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That Time When All Hell Broke Loose… AGAIN ? MTV Floribama Aftershore


– I said some mean ass (beep) – He says some mean (beep), he comes for the jugular and he definitely did

– Yeah he does – But, I come for the jugular too (gentle hip hop music) We were having a good time at the bar, we had to come home early for whatever reason Codi was kind of being a Debbie Downer, just wanted to go straight to bed, but I wasn't ready to go to bed I'm like, "Codi, just eat some pretzels, it'll sober you up, (Kirk laughs) "we can get in the pool, you'll be just fine

" He's like, "Gus, leave me alone, "I don't want no damn pretzels, I'm trying to go to sleep!" – Gus comes in, starts bothering me, starts aggravating me – I'm playing with you, dog – He said to– (crosstalk) – Well go play with somebody who (beep) – [Gus] I wanna play with you! – No, I don't like playing – Gus is just feeling the need to poke the bear

– Don't nobody bother you when you're on the phone (beep) bitch ass, listen man – Yo, aye, (beep) don't talk (beep) about my goddamn (beep) – Codi snaps, calls Gus' girlfriend a bitch, my jaw drops, and I'm like, "Gus is gonna kill this dude

" – All hell broke loose – I'll (beep) kill you, mother(beep) I will kill you Codi – If he could've got his hands on me, he might would've beat me or killed me – My initial reaction was to put Gus in a straight jacket, hug his ass until he lost all the effort to fight

– Everybody's trying to cool me down at this point You know, Jeremiah's always been one of the level-headed ones – Stop (beep) wasting your (beep) life on that bull(beep) You (beep) spoke your peace, you hear me? – (beep) Was getting weird, seeing Jeremiah, 6'3", 250 pounds of muscle bawling and crying It was definitely something you're not used to seeing, for sure

– I was just glad I was there, because otherwise Gus definitely would've put hands on him, and it would not have been pretty to start our summer – Since I had gotten into the beach house, I felt like everybody had came at me for my relationship So that was just like, my breaking point right there That's the first time we ever had a fight, probably gonna be one of the only times we've ever had a fight, to that extent – You had every right to punch me in the face, and you didn't, and I thank God because, I mean, it would've messed up this face, and these guy-lights

– All right, we squashed it, and we've been fine ever since – Charge it to the game – Charge it to the game, and move on

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