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Teen Wolf 9-Years Later | MTV Reunion


{an8}- Hey guys! I'm Josh Horowitz welcoming {an8}you to a very special reunion {an8}Nine years ago, 'Teen Wolf' premiered {an8}on MTV and a fandom was born

{an8}This reunion is for you guys {an8}So let's get right to it and bring {an8}this pack back together {an8}(cheering) {an8}Jeff Davis, creator of 'Teen Wolf,' {an8}say hey! – Hey, how's it going? {an8}- [Josh] We have Max Carver in the house {an8}Hey, Max! – Yeah! {an8}- [Josh] Charlie Carver, say hey! {an8}Arden Cho is with us, of course {an8}Goes by Coach, but he also goes by Orny Adams

{an8}Hey, Orny – Yeah! {an8}- [Josh] Ian Bohen aka Peter Hale is with us {an8}- Hello hello {an8}- [Josh] Khylin Rhambo, say hi {an8}Dylan Sprayberry

– Hey {an8}- [Josh] Cody Christian is with us, of course {an8}Shelley Hennig Hello {an8}- Hello

– Hey hey {an8}- Melissa Ponzio – Yeah! {an8}- [Josh] Sheriff Stilinski is here {an8}Linden Ashby – Yeah! {an8}- [Josh] We couldn't do this without Holland Roden

{an8}Hi, Holland! – Hi {an8}- [Josh] We have Stiles Stilinski here {an8}Dylan O'Brien – Epic {an8}(cheering) {an8}- And you can't do 'Teen Wolf' without this guy, {an8}Scott McCall, Tyler Posey

(cheering) {an8}- [Tyler] This is so cool {an8}- Well, that's all the time we have {an8}I'm sorry, guys (laughing) {an8}- Good, it was good seeing you, guys {an8}- Peace

{an8}- Okay – This is awesome {an8}Before we get into the actual conversation, {an8}I do want to tell the audience that this reunion is {an8}also about giving back and supporting folks {an2}in need during this time of crisis {an2}So if you're able, {an2}we want you guys to please click the link to donate {an2}to FirstRespondersFirst, which will provide {an2}essential supplies, resources and equipment needed {an2}for protecting frontline health care workers {an2}and their patients {an2}Good cause

{an2}There you go {an8}So, Tyler, I feel like you're kind of responsible for this {an8}We all noticed your tweet from a couple months back {an8}I'm gonna quote it here {an8}"Hey, MTV, I think it's time to bring 'Teen Wolf' back {an8}"for new episodes

{an8}"First 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,' now {an8}"'Teen Wolf' High School Reunion {an8}"I'm ready, and 28, so it's an appropriate age" {an8}So, this isn't exactly that, but {an8}this is the next best thing {an8}What was going through your head when you tweeted that? {an8}Were you missing the gang, or what? {an8}- Yeah, I was {an8}I was binging 'Jersey Shore' and then I started 'Teen Wolf

' {an8}And I don't know if it's because I haven't seen {an8}it in years but I was looking at it from such {an8}a different perspective, I cried at every single {an8}thing that you were supposed to cry at, maybe more {an8}And I really was really proud of every single one of us {an8}We really (beep) did a cool, really, really, really, {an8}really good job {an8}That's where that came from {an8}It's been years and I was in it, we were there, {an8}I knew how cool it was and how hard it was {an8}and how fun and how dedicated we all were, but (beep) man, {an8}I tip my hat to every single person here, {an8}and who also isn't here

{an8}I'm really proud of us {an8}- What's it like to just see all these faces? {an8}This must be so surreal for all of you guys {an8}- I'm loving it {an8}It's really really, really cool {an8}- I think we probably connect more than people think {an8}that we do

{an8}And that, just says a lot about the relationships {an8}that we formed but, you know, {an8}Posey and I Zoom almost every week with the thing {an8}that we've got going on {an8}I talk to Holland all the time, Shelley {an8}We're still kind of like this for the most part, {an8}in my opinion {an8}- Who else has watched the show in the last couple years? {an8}- [Dylan] I've been revisiting a lot of the episodes {an8}It's such a trip, first of all, too

{an8}I mean, it's always amazing to revisit {an8}just 'cause the memories and for me too, it's just such {an8}a special thing, it was my first thing that I ever did {an8}ever as an actor {an8}So, especially watching those first couple seasons too, {an8}I was saying to T-Pose recently on the phone, {an8}I was literally just like, "It's crazy, dude {an8}"I'm watching you and me learn how to act on the fly" {an8}And that's literally what it was {an8}You know, I always think about the show being, {an8}it was like our school, {an8}and I remember being 19 then {an8}and starting to act but I'd never had acted before

{an8}I just graduated and was giving it a shot, and it was {an8}not lost on me that this was an amazing opportunity {an8}to try to get really good at what I wanted to be {an8}really good at {an8}Tyler shared that, and we were the same age, {an8}and Tyler's energy too, just leading the show from day {an8}one was just, I cannot say how instrumental that is {an8}to the entire series, and how much we all love each other {an8}How much heart the show had throughout {an8}That heartbeat was pumped by T-Pose from day one {an8}So we have to always bow down to Tyler for that

{an8}Remember the first press thing that ever came {an8}out about our show was something like "'Teen Wolf' Rounds {an8}Out Cast with Teen Nobodies," or something like– {an8}(laughing) Nothing ever positive was, {an8}I don't think there was a single eyebrow not raised {an8}when our show was coming out {an8}- [Josh] Jeff, was this a tough show to cast? {an8}Because as Dylan said, there was varying {an8}degrees of experience {an8}How do you cast a show like this so well? {an8}- [Jeff] Chemistry {an8}The first person we really needed to cast was {an8}Tyler and make sure that we have a young guy {an8}who could play an innocent-looking teenager, and also {an8}a werewolf that could look like he could rip {an8}your throat out with his teeth {an8}We knew it was gonna be really good, and I think {an8}the cast knew it too

