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The Ad That's Breaking YouTube (LOL Mobile & Sunil Gaming)


We've all seen ad's on youtube before but has one ever asked you to pay to see it? It was a first for me but after diving a little deeper I've found that it's actually become a trend in a very unusual community So I was browsing youtube a few days ago when I accidentally clicked on an ad Specifically this one And I was surprised to find that it was paywalled Even more surprising was that this was the channels only video Now logistically the idea of paying 5 dollars to get a free 3 dollar rename card seemed a little iffy Which prompted me to dive a little bit deeper And upon visiting the channel the next day Things got confusing in an entirely different way He had deleted his previous video and uploaded a new gameplay video instead [muffled talking from video] Further investigation revealed that he had been systematically uploading and deleting different videos for over a year in a similar fashion Browsing his channel honestly gave me the impression that it was some weird clone of a larger channel, Sunil Gaming (Sunil Gamer) That I had found previously And considering its hidden sub count, weird slightly shrunken branding, and different business emails, you couldn't really blame me But when I inquired Sumail stated that he owned both channels from his main email So I guess we can chalk up the unusually small video catalogue to just a questionable marketing strategy But then weirdly enough a few days later a bunch of content posted months ago came back, so I guess for whatever reason he just unlisted a bunch of his videos I was about to write this off as one weird channel but then I saw another ad and it didn't take long before a third popped up in my regular browsing Two's a coincidence, but three's a pattern After digging a little deeper I can confidently say That for some reason Some Pubg YouTubers are promoting paywalled videos Now I have no Idea how or why this is an effective monetization strategy, but apparently, it is this investigation didn't really end up going anywhere and I know it's really random, but I did find this mildly interesting, and I hope you did too Now as to this strategies effectiveness I can't really say From my very limited experience, I do think it can be a little bit redundant I mean, I was literally getting ad's On his ad's But considering how many large YouTubers are employing it I guess there must be some effectiveness But, what do you guys think? Is this a genius intuitive strategy Or just kind of dumb? I'd love to hear what you guys think in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video, like and subscribe for more content Thanks for stopping by, and I'll catch you guys next time

Source: Youtube

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