm here for Exactly, wealth

Like Tony and T'Challa, they can just throw their bank accounts and be like, bill us, we'll nano print you a new skyscraper if you want RYAN PENAGOS: Aw LANGSTON BELTON: I'm sure they can do that, right? – That's so nice, yeah – Sweet boys LANGSTON BELTON: They absolutely are

OK, but that remains, the Avengers have expenses They need tech They need cool gear Who's paying the bills? This actually got answered in a vendor's annual number 11 when the crew and Stan and everybody got real sassy and they were like, hey, we're going to tell you how the Avengers pay those bills Tony Stark set up the Maria Stark Foundation in the name of his mom, Maria Stark

They give a grant to the Avengers, which is a non-profit organization They also take a grant from the United Nations under the caveat that they get no say over their actions or what they do Free money please It's like, listen, give us this money It's like, hey, can we find out what's going to happen with those operations? They're like, get out my office

Also, what's the alternative? If you don't give them money, you don't have the protection of the Avengers Also Tony Stark, you know, he's been kicking in his money for a long time But Tony has gone away So when he stepped away from the Avengers, the Avengers were like, oh no, who pays bills now? So T'Challa and Wakanda have really stepped up and filled Tony's empty spot as he hangs out being AI and not entirely a person All of this covers the operating expenses for the Avengers, but not necessarily the last part of the question we were asked, which is how much do the Avengers get paid? They don't actually really get paid for being an Avenger

Oh, I've got to go Yeah, it's like it's not a career it is sort of a public service, you know, the nonprofit part of it Robbie Reyes right now who is Ghost Rider, he is sort of an exception to the rule Thankfully, T'Challa with all of his obscene amounts of money, he actually covers Robbie's costs of living because he has a brother, he has things he needs to do Normally he's a mechanic

So that's really helpful The rest of them, they kind of have side hustles They have things that they do that helps them get a little bit of money You've got the Wasp is a world famous fashion designer She-Hulk is a lawyer

Vision doesn't eat nor poops nor needs really anywhere to sleep Captain America, though, we think maybe he has a military pension, I would hope so, probably Yeah, he deserves it at least – Yeah, for sure – At least

Do you think his bank account is like still open? – Yeah, oh– – Yeah –a lot of interest on that like $4 he had in there in 1942 But it's an interesting question I think they just don't get paid Sorry, guys

Sorry, no money for the Avengers But, hey, there you go There's your answer You guys, if you have burning Marvel questions, ask them And #MarvelQuestions will answer them

That's right We'll see you next time – I'm Lorraine – I'm Langston – I'm Ryan

And this is Marvel– ALL (IN UNISON): –Your universe [MUSIC PLAYING]

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