{an8}And then the day of the the network test, {an8}when we saw Tyler and Dylan together and knew {an8}that they had such good comic timing, and such {an8}good rapport, and the romance {an8}between Posey and Crystal, I thought, {an8}"OK, we've got a chance" {an8}- For the quote unquote, "adults" {an8}that were on the show at the beginning, {an8}was it weird to be working with a bunch of young people? {an8}Were you worried about the prospect of working {an8}with kids that were teenagers, {an8}that were sort of still finding their way? {an8}- In the cast read through, {an8}you go in and it was just like, I went, {an8}"Wow, this is something" {an8}And then I think I asked you guys if you wanted to {an8}go get a beer {an8}(laughing) {an8}And they're like, "We can't get a beer" {an8}- At 18

{an8}- We were 18 {an8}- [Dylan] Me and Tyler still talk about that to this day {an8}We loved that he asked us that and we looked {an8}at each other and we're like, "We're 18!" {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Josh] Jeff, you can speak the truth now {an8}Who gave you the most headaches over the years? {an8}Who was just a nightmare? {an8}- Honestly, Tyler Posey's hair {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Just figured out how to style it

{an8}Look {an8}Just figured it out {an8}I got inspiration from Shelley {an8}- The first season, we couldn't understand it {an8}He looked different pre-shot

{an8}And we started calling it a living creature {an8}We're gonna give it its own cast chair {an8}(laughing) {an8}By like season three we learned, {an8}the hair people learned how to finally do it {an8}- My hair's so dry it needs leave-in conditioner {an8}Like a (beep) load of leave-in conditioner

{an8}- I remember Russel saying, "He looks good wet" {an8}- Yeah, so dry otherwise {an8}- By now obviously, {an8}you guys have worked on all sorts of different projects {an8}How is the 'Teen Wolf' set, in particular, different {an8}than other kinds of shows? {an8}The way they're run or the vibe? {an8}- [Holland] It trained us really well {an8}It was so cold, and we had to get so many stunts {an8}and dialogue at the same time that I feel like, {an8}I don't know, other people have done a lot of action {an8}on this Zoom

{an8}So yeah, but I don't know, {an8}I feel like really well trained coming off 'Teen Wolf' {an8}- Cody, what about for you? {an8}Was it different? {an8}- It was an adventure, man {an8}This set has been, by far, one of my most favorable {an8}to be on {an8}It was work, but it never felt like work {an8}and I think that's the best type of work, man {an8}And that's as simply as I can put it

{an8}Everybody was on point, showed up, {an8}did their thing, but everyone enjoyed the process so much {an8}No one ever wanted to leave {an8}And that's one of my fondest memories, {an8}finishing a day's worth of work and then staying {an8}on set for three to four hours just to hang {an8}out with everybody, just to have conversation, {an8}just to be in that sort of environment, man {an8}There's a certain energy, there's a certain tone on set, {an8}you know what I mean? {an8}It was a very loving place {an8}So, very, very fond memories of it

{an8}- Orny, when you were hired, was it always {an8}under the thought that you were gonna get some room {an8}to play around with the dialogue, {an8}that you were gonna be able to improvise? {an8}- I didn't really ask {an8}I just sort of did my thing {an8}I think there was a lot less improvising than some {an8}people probably think {an8}The scripts were really tightly written {an8}And the actors are prepared for those lines

{an8}So I would try and get away with stuff {an8}I would run lines maybe to Jeff or other writers {an8}the night before, and maybe they got in {an8}But for the most part, {an8}that show was really tightly written {an8}And it's a tribute to the writers {an8}- [Josh] I'm curious, was there a turning point {an8}for the original cast here of when you realized {an8}it was resonating with an audience? {an8}Because I think back to, {an8}I saw a bunch you guys had a bunch of Comic-Cons

{an8}That was always a huge event {an8}What were the moments that really felt like, "Oh, {an8}"it feels good on the set but it's working {an8}"with the audience?" {an8}- I honestly don't know, dude, {an8}it's such a blur {an8}It was such like a whirlwind of just working {an8}constantly busy and flying off to somewhere {an8}to do promotion {an8}It was all so much fun {an8}It's hard to encapsulate that moment in one moment, {an8}but I think it was Comic-Con when we first walked out, {an8}I think it was our second year going, {an8}and we walked out and saw there was this massive, {an8}I don't know how many kids were there

{an8}- Yeah, yeah {an8}I mean the first time we went to Comic-Con, it was {an8}right before the show even came out, right? {an8}We'd just done the pilot, Jeff, is that right? {an8}- Yeah {an8}We had to get snuck in {an8}- [Dylan] Yeah, we happened to get a slot in a big hall {an8}It wasn't H, was it? {an8}Because it was empty

{an8}It was just (beep) empty {an8}No matter what it was {an8}It was an empty hall {an8}No one knew what our show was gonna be {an8}And again, I don't think people had high expectations {an8}for it or anything, and then flash forward one year later, {an8}and all of a sudden we're just like, {an8}getting grabbed at and stuff

{an8}It was kind of overwhelming {an8}But it was cool to see that we had such a strong kind {an8}of cults following {an8}How this little show that could, kind of just hit {an8}in a way that, {an8}I think we all sort of in our own little bubble {an8}when we were doing it, knew it could and had faith {an8}in it, and had faith in each other, but to see {an8}it actually land was just (beep) nuts {an8}- I would also imagine when you start to see fan art, {an8}tattoos How many "be your own anchor" tattoos have {an8}you seen over the years, right? {an8}- [Tyler] The tattoos are sick

{an8}- It's amazing {an8}The tattoo part is really, it's amazing {an8}I mean, I'm sure other people have been asked, {an8}"Can you write something down 'cause I wanna make {an8}"it into a tattoo?" {an8}I mean, our fans are hardcore {an8}- Did you guys know that that scene, {an8}that that line would resonate at the time? {an8}"Be your own anchor?" {an8}Are you surprised that the shelf life that's had {an8}and how it means so much to so many people? {an8}- [Orny] I have a confession {an8}I don't think I read a script after season two

