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Task Force Agila learns of the arrest warrant filed against Cardo | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano


Ma'am, we heard from Captain Raymundo that an arrest warrant was issued for Captain Dalisay They're going to jail him

Are you sure? Yes, sir We wouldn't have told you if we weren't sure Sir It's like we're hitting two birds with one stone We'll get back at Dalisay and get paid for it! Yeah! We'll be millionaires before this day ends! You got that right

I've got your backs But we have to make sure we're the ones who'll get Dalisay! Let's go! How is this possible? There's a due process for issuing an arrest warrant Why are they arresting him? We don't know, ma'am The question is, who would want Dalisay arrested? We suspect that the First Lady is utilizing her position and her vast network to get rid of Dalisay If that's the case, then Dalisay is in grave danger

They were able to put Grandpa Delfin behind bars I'm sure they can do the same to Cardo It's not just Cardo, sir They're targeting his whole family We don't know how far they'll go to achieve that

Then we'll have to act fast The longer we stand idle here, the closer they'll get to Dalisay Have you contacted him? We tried calling him, sir, but he didn't answer any of our calls What's the plan, Major? [PHONE RINGING] What is it, Lily? I called to let you know that Juan will be the one to kill Cardo Are you sure he won't screw up again? He'll make sure of it

He's even going to wear a body cam on him so that Arturo and I can watch him kill Dalisay Don't I get a free ticket to the show? That can be arranged There's a way for us to watch the slaughter of Cardo Dalisay in real time! And I think this will be the most anticipated show on earth Has he picked up, Alyana? Not yet Well, maybe he's busy investigating the incident

Cardo told me he'll do some rounds, but he's supposed to be back by now Don't worry too much, Alyana We all know that Cardo can handle himself

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