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Testing New York State’s Excelsior Pass | NBC News NOW


  1. ILL. Citizen’s Need Food, Gov, Pushing Drug’s
    Amazon E-Book (CITIZEN’S LOOK) by DANIEL GLOSKY PLEASE READ + Defend the Children

  2. Quran, Surah Nisa, Verse 48:

    Indeed, Allah does not forgive associating others with Him ˹in worship˺, but forgives anything else of whoever He wills. And whoever associates others with Allah has indeed committed a grave sin.

  3. I'm boycotting every place that doesn't require proof of vaccinations. I don't want to be around the infectious.

  4. Nope its a pass port plain and simple it u people are smart don't go to the there just watch on tv.

  5. funny how the MLB requires this pass, which is more difficult to get then a free voter ID. Thanks.

  6. Health pass, health passport…. Not a big difference. They just want a reason to check your papers. Any reason to make people to show they are legal citizens.

  7. Watch 'The Pushback' Documentary. It goes into vaccine passports and the Great Reset. YT will not let me post the link for it, but it's on my playlist page right now. If it gets removed from YT again, you can see it on o r a c l e f i l m s.

  8. Let get this straight, I get the vaccine, I get the pass, I still have to wear a mask and social distance?? Anyone see the problem here?

  9. Apparently voter ID is impossible for black folks to obtain…so does this mean NYC is bringing back segregation?

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