{an8}(laughing) {an8}It's the truth {an8}Jeff, I'm gonna say something else because I thought {an8}of this earlier {an8}I'm pretty sure I couldn't name all the characters {an8}on the screen {an8}If I looked, obviously I know {an8}that's Dylan, Stiles, {an8}(laughing) {an8}you know, but like, some of these people, {an8}I don't even remember working with them {an8}(laughing) {an8}And I was never gonna tell this story, but and then {an8}I'll leave it alone

{an8}But there were times, not only did I not read the scripts, {an8}but I thought I was allowed not to read {an8}the scripts because Coach had no idea what was going on {an8}outside of his universe {an8}So I thought this kept it pure {an8}But, there was a line that I never understood in the script {an8}And I asked another director, a friend of mine, I said, {an8}"I don't know what this line means" {an8}And the director said, "Just show up on the set, {an8}"say it the way you wanna say it, and if it's wrong, {an8}"they'll correct you

" {an8}And I did it, {an8}and it's one of the most quoted lines on the show {an8}and the line is, "The bigger they are, the bigger they are" {an8}And here's the thing– – [Jeff] I love that {an8}- Jeff and I got together recently and Jeff said to me, {an8}"The minute I knew you understood your character was {an8}"when you nailed that line {an8}"The bigger they are, the bigger they are" {an8}And I didn't have the heart to tell you, {an8}Jeff, and I'm telling you right now, {an8}I have no idea what that line means

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- I think that's the beauty of it {an8}I think that's why it works {an8}- Yeah {an8}- Most of my direction for Orny was, {an8}"Just have him yell it" {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Josh] Louder

{an8}- Orny, also I love the 180 from you like, literally {an8}just went on about how great the scripts were {an8}and how tight it was and then you just said {an8}that you didn't read any {an8}- Well, because I read the first season and I trusted {an8}the script and the writers, and I knew, I knew {an8}I mean, when people say, {an8}"Your character's so funny on 'Teen Wolf,'" {an8}I really credit the writers because I think {an8}it's the way they put me in that show {an8}The fact that people say there should be more {an8}Coach, they're probably wrong {an8}The fact that there was less is why it probably works

{an8}- OK, for the folks that did join a little bit later, {an8}were any of you guys watching the show prior to joining? {an8}- [Khylin] Yes {an8}I, man, it was so crazy {an8}I remember one of my best friends, {an8}we would skate, and literally he was teaching me {an8}how to do a skating trick {an8}I was just getting it {an8}And he was like, "Yo, what time is it?" {an8}I think it was like eight or something

{an8}He sprinted {an8}He literally just sprinted {an8}"I gotta go watch 'Teen Wolf'" {an8}And I was like, "Oh my God" {an8}So, I ended up going to watch it with him, {an8}and then years later, I'm on the show

{an8}I'm extremely nervous, but like everyone said, dude, {an8}everyone's so cool, everyone's amazing {an8}So, that nervousness just, and it was just fun {an8}It was like a school, it was a vacation, it was therapy {an8}So it was all-encompassing for the artists {an8}and for the audience, and glad to be a part of it for sure {an8}- I (beep) love you, dude

(laughing) {an8}- [Charlie] There is something actually, {an8}kind of what you just said, {an8}the fact that you're in all of these high school sets, {an8}I feel like, I remember joining the show {an8}with Max and suddenly you have that mindset as both {an8}the actor and as the character, it's like, {an8}"Oh, I'm going back to school" {an8}- I was a kid again {an8}I was a kid {an8}I was allowed to be {an8}Everyone had this youthful, {an8}just energy that was encouraged, that I actually was just, {an8}it was a relief, and I think it was also, you know, {an8}we were on the high school set, but everyone was {an8}just so comfortable with themselves and just, yeah, {an8}it was very freeing to be a part of it

{an8}- You're talking about me, right? {an8}With the youthful thing? {an8}- [Khylin] 100% {an8}Especially with the 'stash – Oh that 'stash {an8}- [Shelley] I don't think I knew what I was {an8}getting myself into {an8}I feel like I kind of stole from what you guys started

{an8}I just joined season three and here was all {an8}this amazingness and I was like, "Oh my God" {an8}I had no idea {an8}All I knew is that I'd heard the actors were {an8}amazing on the show {an8}So I was excited about that, {an8}because at the time, that's all I cared about {an8}Just cool people, a nice place to be

{an8}And then I got there and I was like, {an8}"Holy (beep), this is a proper, {an8}incredible (beep) show with amazing people" {an8}I didn't know about the fandom {an8}I didn't know that that was a thing {an8}I didn't have an Instagram when I joined 'Teen Wolf' {an8}Everything's just completely changed

{an8}I think it changed a lot of our lives {an8}- [Max] It reminded me a lot of high school as well {an8}Kind of like, when I was a freshman and I'd go {an8}into the changing room, and you're like, {an8}"Oh, I'm in high school now" {an8}And then everyone would just be huge, {an8}and you're like, "Oh, oh" {an8}(laughing) I remember the main part, {an8}I remember getting a job and I'm like, "All right, {an8}"it's gonna chill

{an8}"It's 'Teen Wolf,' whatever" {an8}And Jeff, you created {an8}the most hyper-erotic masculine show {an8}I think you invented male shirtlessness on television {an8}- [Josh] You guys all miss the shirtless scenes? {an8}I'm surprised no one's shirtless today {an8}- I don't think I did a shirtless scene

{an8}- I was actually shirtless a lot {an8}- [Jeff] Tyler will do it {an8}- [Shelley] I came in that way and left that way as well {an8}- Who do you think was shirtless the most? {an8}Who logged the most hours? {an8}- Ryan {an8}I think Kelley

