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Thanksgiving Decor and Entertainment


In case we all have different feels during Thanksgiving let's start with more of kind of an informal inexpensive way to have a dinner party so it's very easy to have an informal setting most of us don't have all the bells and whistles when it comes to actually setting up a table so this is an easy way to you know have an informal just a basic cup your fork knife and spoon but then of course you can juge it up just a little bit with you know a salad plate on top and then a different type of napkin okay so there's the informal one but then you can juge it up even more right what we want to do is you can have easily you put your wine glasses here you have you know your water glass you have your wine glass and then of course add in a champagne flute if you like just in case you're gonna have such as a signature drink or something like that easy way to just add a little bit more formality to it for your table and I see kind of you're doing the the napkins a few different ways yeah it's kind of like the whole table is kind of each one has a difference yeah so I just wanted to show easy ways to actually have a napkin placement on your on your table one can go underneath the plate one can wrap around the top of the plate and then of course you can just like this is very easy and just pulling it together and just pushing it underneath the plate just an easy way to do it now for hosting a party or Thanksgiving dinner what are some tips for us to really make this one to remember yeah so I think that the easiest thing that you guys should focus on is not over committing yourself over inviting guests the worst thing that you can actually do is have a setting like this and then you have eight people so don't alienate anyone from the actual dining room table invite the right amount of people make sure your home is clean because a dirty home will prevent people from actually eating food because they think that everything else may not be as clean you would think that is just you should know that but I'm sure there have been some dinner parties where absolutely stuff everywhere everywhere so those are really key things and then clean up last like clean up once everybody's gone don't try to clean up while if you wanted to let your house doing themselves so wait to the end to do that yeah because this is a party for you to enjoy too talk about preparing the food the day before or maybe even having your guests pitch in yes that is that's totally key especially when it comes to food you know Thanksgiving we want so much food and try all these different things that are seasonal so ask your friends ask your guests to actually come on and say hey they can make this or you can just focus on the turkey or the ham and I have to worry about all the side dishes and things like that what about kind of making it like personalizing a little bit you say maybe a custom drink or yeah so cocktail for everybody absolutely so what we normally do is always give someone a specialty drink when they come onto the show or come to your dinner and then it's a one drink that I really love is a apple cider mimosa DC's known for brunch so it's always good to have something that they're familiar with so just apple cider 3/4 of apple cider a rest of it can be champagne you can even do the rim with caramel or a cinnamon sugar that can go on on there so easy signature drink to give people as they come to your house that sounds fabulous yeah I love you know we always debate at home about whether to do a table runner mm-hmm do you prefer that or just kind of each person's preference yeah I prefer a table runner because most times you're so familiar with eating at the table you know and so adding a linen to it adding a runner is the easy way to just elevate that and then as you see we have some great flowers that we pull together just again elevate the table but one thing is this is actually a cake oh yeah so we got this from blue yeah we got this from blue lace cake as the base you know just to try to get it into the whole theme of having a pumpkin and so easy way to add to that element thank you Andrew so much for being here we're gonna put all these tips online and Ellen you can't have a party without the food

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