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Team Croatia's reunion | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)


[PHONE RINGING] Hello, Eric Hello, Sir Gab

I think Mr Young's still upset It's okay You can go home now We did everything we could

Okay, sir [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Billy? Gabo, help me! I'm stuck in the conference room I can't get out! Please help me! What?! Billy? – Surprise! – Surprise! Helen? Gabo! Surprise! It's me! – Yuta! – I'm back! Yuta! You're here! and one sunny sardines pasta, please – Would you like anything else? – That would be all Wow! Can you afford all of that? Hello? Yuta, of course, I can! You're talking to the product development head of Tinapay Corner Incorporated Wow, big time! Yuta-e-na! Stop saying that We're no longer in Croatia

People might think you're cussing Okay, I'll stop saying it It's really nice to see you all again Billy is still beautiful Gabo is still handsome

And Helen You still smell like a flower When did you arrive here? Just yesterday

I was supposed to quarantine myself first, but I'm just too excited to see you all again I guess we'll just get sick together! I was surprised when Helen said you're coming It's good to see you again, Helen And I agree with Yuta You smell like a flower

Oh, stop it Actually, I wasn't sure how I'd react when I saw you because I'm still a bit upset that you suddenly left Croatia But I really can't help hugging you because I missed you so much! Helen's so happy she could dance I heard a lot about you from Billy I hope our mini reunion somehow made you feel better

What? She told me that you're feeling down Right Isn't that right? So, what seems to be the problem? You can share it with us I'm okay I just have a little problem regarding Mr

Young What is it? It looks like we'll no longer be approved for accreditation It looks like we'll no longer be approved for accreditation Did they tell you why? Billy, remember the soiree? Mr Young said he knows me

Apparently, there's bad blood between him and Dad I'm sorry for dropping this on you now We're supposed to be celebrating So let's not talk about work anymore, okay? That's alright, Gabo There's always next time

You'll get another chance – Right? – Yeah! Life is full of second chances You can get a second chance in business, and in love As long as you're alive, there are always second chances I'll take care of the bill

– Thank you! – Thank you! Thank you, Billy, Yuta, and Helen This is a really amazing surprise It's been a long day And honestly, it wasn't easy You know, I never thought this day would come

Team Croatia is finally back together Are you crying? No, I'm not! Cut it out! Don't worry, there's always tomorrow If today was a bad day, chances are you'll have a good day tomorrow You're right, Billy Give Gabo a chance

Uh I'm sorry I mean

There's a chance tomorrow will be a better day I'm sorry, my English is bad Thank you

Alright Good night, Gabo Good night, Billy You're not coming with us? Should I stay at your house tonight? Seriously? You already switched sides? You were friends with me and Helen first! You're hurting our feelings Kidding! You're very gullible

Why did you do that? You're bad I thought you were making me choose You know I can't do that Come on, it's getting late We need to go

– Good night, Gabo – Good night, Helen – Yuta! – Good night! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

Source: Youtube

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