– I think too– {an8}- Ryan {an8}- Ryan – Yeah {an8}- Arden, for you, I mean, {an8}had you ever done that degree of stunt work prior {an8}to coming to a project like this? {an8}Was there a big learning curve for you? {an8}- No, I had not done that much stunt work {an8}I was really thrown into it

{an8}I remember the best part of leaving set would be like, {an8}if I have to get gas, and I'd be covered in blood, {an8}and dirt, and I'd forget because we'd been on set {an8}for hours, and I'm pumping the gas, and I just see {an8}people staring at me looking at me like I just left {an8}a murder crime scene {an8}I'm just like {an8}- It's 'Teen Wolf' {an8}Sprayberry, who was the first person you bonded with on set? {an8}- I swear to God, if you don't say me, {an8}I'm gonna come over to your house and I'm gonna put {an8}my foot in your in ass! {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Dylan] Come on over! {an8}Oh God Anyways

{an8}Wow, I got all hot and sweaty {an8}When I auditioned for Liam, I went to the networks, {an8}and I met Dylan and Tyler on the same day {an8}They came in to read with me and it was {an8}really, really fun {an8}But yeah, I met them and we were talking {an8}about skateboarding, and talking about poop, {an8}and talking about punk music, and I was 15 or 16 {an8}I literally came from school and I was so nervous

{an8}I was the type of kid that was getting nervous {an8}at every single audition, {an8}shaking and just freaking out, and they made me feel {an8}so like I was with my friends at school {an8}I just feel like that was even just a really big part {an8}of why I did well {an8}'Cause I bomb auditions so much from just being nervous {an8}And it was one of the very few auditions that I ever {an8}did, where I didn't feel nervous at all {an8}And it was because of them

{an8}- [Dylan] It's always funny to hear from the {an8}actor's perspective {an8}of how the audition goes, right? {an8}Because I mean, it's obviously always {an8}completely different and completely doubting yourself {an8}Because, Jeff, confirm if I'm wrong, but I mean, {an8}I don't think there was a single second {an8}that after Dyl left the room that any of us were {an8}not looking around going, "Yeah, I mean, {an8}that's completely the kid" {an8}You left the room and it was over {an8}You walked into the room and it was over {an8}- I remember when your mom stopped showing up

{an8}- [Dylan] Yeah {an8}I had to really fight for that {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Who took the most stuff from the set? {an8}Who's got swag in their house? {an8}- Wait, Dylan, you have the best one {an8}- Yeah, Dylan do you have the Jeep? {an8}- I have the Jeep, yes, I do {an8}It's among other things I have, {an8}including what I'm wearing right now, {an8}which is the first shirt that you ever see {an8}Stiles in on 'Teen Wolf

' {an8}So I thought that was really, {an8}this one was a special one to me, I wanted to keep it {an8}Also I love the shirt, it's awesome {an8}Stiles had a lot of cool shirts, {an8}especially in the first couple seasons {an8}I grabbed a bunch of them but yeah, {an8}it was important for me to take a lot of things {an8}from the show {an8}I mean, everyone who knows me closely, {an8}knows that my heart lies and dies with 'Teen Wolf

' {an8}So yeah, I mean, {an8}there was no way I was not taking that Jeep {an8}Luckily there was not exactly a premium on it {an8}They were like, "Take it" {an8}I want there to be a day where I'm just sitting {an8}in a light in the jeep {an8}That would be a fan interaction that I would just cherish

{an8}I mean if someone points it out, and sees it, and notices it, {an8}I mean, it'd be so cool to me {an8}- [Tyler] Shelley, what you got over there? {an8}- Huh? {an8}- Oh, my God, amazing {an8}- [Shelley] What're you talking about? {an8}(laughing) – [Tyler] Is there a full moon? {an8}- [Josh] Something in your mouth, I think {an8}- [Shelley] I'm gonna mute myself {an8}I don't know what you guys are talking about

{an8}(laughing) {an8}They look insane! {an8}I've not worn them since, I'm spitting everywhere {an8}Did I spit on you guys? {an8}- [Tyler] Yeah, all the time {an8}- [Shelley] Oh, all right {an8}(laughing) {an8}[Shelley] That's what I took {an8}That's it

{an8}I wanted the American flag shorts but I don't know {an8}where they went {an8}- I took them {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Shelley] You got my hair, you're wearing {an8}my (beep) shorts {an8}Come on, Tyler, what's going on? {an8}- I'm working my way there {an8}I'm trying, trying hard

{an8}- I have a couple swords I think {an8}Arden, did you steal any swords? {an8}- No, I want one! {an8}I wanted the belts or like the glow-up nunchucks {an8}I didn't get anything! {an8}- I bet I can find you the belt {an8}- I think I'm the only person that has a map {an8}of Beacon Hills {an8}I had the art department print it out

{an8}- [Linden] Nice {an8}- Beautiful {an8}- [Dylan] So cool {an8}I've got my uniform, and I've got the the little {an8}name thing from my desk {an8}- [Dylan] Yes! {an8}- I wanted the couch from my office because I slept {an8}on that thing a lot

{an8}- [Tyler] Oh, yeah, we all did {an8}- [Linden] Yeah, that was a good couch {an8}- [Tyler] That was lunch nap couch {an8}- Yeah, there was a lot of napping on that couch {an8}- Shelley, do people still send you a bunch of GIFs, {an8}like the one liners, et cetera? {an8}Do you still see a lot of that on social media? {an8}- Of course

{an8}I mean, there's so many good moments {an8}that Jeff created for all of us {an8}I really enjoyed the "Stilia," {an8}like the unique scenes that Dylan I got to do, {an8}the frickin' highlighter stuff {an8}There's so many photos of me online with highlighters, {an8}which if you're not a 'Teen Wolf' viewer, {an8}you've no idea what that's about {an8}You're missing out {an8}People always want me to say "Deer

