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The ABCs of Teen Mom OG ?MTV


– Do you wanna go to school? – Go play with other kids? – Do you want to – Paint again? – You want to paint? – Play with kids and paint and story time – Have book time Yeah

(bouncy music) – Okay – Oh, I see her – Kaitlin and Tyler – Hi! – It's been a year, I can't believe it – I know, It's been awhile

– Lisa – I know I put so much pressure on the fact that when Myra was two I want another one but I have to be smart and wait – You're gonna eat your crayons You're gonna eat your crayons – I still eat the crayons

– Please don't eat the crayons – I'm Dr Drew and over the next hour we're going to get deep inside each Mother's story – I'm sorry – Do you honestly think that sounds sincere to me right now? – I said I've been talking, you've been bitching about

I mean what I'm gonna – Because you don't care Ryan – Okay, okay

I don't – One, two, three (crowd cheering) – It's a girl (bouncy music) – Hi daddy I love you

– Did you hear that?! – New house on three – One, two, three – New house! (laughing) (kissing noises) – Give me kiss baby Thank you – You need to push

A long push – I'm doing everything possible to get better – It's like all my siblings were this perfect cup of glass and I was a cup of glass that was shattered and you were the glue that was holding it all together When that glue melts, I don't know what I'm gonna do – Selfie morning

Say hi Jaffa – Awe – Good job (laughing) – Babe – What's happening? Oh (beep) – I'm eight years queen while I'm always unite

Got my girl (screaming) – Happy anniversary! – I don't even know what I'm looking at here – Here is a leg here

– Look it's so anxious – That's my baby! Like I just knew from the get go I was like, "That's my baby" (baby noises) – They said she had some rare disorder, like some – Yes – I don't understand She looks perfect

Look at you Rider – She is perfect – Cheers! (clinking bottles, laughing) – Love you all Love you guys – Taylor you may kiss your bride

(applause and cheering) (groovy music) – We (laughing) properly celebrated his one year as a dad and did the nasty (child screaming) (yelling) – C'mon Kate

– Think Celine Dion (cheering and laughing) – Always sleeping with one eye open (laughing) – Shut up (snoring)

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