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[THAI SUB] 170413 XNINE สัมภาษณ์กับ Southern Metropolis (Nandu) Entertainment


English translation by YUER Thai sub by @Numtaany XNINE X Southern Metropolis (Nandu) Ent Quick Question Fast Answer part 1 Wu Jia Cheng Ku Jia Cheng wjc: Hello friends, Nandu ent

I am Wu Jia Cheng gjc: i am Gu Jia Cheng When did your cp couple start? wjc: cp couple? gjc: episode two of the show, wjc: episode two How would you describe your relationship right now? wjc: It's so close that you don't have to say anything anymore WJC: Joking wjc: speaking very little Will not say 'what should I eat today?' But I know that we understand a lot Do you see work more important than dating? wjc: this is definitely certain Because I think the job right now doesn't (let me) talk a lot If you have love You don't have time to find another person And it is irresponsible to the other side So I don't support it Staff: Guo? gjc: Actually, I think it's not the time yet

It's just not the time yet The standard of future girlfriend? wjc: long hair and hope to part in the middle The nose must be beautiful Because I like the nose that is quite straight gjc: actually the hairstyle wjc: must be tall! gjc: yes, must be high wjc: i know he likes tall people gjc: For hairstyles, there is nothing that needs to be fixed wjc: 190 cm, enough? gjc: then must understand me wjc: Understanding him is very important Otherwise I'll definitely quit

part 2 Pen Chu Yeow Xiao xz: Hello friends, Nandu ent I'm XNINE Xiao Zan PCC: Hello, I'm XNINE Peng Chu Ye To Xiao Cha, everyone says that you are the face of the band What do you think? pcy: whatever xz: No, I think

Everyone in the band looks good And everyone has their own unique identity xz: The singularity of each person Everyone has their own preferences (Translated directly: radish or turnip Each person likes) To Xiao Cha, can you sing the solo part of Love Confession? To Peng Chu Ye You and Wu Jia Cheng are the leaders of different groups

What do you mainly do? pcy: not the same? pcy: is it different? i think xz: he is quite xz: The most different thing between him and Xiao Wu is xz: He's like a housekeeper PCC: Gardener xz: Xiao Wu is complaining But Xiao Wu's complaint is different to him Xiao Hu will complain about Don't know what Constantly complaining but having fun xz: But for him

To complain about small things in life For example, garbage hasn't been thrown away yet Who's heaped? Why is the living room so messy anymore? Went out and didn't take the garbage anymore Who uses the pot and doesn't wash? Something like this xz: Like my mother, things like that are just kidding Entry is quite strict My belongings must be organized throughout

Once the kids made the mess they hit him PCC: I just want everyone to be in a comfortable environment And as an idol You have to learn little by little You have to learn many things

So you can take care of yourself Pcy: Actually, I'm more serious than practicing Like when practicing dancing Work is more serious than before What standards do you have for your future girlfriend? PCC: For me xz: Memory is not good like goldfish pcy: because i don't have good memory And I like the person who Love family like small animals Because I already like small animals Good heart Having a good heart for me is very important Well, kind people like it very much xz: My things have never changed Since the match Had said that he was gentle and affectionate at home Right now, it's still gentle and sticking to the house is enough Is there anything you want to say to your fans? xz: If you say thank you already Have to talk about concerts today This concert is called In Our Own Name and is a concert of XNINE Therefore, thanks to our dimples (XNINE's fanclub name is jiuwo = dimples) pcy: thank you everyone PCC: I believe that they are a group of people that are warm, very cute

xz: Not what you believe But they are PCC: Yes, they are a warm and cute group They give us a lot of love We will give a lot of love to them as well xz: You're really romantic PCC: This is me pcy: thank you everyone xz: Bye bye

Source: Youtube

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