" {an8}That one line when I think Stilinski asked me {an8}what we wanted for dinner or something and I said, "Deer" {an8}And obviously Stiles got concerned, blah blah blah {an8}- Who wants to nominate a favorite episode? {an8}What episode would you guys nominate as the best {an8}episode of 'Teen Wolf?' {an8}- Dude, there's some heavy stuff with when Dylan's going, {an8}when he's turning void {an8}Like before, it gets really evil and dark, {an8}it's really, really emotional {an8}Like Jeff, dude, I don't know {an8}if it's because I'm in a different place now, {an8}but that whole sequence, especially {an8}when he confuses Melissa for his mom, it's beautiful

{an8}It's sad but not, it's just beautiful {an8}And that I think is a contender for one {an8}of my favorite episodes {an8}- I've always said, {an8}I think the episode's titled "Hotel California," {an8}where it ends in– – "Motel California" {an8}- The motel {an8}And, you know, he's got the gas on him and just everything {an8}that happens intricately throughout those sequence {an8}of episodes leading up to it, to that moment

{an8}When I saw that on TV after having been there and read it {an8}and all that, and then when I saw it, I was like, {an8}"Oh, we're onto something here" {an8}So, I think that's my favorite episode {an8}- That was the first one that we had a "Parental Advisory" {an8}It was like, "Viewer discretion advised" And I thought that was– {an8}- Yeah yeah yeah

{an8}- I love that script {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Josh] Did you read that one? {an8}- [Orny] That's my favorite {an8}"Motel California" {an8}- I think for me, it's the first episode {an8}- [Jeff] Yeah

{an8}- [Orny] I agree, I agree {an8}- [Linden] Because I watched that and I went, "This is (beep) great" {an8}(laughing) {an8}It's like, when anything works in this business, it's like, {an8}"How did that happen?" {an8}- [Jeff] More than luck, yeah {an8}The hardest ones to write, but also the most fun too, {an8}were the finales {an8}Trying to bring everything together

{an8}I loved the first season finale {an8}I didn't even have it in the script as Tyler hits Ian, {an8}his face sort of changes {an8}That was Russell's idea {an8}And when we did it, I was like, "Oh, this is perfect" {an8}The finales for 3A and 3B, those were {an8}so much fun to do

{an8}They were so hard to do, as well {an8}We would often have three units shooting at the same time {an8}and everyone like, scrambling to get it done {an8}as quickly as possible {an8}But yeah, there's a special place in my heart {an8}for the pilot, too {an8}So, it was those first moments of seeing just how good {an8}they all were together {an8}Like Dylan saying, "No, a body of water

{an8}"Yes, dumb ass, a dead body" {an8}And Tyler and Crystal together {an8}So many moments, my God I'm getting nostalgic {an8}- [Josh] What about the ending? {an8}For those of you that that were in the final scene {an8}in the parking lot in the rain, {an8}tough to let go? {an8}What do you remember about shooting that? {an8}Was that the final thing shot? {an8}- The final scene was at the stages at night {an8}in the parking lot, and it was– Who was in that? {an8}Because I got to watch

{an8}- [Holland] Posey and I? – [Tyler] Holland and I? {an8}- [Melissa] Posey – [Shelley] Yeah, Tyler and Holland {an8}- Yeah Me, Shelley, and Holland were all stone {an8}or something, right? {an8}I remember saying goodbye to everybody, {an8}like crying with the stone makeup on my face {an8}I'm like picking off all these like, rocks and (beep)

{an8}- [Linden] I got a confession {an8}I never watched the final episode {an8}- [Tyler] Oh, that's awesome {an8}- [Linden] I just was like, "Nah" {an8}I didn't want to

{an8}Yeah {an8}So, it's still going on for me (laughing) {an8}- Some of you guys have talked about watching the show {an8}in the last couple of years {an8}Let's see how well you remember your own show {an8}I'm gonna ask each of you a trivia question

{an8}- Josh, I have a technical question {an8}Are we taking a break now and then {an8}announcing season seven? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Orny, we were saving that till the very end {an8}- [Orny] Yeah, okay {an8}- Let's start with you Orny, actually {an8}- [Orny] Oh, don't {an8}because I know nothing

{an8}I'm not even kidding {an8}Start with somebody else {an8}- [Josh] No, no, you got this {an8}You got this {an8}- [Tyler] No, you can't just pull out

– [Melissa] Yeah, Orny {an8}- [Holland] Do one or two {an8}- [Melissa] Come on Orny, you can do it {an8}- [Josh] These are pretty easy {an8}Who does Coach hate most on the lacrosse team? {an8}- Greenberg

{an8}- It is Greenberg {an8}- Greenberg, correct {an8}To the Dylans and Tyler, what were your lacrosse numbers? {an8}- 9 {an8}- 11? {an8}- 24? {an8}- [Josh] Correct {an8}- [Dylan] Yes! – [Josh] Tyler, still on you

{an8}What was the password on Scott's computer? {an8}- Allison {an8}- [Josh] Well done – Easy {an8}- And the username {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Tyler] Right, that was the joke

{an8}- You still want him in your pack? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Jeff] Yes, very good, Ian {an8}- [Josh] Charlie and Max, can you name all the members {an8}of the twins' original alpha pack? {an8}- [Dylan] Oh wow {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Max, why don't you go for it? {an8}- Oh, man {an8}- [Jeff] I'll start you off {an8}- [Charlie] Deucalion

{an8}- [Max] Deucalion {an8}- [Charlie] Kali {an8}- [Max] No {an8}- [Jeff] Kali, yeah – [Charlie] Yeah

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Max] Ah, (beep) {an8}- [Melissa] Greenberg {an8}- [Max] Greenberg {an8}Who was the guy? Uh, no {an8}- There's one you're not gonna guess

{an8}- [Charlie] (buzzer sound) Fail Give us a hint, Jeff {an8}- It was Kali {an8}- Deucalion, Ennis {an8}- When was this? {an8}- [Josh] There we go

{an8}We got there {an8}Melissa, what season does your character {an8}first see Scott as a werewolf? {an8}- That would be season two {an8}- [Josh] Correct {an8}Shelly, how long was Malia missing from her family {an8}when we were introduced to her? {an8}- [Jeff] I don't know that one either {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Three years? {an8}- [Dylan] I think I know

I think I know {an8}- [Shelley] Eight years? {an8}- [Josh] Jeff? {an8}- I think it was eight, yeah {an8}- [Linden] It was eight because I talked about {an8}that this girl's been missing for eight years {an8}- [Shelley] I thought she was eight she went missing? {an8}I don't know {an8}- [Linden] But then you're sixteen– {an8}- [Dylan] I think that adds up

{an8}- [Linden] I think – [Shelley] That adds up {an8}- [Josh] Arden, how did Kira discover her true powers? {an8}- Uh {an8}Why can't I– (laughing) {an8}I don't remember {an8}I think it has something to do with Scott

{an8}- [Jeff] Come on, Arden! {an8}- Was it when she got mad? {an8}Wait {an8}Shoot, I don't remember {an8}Wait Oh my gosh, I honestly don't remember {an8}I feel like it was so long ago

I'm trying to think {an8}- Was it with the naked ladies? {an8}The ones that went in the– {an8}- Oh, no, no, no, no {an8}Oh, it's when Kira gets kidnapped and then {an8}she accidentally electrocutes that one bad guy {an8}- [Jeff] Yes, yeah {an8}- [Josh] You got there

{an8}You made it – Oh, okay {an8}Yeah, yeah, yeah {an8}- [Arden] Yay {an8}- [Jeff] She starts glowing

{an8}- [Arden] Right, she starts glowing {an8}and that's when Scott's like, "Whoa, {an8}she's definitely not average or normal" {an8}- "Whoa, she's hot!" {an8}(laughing) {an8}That's what I thought {an8}I was like, "Whoa, she's so hot, she's glowing" {an8}- [Josh] Holland, you're in the hot seat next {an8}Holland, what color is Lydia's homecoming dress {an8}in season one? {an8}- It is champagne with a black ribbon

{an8}- [Arden] Ooh {an8}- [Josh] Very specific {an8}- [Holland] Yes {an8}- [Josh] Wow Well done

{an8}- I thought it was silver {an8}- I thought it was blue-y silver color {an8}- Allison was silver {an8}- [Josh] Jeff, what would you say? {an8}What color was it exactly? {an8}- I would never argue with Holland Roden {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Ian, who brings Peter Hale back to life? {an8}- Lydia

{an8}- [Josh] You got it {an8}Linden, I know you won't know the name {an8}of the last episode, {an8}what was the name of the first episode? {an8}- "Teen Wolf?" {an8}I don't know, I never looked at the names of 'em {an8}- [Holland] "Alpha?" {an8}- [Linden] What was it called, Jeff? {an8}- [Melissa] "Alpha Pack?" {an8}- [Tyler] "New Moon?" {an8}- [Jeff] Does anyone remember? {an8}- [Tyler] "New Moon?" {an8}- [Jeff] It was a moon {an8}- [Tyler] What moon? {an8}- [Melissa] "Full Moon?" {an8}- [Jeff] "Wolf Moon" – [Dylan] "First Moon?" {an8}- [Max] "Wolf Moon

" {an8}- [Dylan] Never would have gotten that {an8}- [Linden] Oh man, I blew it {an8}Sorry {an8}- [Jeff] I spent a lot of time writing the titles {an8}I titled every episode

{an8}- Khylin, do you know the title of the last episode? {an8}- Yeah, I'm definitely with Linden {an8}I never even read the titles {an8}It's definitely– {an8}- [Shelley] "Finale?" {an8}- [Khylin] "Adolescent Wolf" {an8}Because they evolved from teenagers into adolescence {an8}- [Tyler] Mute him

{an8}- [Jeff] Not it {an8}- "New Horizon," something like that? {an8}- "Letharia Vulpina" {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Dylan] I just always remember that one, I don't know why {an8}- [Tyler] What did you say? {an8}- Oh, no, I was just saying random word {an8}I'm gonna mute my mic

{an8}- [Tyler] Are you asking Google? {an8}- Wait, what? I can't remember {an8}- Alexa, what the (beep) is our show called? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Jeff] Hey Josh, what was it? {an8}- It was– {an8}- "Wolves of War" {an8}- There you go {an8}- [Tyler] "Wolves of War?" {an8}- [Jeff] Wolves of War {an8}- [Max] I love how you're congratulating someone for googling it

{an8}- Cody, you get the last question {an8}How many episodes of 'Teen Wolf' were there? {an8}- 100, all together? {an8}- [Josh] Correct, well done – [Jeff] 100 {an8}- [Josh] Well done {an8}- We even had a cake

{an8}One day at the end {an8}- They had cake versions of ourselves on the cake {an8}- [Shelley] We ate ourselves {an8}- [Ian] Yeah, we have photos on Instagram {an8}- How many shows go 100 episodes? {an8}I mean that's a real milestone

{an8}Like, to be part of a show that went 100 episodes, {an8}it's something I'm proud of {an8}- Jeff, what does the future hold for 'Teen Wolf?' {an8}Have you thought– {an8}- [Jeff] You guys have no idea how many messages I get, {an8}"Where's season seven of 'Teen Wolf?'" {an8}I'm like, "oh my God" {an8}I couldn't imagine writing another episode {an8}- Have you thought seriously about any new iteration {an8}of 'Teen Wolf?' {an8}- Well, I know that there are entities {an8}out there that want it, {an8}but whether it's from me or someone else, who knows {an8}But, we're in a reboot culture, {an8}so everything gets made again eventually

{an8}- Let's go around one last time, {an8}I wanna hear from you guys about where you think {an8}your characters would be today {an8}- [Dylan] (beep) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Oh, f– {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Josh] Where's that mute button? {an8}- [Dylan] Yeah {an8}- [Josh] Orny, where is Coach today? {an8}How's he doing, what's he up to? {an8}- Still there, nothing changes {an8}You know, in my mind, Coach was a character that had been in {an8}Beacon Hills for hundreds of years and just saw, you know, {an8}these idiots cycle through every few years {an8}And I could give a (beep), I could give a (beep) {an8}about any of them because in a couple years, {an8}there'll be more people

{an8}I mean, Coach is Beacon Hills {an8}- [Tyler] Oh my God {an8}- [Josh] Shelley, where's Malia today? {an8}Is she still with Scott, what's she up to? {an8}- Oh, right, relationship-wise {an8}I didn't even think about that {an8}I feel like she's playing both of 'em

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Dylan] Oh (beep), I gotta mute myself {an8}- [Shelley] Scott and Stiles– No, I don't know {an8}No, I was prepared to say I've always imagined {an8}Malia working as like, a prison guard {an8}Like, just likes the discipline, {an8}likes to assert her aggressive nature {an8}But yeah, I think, well, you know she ended with Scott

{an8}Maybe she's there, but maybe they're in throuple {an8}Or what's a foursome with Lydia {an8}I don't know {an8}We've got options, guys {an8}Somebody else go

{an8}- Arden, have you thought about where Kira would be? {an8}- I hope Kira's somewhere kicking (beep), but I think {an8}last she was with the Skinwalkers? {an8}- [Jeff] Yes {an8}- [Arden] I don't remember what happened {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Jeff] Kira's back in Beacon Hills, {an8}fighting other kitsunes – [Dylan] Is that true? {an8}Did we just leave you with Skinwalkers? {an8}Is that what happened? {an8}- [Arden] I think so {an8}I think she was like, "Be right back, Scott

" {an8}I think Kira has to do something epic though {an8}She had way too much power to just be like, {an8}"I'll be right back" {an8}- [Josh] Yeah – [Shelley] Yeah {an8}- We wanted to do a spin off with Kira

{an8}- Let's do it, I'm ready {an8}- Let's hear from Dylan Sprayberry What do you think {an8}of Liam's future? {an8}- I feel like he was always really serious about lacrosse {an8}I think that was always something he intended to do {an8}I always kind of felt like, maybe he would have ran off {an8}to London to go find Hayden, {an8}his ex-girlfriend

{an8}- [Shelley] Aww {an8}- I always thought that'd be such like, a romantic, {an8}you know, film-type thing to do {an8}- Did Hayden also go to London? {an8}- [Dylan] What? {an8}Did she? She went to London {an8}didn't she, or no? {an8}- [Jeff] No – [Charlie] Everyone went to London {an8}- [Dylan] Did we send multiple characters to London? {an8}- I went to London

{an8}- [Shelley] What's in London, Jeff? – [Tyler] London {an8}- [Jeff] No, Jackson ended up in London with Ethan {an8}- [Charlie] Yeah {an8}And we're still there, since you're gonna ask me anyway {an8}We're shacked up in that beautiful apartment

{an8}I don't know how two 18-year-olds could afford, but {an8}we're quarantining together, making sweet, sweet love {an8}Things are good {an8}And we have a seance {an8}for Aiden every once in a while {an8}because Rest In Peace, brother {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Khylin, where's Mason today? {an8}- I think Mason is like, hopefully going strong with Cory {an8}And dude, I think he can't go back

{an8}Like, you can't go do normal human stuff after you get {an8}slammed by a big Berserker and turn invisible {an8}Nah, yeah, he's doing something like, he's like investigating {an8}He's super smart, smarter than me, dude {an8}So, I don't know {an8}He's probably doing some kind of like, {an8}maybe studying like, psychology, mythology

{an8}And just being like a Beacon Hills {an8}beacon of wisdom Supernatural wisdom {an8}That's where Mason wants to be {an8}- Let's hear from Ian {an8}Ian, where's Peter? {an8}- I think Peter got so wrapped up in all the action, {an8}and all the characters and people, {an8}that he's probably trying to get that going again

{an8}So, I imagine he split {an8}to Paris and he's like, wandering around outside {an8}the Moulin Rouge late at night, {an8}looking to wrangle up some new gear, and then {an8}just start the whole thing all over again {an8}- No, no, this is "Where's Peter?" {an8}Not, "Where's Ian?" {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Ian] I'm sorry, what? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Josh] Fine line {an8}Max, I guess we don't have a answer from you {an8}I mean, I guess we know the answer {an8}Where would you have liked him to be {an8}if he were still around? {an8}- Alive would be nice

{an8}- [Josh] Yeah, I guess, yeah, that's a stupid question {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Dylan] Again, just in reviewing the show, {an8}Aiden's death is one of the all time greats, as well {an8}That scene, holy (beep) {an8}Sorry {an8}- [Tyler] True

{an8}Thank God you said that {an8}- [Dylan] 100%, right? {an8}- [Tyler] It was (beep) nuts {an8}- [Dylan] Your guys' performance in it, {an8}I mean, it's the whole thing, and then Holland running {an8}out after, and just the whole– {an8}I mean, it's an amazing scene {an8}It really is {an8}It's up there with one of the all time 'Teen Wolf' deaths, {an8}if not possible top

{an8}- [Tyler] Might be {an8}- [Josh] Cody, have you thought about what happens {an8}with, or where Theo is today? {an8}- Yeah, I'm just looking for some friends, man {an8}(laughing) {an8}That's it {an8}Just a nice little pack to feel at home with {an8}- [Josh] He's still friends with Scott? {an8}- [Cody] Maybe, I don't know

{an8}Maybe he's thinking about texting him, probably doesn't {an8}Casually run in, like "Hey, man {an8}"You got any open spots available for me?" {an8}- Linden, how's the Sheriff? {an8}How's Sheriff Stilinski? {an8}Is he still protecting Beacon Hills? {an8}- Yeah, I probably just came home from the station {an8}and cooking dinner for Melissa, and then {an8}Scott and Stiles are coming over for dinner {an8}- How cute {an8}- And we're just kind of living life

{an8}- Melissa, what do you think? {an8}Is Melissa still a nurse? {an8}- Yes, she was one of the only employees {an8}at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital {an8}(laughing) {an8}- She's still giggin' it there {an8}- She can't leave {an8}- Might be a great time to mention {an8}the frontline workers that we're supporting again {an8}- [Charlie] Yeah, {an2}[Charlie] Melissa needs her PPEs, so donate

– [Melissa] Well done {an2}- There you go, FirstRespondersFirst {an2}Click on that button {an2}- [Melissa] Wherever that button is {an2}- [Josh] It's right there

{an8}- [Melissa] Time to click it, OK? {an8}Click that button, y'all {an8}- [Josh] Do the right thing {an8}- I think every single character spent some time {an8}at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital {an8}and the hospital was a character, really, on the show {an8}And I know that everybody wants to thank {an8}the first responders here {an8}Thank you very much during this time

{an8}We wouldn't be here without them {an8}Claps all the way around {an8}- [Josh] Definitely {an8}Holland, we know Lydia had been accepted to MIT {an8}Beyond that? {an8}- Well, obviously in 2020, {an8}she's solving the corona vaccine {an8}and telling people not to inject themselves with Lysol

{an8}I'm gonna go ahead and put that out there {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Mr O'Brien, where's Stiles today? {an8}- I've been thinking during this and I think I would {an8}like for him to have like, taken over as Sheriff {an8}Linden, I mean, if you're cool with being retired {an8}at this point {an8}It hasn't been that long

{an8}- [Linden] No, dude, I think that that'd be great {an8}I think I can be retired {an8}You're doing it now {an8}- Alright, so I relieved my dad {an8}I like the fact that I took over the Sheriff spot {an8}for Beacon Hills and I refuse to drive a squad car, {an8}I drive the Jeep

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Linden] Bingo {an8}- Yeah, and me and Tyler are stepbrothers {an8}and that's what we always wanted to be {an8}- [Holland] Yes {an8}- [Dylan] What a life {an8}- [Tyler] It's kind of how it is now

{an8}- Yeah {an8}- [Tyler] Kinda, no? {an8}- [Dylan] Yeah, I'm a Sheriff and we're stepbrothers {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Tyler, where's Scott now? {an8}- I didn't have an answer for this because I have no idea {an8}Like, it'd be cool if he stayed on the path of like, the hero {an8}and like, I don't know, the president or some (beep) {an8}But I think {an8}he was pretty stressed out

{an8}I think he needs a break {an8}I think he needs to live in his 20s for a little bit {an8}So, I think that he takes a little break {an8}from everything and just goes {an8}to Hawaii, and just like, lives there and relaxes {an8}for (beep) five years or something like that? {an8}Until he's like 25? {an8}And he has his stepbrother, {an8}and his stepdad, and his mom there, and we're like, making {an8}macaroni salad and barbecue, {an8}and we're surfing And he needs to take a step back and like, take {an8}everything in and– {an8}- [Linden] Okay, I got a suggestion {an8}Why don't we just do this? {an8}- I'm ready

{an8}- We'll go to Hawaii, {an8}hang out, and surf, and eat macaroni salad {an8}We eat, play, lunch, brother {an8}- [Tyler] Yes, sir {an8}Jeff, do you know where the characters are? {an8}I wanna hear your take {an8}- Oh yeah, Jeff, what do you got? {an8}- Good God, I have no idea

{an8}(laughing) {an8}I imagine– {an8}- [Melissa] You better start writing! {an8}- I imagine Scott is off somewhere leading a new pack {an8}and leading the the world, as always {an8}It was always supposed to be a sort of, {an8}"And the adventure continues," sort of storyline {an8}But, yes, the writer himself is taking a break {an8}- [Linden] Don't chicken out on this {an8}You're just dodging

You dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge {an8}- [Josh] He's got ideas up there, I can tell {an8}- Tyler, have you been practicing a new song for us, {an8}a new tune? {an8}- Yeah, I actually learned the 'Teen Wolf' theme song {an8}one night and I didn't know how hard it was gonna be {an8}It took me like, three days to nail it and I burned {an8}a blister into my finger, and tore my callus off {an8}that I've been working on for like 12 years, {an8}since I started playing guitar {an8}But I learned it, and I'm probably gonna (beep) it up

{an8}But I recorded it, also, and it's really cool {an8}So, I'm gonna put that out {an8}- [Josh] Before we say goodbye, {an8}I wanna remind the folks watching, {an8}please click the donate button {an8}if you're able to and contribute {an2}to the FirstRespondersFirst {an2}We're obviously all in this together {an2}This is a crazy time and, you know, do what you can, {an2}if you're able

{an2}I wanna thank all of you guys {an2}Obviously, we've talked about, you know, the love you guys have {an8}for this show, but we wouldn't be here if the fans {an8}didn't have this passion for the show that remains {an8}It's rare for a show to connect with fans {an8}in the ways that this show did {an8}I could always tell when I saw you guys {an8}at Comic Con and other places and I'm so thrilled {an8}It speaks volumes that you guys wanted to come {an8}together for this cause and just to see each other

{an8}So, thank you all for your time today {an8}This was a blast {an8}I hope you guys had a good time {an8}- [Dylan] Thank you, Josh {an8}- [Shelley] Thank you, Josh

{an8}Thank you, Tyler for putting this together {an8}- [Linden] I love all you guys {an8}- Tyler, play us out {an8}- Here we go {an8}(imitates drums) {an8}- [Holland] Amazing

{an8}- [Dylan] Yes! {an8}- [Jeff] My God, that's amazing {an8}- Oh, (beep) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Tyler] (imitates guitar) {an8}(imitates guitar) {an8}Oh, (beep) – [Dylan] The greatest {an8}- Ow! {an8}Oh (beep)damn

{an8}- [Dylan] Yeah! – [Cody] That's crazy {an8}- [Tyler] Thank you

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